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    The MagSafe really is a feat of consumer electronics.
    this is cheap when you consider the thought that went into the product.
    The reason that my original one broke was human error.

    Love it.

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    Disgusted with the Quality

    I am on my third charger already. I can't see any problems with the unit other than a few scratches on the transformer cube. Both units refuse to charge my MacBook consistently. I have both styles (T-connector and the I-connector) and am completely disappointed by both. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to purchase a third unit and can only expect it to last a few more months before it fails.

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    On to my 3rd

    Second charger just broke... Came here to buy a 3rd one. Completely disappointed

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    Horrible Quality for Such a High Price

    The charger lasted me for around 6 months or 6 1/2 months. On top of that I bought a 3 year coverage BUT they did not replace it for whatever reason. However being a poor college student I could not afford a new one so my Dad and I tinkered till we made it . And by the way it did not break because of me, it broke because it frayed. So yeah... Apple I adore you, but you are making me slowly into a PC girl.

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    Overall quality- ok price= D:

    i own a Late 2011 MacBook Pro and i have the adapter that came with it when i bought it about 3 months ago. there is a huge slash near the adapter end of the cord but i guess i dont treat it "great". and for the price, IT IS OUTRAGEOUS! $80 for a charger?! my old PC charger only cost $30 to replace and it only broke once because of a dog chewing it. I think Apple needs to sit down and think hard about the price of this and a lot of products.

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    Poor design

    For the price that you pay for the computer, you would expect that the charger would last at least three years. I like the magnetic charger, however would have much preferred a reliable charger than one with magnets on it.

    Once your warranty has expired, don't expect them to replace it - you'll just have to buy it at their hiked-up exorbitant price because Apple knows that it's the only charger that you can use.

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    I've gone through 3 of these adapters. My first one (the old model) lasted 3 years. Hen I replaced it with this model last year, the magnet came loose and I had to tape the charger to my laptop to stay in place. As soon as this was unbearable, I took it to the store and try replaced it since the warrantee still covered it. The third one I've had only 8 months if even and it completely broke where the cord attaches to the magnet. My next adapter will be purchased from an alternate manufacturer or third party seller because I can't afford to keep buying these fragile things.

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    Doesn't last

    I bought my MacBook Pro in March of 2011 and today (soon after the warranty went out) the rubber protection tore open, and is now bearing wires right by where it plugs into my computer.

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    easily broke!!!

    I think I dont need to say anything since this was the third charger which I bought for my Macbook within 2 years. Such a cheap product for the coolest computer ever. Wonder what Apple's thinking about this... :|

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    I HATE ITTT!!!!

    It's the second one that I bought in the last 2 months.. OMG!!!! I hate this charger.. I lost my money. I'm going to buy the old one on Ebay.. Apple need to FIX THIS CHARGER.. I can't even use my usb when i charge my laptop...

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    Already Not working (like everyone else apparently)

    I've owned my macbook for less than 2 years. I keep it in my house and rarely move it around. My 60W magsafe power adapter recently stopped working. Looking at the other reviews, it looks like I'm not the only one. This is bad business by Apple.
    How can they make a product that seems to repeatedly fail within two to three years and not do anything about it? They usually put out great products, but this is one of the worst of any brand.

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    Piece of junk

    Come on, Apple!!! Really!!!! I spent around $1500 for my macbook pro and this piece of junk just broke..................

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    Very Poor Product

    My original cable has finally given up the ghost after 18 months however during this time I have had days when the charger just would not work rendering my MBP 13" useless. It would then start charging again after a day or two! I may just bin and go back to Sony as I'm not prepapred to pay £65 for another unrelaible, poorly constructed product.

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    OMG !!!!!

    This will be the 3rd charger I have had to purchase.

    Apple, please listen and fix this poorly made charger. The price is also way too high.

    All these reviews are the same.....get it? !!!!!

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    What a disappointment and financial waste.

    I love my MacBook Pro, and I loved the power adapter. Now I see what everybody's talking about. I have had my Mac for a year and some months and the power adapter won't even connect enough to power the LED on it. Apple says they listen to their customers, if they truly do, they will change this piece of &#^¥. I paid over $1000 for a computer and I expected quality. One star? I only put it because they made me.

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    Worst product they make

    Sure it sounds like a great idea, and really it is a great idea. Where this product fails is the execution. The quality is really poor, but you would never know it by the price! Every single one I've had has failed after about a year.
    Don't try telling the apple store employee that though. Every time I've gone to get a new one and complain about the faulty product I've only heard what I did wrong. Of course I must be the problem.
    Too bad you don't have a choice, gotta charge your MacBook somehow.

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    Disconnectability of Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter, Model No.: A1344

    Apple claims that the Apple 60W MagSafe Power Adapter features a magnetic DC connector that will disconnect from the computer upon undue strain. This however is not entirely true. The new model of the MagSafe Adapter, Model No.: A1344, is really worse compared to the older models featuring the disconnectable magnetic DC connector. If the strain is applied in the direction of the power cable while it's connected, in other words, if one were to simply pull the cable while it is connected to the laptop, the connector does not disconnect but simply pulls the entire laptop along with it instead. This is exactly what happened with my laptop. I tripped over the power cable, unaware that it was coiled around my leg, and I ended up pulling the laptop down from the table. Fortunately, the aluminium casing took most of the impact and the computer is still functional. However, this is the very risk that Apple claims to avoid by their innovative power cable design. I'm really dissatisfied with this new model. I strongly urge Apple to revert to their older model of DC connectors that were truly disconnectable under strain applied in any direction.

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    this is the worst product i have every seen. its too thin break easily. needs to last.... :[

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    Worst power cords

    I would not have expected to separately buy the power cord just two years of using Mac, and now that i have to the price is outrageous. Highly disappointed on the price and make of the power cord:(

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    3 in less than 2 years

    I can't in good conscience, recommend apple products to anyone due to the fact that I have replaced 3rd and going on my 4th 60w Mag Safe Power adapter within 2 years. Apple we have a problem! At $80.00 why fix it that is good revenue!!! When you spend $1200 one might expect an accessory to last.
    I give it one star to alert potential victims of apple to look elsewhere.

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