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    Seriously piece of junk. Broke less than a year in. Super expensive, super fragile. Not worth the money. Fix this thing up, its pretty bad as of now.

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    Almost there..

    Honestly speaking, I love the concept of the magsafe adapter. I love how it is magnetically connected to prevent serious damage between the adapter and the macbook. Although I give them kudos for the design, I am quite disappointed at the durability of the product. It's quite sensitive. The magnet easily wears out after a few months of usage causing connection problems. And right now, my magsafe is already broken before a year has passed. I hope Apple would consider improving the durability of the product. Money doesn't grow on trees, and the magsafe is quite expensive.

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    Reports of my lack of quality have been greatly exaggerated

    I have owned three Macbook magsafe power adapters. They have lasted quite well. The first one had issues with the connection where it was pulled out of the wall. That one was of poorer quality. However, my last two have lasted quite well, and the magnetic aspect of the adapter is fantastic. It has saved my computer many times by simply releasing instead of pulling the computer down.

    I think there is still room for improvement, but they are overall the best adapter on the market because of how nice the magnetic aspect is.

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    Tired of being sorry for this adapter

    I love MacOS and would never change it for Windows again, but this adapter is the most frustrating thing in using Mac. An original one survived for less than a year, the service has replaced it, but since then I have changed it twice - it's life lasts less than a month! And I use it only at home, placing and ejecting gently! Does anybody knows, when a service replaces an adapter do they give a completely new one in an original package? I was given an adapter in a plastic bag..

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    Solid and Reliable!

    I work in an enterprise IT environment with hundreds of MacBook Airs/Pros and so naturally I see quite a few of these things. I have seen a couple outright fail, and a couple cases of frayed cords, but for a very large machine deployment this is fairly astounding... great design and excellent build quality. Don't step on it and these guys will last a while.

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    Absolutely useless

    I am now writing this review on my dying mac thanks to these terrible chargers. Now out of warranty and 3rd broken charger I guess I have no choice but to buy a new £65 replacement. Absolute scam. I feel let down apple, very let down at the quality of these.

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    Had my macbook pro for around 6 months, if I want to charge it I have to place the cord in a special way and be careful not to knock it. I frequently burn myself on it.

    I will not be buying another charger nor will I ever be purchasing another macbook from apple again.

    I wish I did my homework better before purchasing a macbook....which I have already had to buy another hard drive for when its only been 6 months.

    It's a shame because up until two months ago I was very happy with everything.

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    ridiculous price

    I've got 2009 13 inch Macbook pro for a quite while , but recently the power charger is down , i bought a new one , only had it for 1 month , it is not working again. Apple needs to put more effort on power design . The power charger is pricy , people can look upon ebay , may find some bargains .

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    Too fragile and too expensive

    I've had to buy three new adapters in the last couple of years. I travel a lot, and my impression is that winding the cord to pack it may weaken the wires, but whatever the problem is, the connection breaks in a matter of months. It's maddening to have to pay $80 for a new one every time, especially because I have ended up with four of the sturdy extension cords, which work wonderfully well, so much so that my original one is still going strong. I think Apple should sell the two pieces separately so that one could buy a replacement for the fragile piece without buying the extension cord too. Better yet, use stronger wire in the adapter itself!

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    Breaks easily.

    My second charger just broke, for an $80 computer charger these do not last. The head of the chargers has a tendency to bend when you remove it, over time (short period of time), this has the tendency to wear down the wires in the head of the product. TO ALL THOSE PURCHASING OR OWNING THIS PRODUCT, REMOVE THE CHARGER BY PULLING ON THE METAL HEAD.

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    Just bought a new one again

    Breaks down easily without reason.

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    I've barely had the cord any time at all, treated it gently, and the tip just fell off after a couple days of it only half of the time giving me a charge. And now I have to buy this one, because I have no other options and it's ludicrously overpriced. If I were not required to use on of their laptops, I would refuse to touch Apple because of this. As is, I will never be buying anything from Apple that I'm not required to. You've lost a customer.

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    Not cool, Apple.

    I've got a 2-yr-old macbook and have had to get a new charger each year. I had a windows computer where the charger was less than 20 dollars and it lasted five years before it was deemed totally unsafe--and the replacement had the previous issues FIXED. These computers can survive an approximately 5 ft fall with no issues, provided they land on something like carpet or a chair, so the whole "magsafe" concept probably isn't even REQUIRED. Apple, FIX THIS!!!

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    Extremely disatisfied

    I buy one of those every year and they always break. I am at my third one and the plastic around the cable is falling appart (the first two, the connections were loose), I will need to buy a new one. I usually love Apple products but on this one they failed miserably. They reinvented a lot of platforms, now is the time to reinvent the computer charger.

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    not even 1 year

    I had gotten the Mac book as a graduation gift from my grandmother, not even a full year later and the charger stopped working. Before it had died the design of it was very inconvenient, the charger never stayed in place to charge my Mac book. I love my computer my the charging design and the charger it self are terrible.

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    If there was any alternative...

    I recently purchased this charger because my 3rd one in 5 years had failed. I experienced common problems such as splitting near the magsafe connector, as well as one charger that just stopped working, sans any physical damage. To make matters worse the Genius Bar wanted to charge me to replace the physically undamaged charger! I sincerely hope that Apple decides to finally make a charger that lasts through "real world" use.

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    3rd macbook charger.
    apple really need to work harder. £65 for a replacement?? It barely ever works.

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    piece of garbage

    I had my first adapter for a little over a year before it went out, not my second one which i have only had a couple of months is starting to show the same signs my first did before it went out on me! Apple needs to figure out what is up with their power adapters!!!

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    I feel I have been conned by Apple

    Having converted to being a Mac user and enthusing about the simplicity ever since; I am now on my third power adapter in three months and if this rate continues it will make what was an expensive conversion a ridiculous cost. This adapter clearly has design faults, I thought I had been particularly unlucky until recently, when I read the reviews. As Apple are so clever with everything else Mac; one wonders why when they must be aware of the problem, are they charging so much for faulty goods, this will lose them trade in the long run. Maybe they are only produced in China?!

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    Horrible design.

    This cable takes the cake as the worst product that Apple has ever made. Apple should be ashamed that they haven't had a replacement program or update for this piece of junk.

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