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    I've had one for less than a year and within the last few months I've had problems with it not charging properly and other such defects that could (with work) be adjusted so I could charge my computer. But as I write this very review my battery life dwindles as I use the last 14% of battery I have to get this across: THE CHARGER WON'T WORK!!! At this point in time there is no adjusting, it simply won't charge. From these prior months I've learned the techniques in making the thing charge, but now nothing. So in order to charge my computer I need to spend an appalling amount of money for another charger that won't last me that long either. If apple sends me 3 new chargers, I'll take them no charge for the three years this one charger should have lasted. Bad product, poorly designed.

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    Not so good

    it ripped after using it for less than a year

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    Bad connector design

    The new L shaped magsafe power connector is better than the old T shaped one when it comes to strain relief, but the tiny spring loaded pins are still prone to frequent failure. On mine, one pin, although it still moves freely, seems to have no spring behind it anymore. As a result, it makes intermittent contact at best (after judicious wiggling of the connector), and the connector gets very hot as the current intended to flow through two pins is limited to one. Apple needs to redesign this connector to make it more robust and give EVERY owner a free replacement.

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    Not Good

    I love my apple products and have been very happy with them up until now. I have an iPod, iPhone, and an iPad in addition to my macbook pro, and before I had my macbook pro I had a macbook. I haven't had any problems with my chargers for my iPods, iPhone, iPad or macbook. I had my macbook for at least 3 years and my sister now has had it for a year and the power cord for that is still going strong. I have had this macbook for barely a year and already have cracking in my power cord. I too am super super super careful with my things, particularly my apple products, so I have no idea why the cord is already cracking and I am having problems with my computer recognizing when it is plugged in. I am not looking forward to paying $79 for a new one particularly since according to the reviews it is just going to fray soon after.

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    The chargers are horrible.

    I am about to purchase my second one.. The Apple is great, but they have major downfalls that could easily be fixed. I watch how I store the charger and how it sits when it is plugged-in. I am very cautious and aware of it, but it frays in under two years.

    Please fix this before you release more products. Why keep making more, if we have issues keeping it charged?

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    cost is toooo high

    i am on my 4th power adapter in less then two years. I love apple, and have 2 iphones, an ipod and ipod touch and my macbook pro and am wanting to get the ipad shortly, but spending 80 every 6 months on power cords is horrible, and of course there is no other option then buying a new one. PLEASE rethink this powercord, i love the magsafe end but my wires fray and break there and im not the only person i know that this happens too. very upsetting, and if anything ever happenes to my macbook pro i will rethink buying another one.

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    3 Macbooks in Family--3 Power Adapter Fails

    We have 3 Macbook owners in the family, and every one of us has had our power adapter die or split in 3 years or less. The replacement costs are ridiculous. This is unacceptable.

    I am very careful with mine. I keep it in the same spot and always try to make sure that the cord is not bent or stressed, but after two years, the rubber has split open near the end, exposing the wires beneath. Fortunately (well, not really) my son's Macbook died after 5 years, so I have taken over the replacement adapter he bought for his, so hopefully I will get a few months out of it before I have to shell out another $80.

    I am extremely disappointed with the quality of Apple products. I switched from PCs and bought Macbooks for my family, believing them to be high quality and worth the high prices.

    I was so wrong.

    Three premature power adapter failures in one household cannot be mere coincidence. Apple needs to address this issue if it wants to maintain its reputation.

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    Adaptor MacBook-Pro

    This adaptor is too sensitive. I bought my MacBook Pro a year and 3 months ago and it is already broken. Now in it costs R$299,00 (brazilian money). It is way tooooo expensive. The adaptor of the last one I had is still working and I bought in 2006! Unfotunately my oldie now belongs to a friend. That an issue that should not be happening .

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    MagSafe Power Adapter

    This is a great product, I don't know why so many people have issues with their chargers because I've had mine since May 2010 and I trip over it all the time and yet it still functions perfectly. Also, my brother has had his macbook since 2008 using the same MagSafe Power Adapter. My best friend also has had his macbook pro since 2007 and uses the same charger and has no difficulties. So overall fantastic product!

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    Terrible. Flawed.

    I am on my 3rd charger in less than one month. Whoever the lead designer on this piece of junk was should find a pink slip in his or her mailbox.

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    Let me start off with saying that I am kind of an Apple Fan Boy, so for me to say something negative about an apple product says a lot.
    Anyway I have had my 13in. macbook pro for almost two years now. I treat all my stuff with extreme care. There isn't a scratch on my computer to this day, and it doesn't even have a case or protective film on it or anything. So when I say that my magsafe power adapter broke, it's not because of misuse. The charger hardly even moves from my desk.
    So today I go to plug it into my computer, and my computer recognizes it, but says "not charging". I unplugged it, plugged it back in. no dice. The thing has a loose connection on the L shaped connector piece. Like I said, I treat my things with great care, and for this to break just goes to show that everyone else's reviews saying that this thing is no good, is completely right. Now I need to go get a new charger, which will set me back another $80 on an already expensive computer.
    I buy things from apple because I believe in their great quality, but this has left a sour taste in my mouth, and I feel like I've been wronged.

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    Still not getting the message

    My charger broke after only owning it for about 8 months. I'm reading reviews which date back to 2010 about the same exact problem. The most annoying thing is that apple charges you 80 freakin dollars for a product that breaks even if you take great care of it. It also angers me that apple hasn't done anything about this for 2 years now.

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    Bad Product Magsafe!

    Please improved this hardware. Too bad..... Macbook Pro is very nice but the Power adapter is not...

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    Apple adapter's are awful!

    The adaptors are way to sensitive. I am a very careful person yet my adaptor stopped working. 80$ for a replacement is an outrage! These laptops are not cheap to begin with, so I find it very unfair that such vital replacement parts should be priced so ridiculously!

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    If I could give it 0 stars I would

    I bought my Macbook Pro in June or July of 2010 for college. My charger that came with the laptop broke a year and a half later. I bought a new one and it really hasn't been that long and the new one has broken too!! I buy Apple products because of the quality and longevity they they are known for. I just don't understand why the chargers are so "disposable" in quality but definitely not disposable in price. $80+shipping and handling? really? PLEASE, does Apple read the reviews we leave? Work on a better charger!!

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    Why aren't these made better?

    My charger broke right at a year of ownership. Apple says they will not replace it but I can buy a new one for $79 plus tax. I have a 5 year old, $300 HP laptop with a working charger! My much more expensive MacBook Pro should have a charger that lasts longer than a measly year. This needs to be rectified.

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    Using the last of my battery to post this...my fourth charger in two years has just broken. Apple REALLY needs to make their chargers more durable. You can tell by just feeling the cord that just a little too much bending will cause them to break.

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    Have you heard us yet!?

    I am not going to echo all of the same messages I am reading about the same issue I am dealing with, other than mine is less than a year old, looks brand new, and just died. It is number four. I have been especially careful with this one because I was given some tips from a specialist at the apple store. Well, all that worked. Ridiculous!

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    if you guys don't change the design of the L-shape charger, at least lower the price to $10 or something. You guys charge $79+tax for a product that will only last couple months. Macbook is great and all, but the charger isn't at all

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    Lasted a year before dying. The covering over the wires is made of very inferior material, it will fray heavily over time even if you take great care of it. The magsafe is awesome but the fundamentally poor quality of the cable itself is ridiculous - and at 80 dollars to get a replacement, I cannot speak positively at all about this.

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