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    This charger is VERY expensive, and only last me 1 year. I have never had a laptop charger that had such a short lifespan. My last laptop (not a mac) i had for about 4 or 5 years and NEVER had ANY issue with its charger not working. Equally, I never expected to pay SO MUCH to replace a faulty product. I was just very disappointed.

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    WORST $80 spent in my LIFE

    I absolutely HATE and DESPISE this item!!! it breaks in less than a year.. I have had my computer since 08/10 and I have had to purchase 2 chargers already, I am on the hunt for a CHEAPER one now for the THIRD.. i am currently writing this review with 0:13 minutes left of charge until a THIRD replacement could be purchased in less than 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!! horrible!!!

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    These chargers don't last long at all. Apple really needs to find a way to make the chargers last longer. Please come up with a more durable charger!!!!

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    macbook charger

    5TH CHARGER IN 5 Years. laptop just used occasionally now. Have used apple computers for over twenty years and this is a liberty. Poor design. Jonathan Ive give back your knighthood you tea leaf...SHAME ON YOU APPLE.............

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    Horrible Product, Horrible Service - Very Disappointing!

    For all the money you pay for Apple products you would think they would actually work - wrong!!! After six months this adapter died and because this was a replacement for another faulty adapter Apple will not honor the warranty! Now I am forced to waste an additional $79 for a another power adapter that will most likely fail in the next few months - such a waste of money and time!

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    Worst Apple Product

    If I could, I would rate this product as a zero star. I have had my MacBook not even a year yet and there have been no problems with the computer itself, but this devilish devise has been replaced 3 TIMES. It overheats and therefore completely dies. Yes, I know that maybe I should not leave my computer to charge over night, but when a product cost $80+ including shipping, then you would think it would be durable enough to support the 6-hour charge. Apple really needs to step it up, not only is it an inconvenience for me to replace my charger, but what happens when my 1-year warranty is up? I will look else where to buy this for a cheaper price because if the cheap $20 one dies there not much too lose.

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    Replacement after replacement after replacement

    This cord has some sort of fundamental design flaw. My family has owned several Mac laptops since 1998, and every cord was great. (even the old cylinder-plug charger lasted 10 years). This is the third time that an I-shaped charger has failed on me. I'm furious! In reading the other reviews for this product, I can see that I'm not the only one having this problem. Countless others have had WORSE problems with their chargers than I have. This is absurd; Apple needs to address the comments on these pages and redesign their Magsafe chargers. I'm a student, so I can't afford to drop $79 on a new charger EVERY SIX MONTHS.

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    These Apple Powerpacks are useless

    We have two Macbook Pro'd in out house and both Magsafe Power packs have stopped working for no reason in the last month. My partners had hers for around 18months whilst mine was just a few weeks over the 12 Month warranty. GUTTED! This is getting expensive!

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    After reading these reviews, I find out I am quite lucky. My first charger stopped working when it was still under warranty, so Apple replaced it (happened under a year). Now my current charger has split right behind the stupid magnet to the point I can actually see a decent portion of the underlying wire. I currently have about an inch of duct tape surrounding the spot just in the hope I don't get shocked. I'm starting to wonder why I liked Apple in the first place.

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    Just don't last

    I've owned my macbook pro for about a year now. Everything works except for these power adapters. I've been through 3 (currently ordering a fourth). They just don't last.

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    Bloody Ridiculous

    Im about to go on the third charger because of the cable fraying. They last about one year and even throughout the last year if my macbook pro moved it would stop charging (even though its connected). Its these little annoying things that are preventing me to buy another macbook. So far I have had to spend $300 within the last two years with chargers and getting the battery serviced. My last laptop still works and I payed $500 for it 5 years ago.

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    Do all apple's products line up for happy fun time in a lava plume? I can't do anything with the charger without it overheating.

    After 2-3 months, the light kept going orange even though the computer was fully charged and then even eventually went off. The charger's extension cord stopped working, so I was forced to use the wall adapter. That just overheated now and it's no longer working.

    Maybe I should consider myself one of the lucky ones since I've had the macbook pro for a little more than a year, but I'm still surprised that a multi-million dollar company can't make their computer life source not overheat.

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    This Is INSANE

    I have had my macbook for about 3 days and already this charger is not working this is nuts

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    I cant believe!

    This is my second mac book .My first one had a problem with the power adapter after 4 years of use.(strain relief)
    Now with my second one, something happens after just one year of use and the cable doesn´t seem to be broken or something.....
    Is there any documented problem with the L style connectors?

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    worst product ever

    unbelievable that i spent what i did to buy my macbook pro and the charger is such poor quality. i really hope apple notices the amount of bad reviews about this product and does something about it. their computers are so great but this charger is terrible. but im sure they don't mind half of their chargers breaking JUST after the 1 year warranty runs out - they must make a fortune on replacement chargers.

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    Worst Apple Product

    I don't understand how Apple can come up with these beautiful products - the macbook, ipod, ipad, iphone, etc - but can't make a working power adapter.

    I am really good to my electronics. However, my THIRD MagSafe power adapter (for a macbook I purchased in Jan 2009) just went. The power cord near the connector just splits. I take pains to make sure the cord is always in the right place, and never twisted so this doesn't happen. All my efforts don't matter - it still splits. I'm going to the Apple store tomorrow and because I purchased the last one only 7 months ago, I really hope its under the 1 year warranty so I don't have to shell out another $80 for a new one.

    This is just an awful product. Every other electronics company knows how to make a good power adapter. For the life of me, I can't understand why apple can't catch up.

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    Total waste of money - not even a year old and it has snapped and given me a huge electric shock! Totally disgusted with the quality of this especially from Apple.


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    They were right

    I REALLY wish I would have seen these reviews earlier, say before an important assignment was due!!! I might have bought a spare earlier. As others have mentioned my charger suddenly quit on me one day without warning. The day before I had to wiggle it a little to get it to charge, but thought nothing of it. I regret that now.

    I rated it a three because I don't know if I am just unlucky. My mother has my old MacBook that is about two years older than my current one (a late 2009 13") and that cord has never been replaced, despite the fact that aside from being about 5 or 6 years old, hers also takes more wear and tear.

    I love all things Apple and knew going in that this would be an expensive "habit", but I figured I would be getting what I paid for. I have in everything but this...
    Unfortunately, the company is so exclusive that there is nothing I can do but take the hit and buy a new adapter, THEIR adapter, and pray this one has a better life...

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    Greatly in Need of Redesign

    I am about to order my third power adaptor in three years. The cord appears to fail near the point of connection with the computer--yield intermittent charging. It is a very weak feature of another wise reliable computer.

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    Terrible product

    I have had my macbook for three years and this is now my 5th charger. What a joke!!! The first few times it just stopped charging I would have to move the wire around to get a charge but this time the plastic has melted and the wires are exposed only had this last one 4 months.
    The only positive is that as they break in less than a year it is always covered by the receipt so I do not have to pay for a new one.

    Terrible product I wish there was a 0 star rating as it is not worth a 1.

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