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    I've had 7 chargers in the past 6 months... some lasting mere days before frying themselves (which were ultimately replaced). The most recent one lasted 3 months! I'm a student, I can't afford to keep doing this. The original my laptop came with lasted 3.5 years before it had to be replaced, this new one is just plain ridiculous!

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    A little disappointed.

    I definitely like this design for the Magsafe feature better, but because the cord thickness has still not been changed, the lifetime is short. I've had my MacBookPro since July '10 ... not even two years later I have to fiddle with the wire and coil it a certain way for it to continue charging. And because the cord is light and not noticeable people are constantly tripping over it and/or pulling it from my laptop. While I know this is the point, so your laptop doesn't end on the floor, but the last time it happened the magnet piece stayed and the cord part came out. The nub at the top of the wire looks like if you were to jimmy it back it it would continue to work, but that was not the case. Now I have to purchase a new power cord because the institution that I purchased my MacBookPro from doesn't cover that kind of damage.

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    Power adapter (60W) for MacBook Pro FAILS after 11 months

    Not much to say... Power adapter (60W) for MacBook Pro was purchased in 2011 and failed just after 11 months. Apple store folks had confirmed diagnosis and replaced it for $62.
    In contrast DELL notebook charges (provided at work) live for 5-7 years. Yes longer than notebooks themselves, yet they are still compatible.

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    Not Great

    I had this power adapter for only about 18 months but it has started to work quite awfully - and I'm really good about taking care of my MacBook stuff, so I'm quite frustrated. Please, people over there designing these things, make it last!

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    Life: 3 weeks...

    I'm completely serious when I say I bought my computer 3 weeks ago. The charger is now dead. Shame on you apple for making such a bad product.

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    Inexcusably low quality.

    I have always been impressed with the high quality and durability of Apple products... until I went through THREE of these chargers in under a year. I have followed every direction Apple gives (both in manuals and through their employees) - I don't tightly spool the wires, I don't leave it plugged in any longer than I absolutely must, etc. And still, somehow these burn out in just a few months. After spending about $250 dollars on these chargers, for the first time ever I miss my old Dell products.

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    My charger lasted for a whole 18 months and it cost me 89euro to get a new one. It has no wear and tear it just doesn't work. I expected much more from apple, this product is a plain disappointment. For that amount of money they should do much better.

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    Who ever designed this really could have cared less about how long it would last.

    Why is the wire on one half of the adapter really nice and thick and the other one as thin as earbuds. Why do you think people have to replace their earbuds every few months.....Same thing applies to the charger.

    It's just very poorly designed!!

    This should have half a star because thats all it deserves.
    I would think that they'd redesign it, since its so poorly rated...but I guess not.

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    Two broke

    Bought a Macbook for my GF and a MBP for myself and her charger broke in a year mine broke in a year and a half. Knock offs online are just refurbished apple chargers so they are even worse. Mercedes cost a lot to maintain I guess the piece of δh*t chargers are the cost of maintenance of macs.

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    I am absolutely disappointed with this charger. I had my first one replaced because it suddenly just stopped working for some reason. At that time, I was still under the warranty so they gladly replaced it for me. But then, around 6 months later, the replacement charger stops working AGAIN. And by no means am I rough with any of my electronics! I am so careful with all my things and I am just so disappointed with the quality of this charger. I really don't appreciate the fact that I unnecessarily had to buy a new one for $80! To make things worse, the person who helped me at the genius bar could not explain why my charger stopped working. I really hope Apple fixes these problems soon.

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    It doesn't last

    Within one month after I bought my Mac, the adapter stopped working. The genious bar gave me a new one for it was under warranty, now my Mac has been 1 year and half old, the adapter doesn't work again. This is not the life expectancy what I expected from Apple, the world most valuable company.
    Also, the magnet connection causes many scraches on the body which I really don't like.

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    Terrible quality

    Having had several laptops so far, this the first case when a power adapter is dying after only 15 months after the purchase. I am deeply disappointed by the EXTREMELY LOW BUILD QUALITY of this product.

    Despite the fact that Macbook Pro works nicely I will not replace my current notebook with another Cupertino merchandise.

    When buing a Mac Pro try to obtain a Power Adaptor Apple Protection Plan.

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    shocking quality

    I am onto my second charger in less than a year. When I had to buy a new one a few months ago I asked about the warranty they said it would have a year. I have been told this is not the case and now have to buy another one yet again. Very disappointed.

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    Please make a new MagSafe Power Adapter

    This is my third purchase of the MagSafe Power Adpater and it always happens at the most inconvenient time. Apple, please design a more functional power adapter, you have devoted customers - we don't deserve inferior accessories.

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    Just wanted to chime in with everyone else that hates this product. I too have just had one of these fail on me because of how the cords gets wrapped. Charging $80 for an extremely flawed product is outrageous. I'm hoping to find a decent used one on ebay just to avoid paying Apple for this piece of junk.

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    I use this product only for 1,5 years and the pins always get stuck!
    It makes a bad connection because one of the pins is not connected and that makes it so extremely hot that i burn my fingers on it! The 2 outer connectors on my macbook are burned BLACK by the heat it creates!!! I think it is very dangerous to make a short-circuit which could destroy my macbook!!

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    Do not last

    They work well but they do not last. I had mine for 2 1/2 years and i am now having to replace it. The worst part is as a Graphic Design student my computer is a necessity and it randomly stopped working and i have work to do. for $80 i would hope i'd be a better product

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    The macbook adaptor literally stinks. I take such good care of my belongings and the wire broke. If all of your other products work so great, why would you design a product that contradicts y'alls level of quality? Beats me.

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    Very Poor

    I love my MacBook but these chargers are awful. I'm on to my third one. The last one gave out after 4 months, at £60 a pop this is ridiculous.
    I have an idea for Apple, spend some of that 100 billion cash pile on some charger R&D...........

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    I hate the MagSafe Power Adapters!

    I have had my Macbook for 4 years and overall, I love it! However, I have had to replace my MagSafe Power Adapter 4 times in that 4 years because it's such a stupid design!

    The width of the power cord isn't strong or wide enough to support the part that plugs into the wall! You can use the additional power cord that comes with it but I find it cumbersome and way too long for my needs but it's still a stupid design because the cord that plugs into the computer is narrow and then there's the heavy white box on the end of the narrow cord, which is then plugged into the thicker power cord, which plugs into the wall.The problem is (I've been told) that the part of the thin cord by the white box that plugs into the outlet frays and the only solution is to replace it because it can't be fixed!

    So, every time my adapter fails, I've had to buy a brand new one because apparently, I've had the previous one too long for an exchange. But really? 4 power adapters in 4 years at $100 each time! I could almost buy a PC laptop for that amount, which is exactly what I'm planning on doing the very next time this new adapter fails because trust me, it will fail. The only question is when!

    P.S. I don't wish it to rate this product with any stars but this website won't allow me that option.

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