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    Great accessory!

    Very useful for photographers, travellers, or anyone!

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    Oh Well

    My camera uses Smart Media Cards. USB will not work without a driver, can't even use it on PC anymore.

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    Be sure to set your camera to USB Connect - PTP or PictBridge

    Having read a lot of reviews here, I was a little nervous about buying this item, but I live pretty close to an Apple store so it wouldn't have been a big deal had I needed to return it. I actually intended to try it right in the store so I could return it immediately if need be, but stupidly left my camera cable at home (duh). I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-T9, which uses a Memory Stick Pro Duo card, and thus needs to connect via USB. The Apple sales guy was certain that the kit would work with my particular camera, so I bought the kit and headed home.

    I read the (skimpy) brochure, then plugged all the bits together -- and got a message that my device wasn't supported. I pulled everything apart, put it all together again, same thing. Had the sales guy not been so insistent that it WOULD work with a Sony Cybershot, I might have returned it immediately.

    BUT - sat with camera in hand for a minute, cable still plugged in, and started exploring options on the camera. I did already have the switch correctly pushed over to the setting where it needs to be in order to transfer pix to a computer. I hit the Menu button, and was given the choice of USB Connect or Folder. I selected USB Connect. I then was given the choice of PictBridge, PTP, Mass Storage, or Auto.

    Given that the little brochure said this item works with cameras that support Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), it seemed like a no-brainer to select PTP. As soon as I did that -- everything woke up, and thumbnails of all my photos started appearing on my iPad.

    Mindful of folks who said their connection kit worked once but not subsequently, I've hooked it up and unhooked it a few times. As long as I have my camera set to USB Connect - PTP, my iPad recognizes the camera, without fail.

    The other options for USB Connect on my camera are PictBridge, Mass Storage, and Auto. Auto and Mass Storage result in an error message on the iPad saying the device isn't supported. BUT - Everything works perfectly when I set the camera to PictBridge or PTP.

    I read a bunch of the most recent review of this kit and didn't see any mention of this kind of tweak to the camera settings as a solution. I'm willing to bet that many users who are getting the unsupported device error would find their problem solved if they checked their camera settings, as I did.

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    Supports CF Card Based Cameras

    Normally I'm not a reviewer, but I noticed a review containing incorrect information and was hoping to help if I could. I have multiple cameras, two of which are high/er end Nikon and Canon DSLR's. Both store images on CF (Compact Flash) cards. I have never had any problem using this camera connection kit with my iPad, because both cameras are also equipped with USB interfaces and came with the cables that connect those interfaces to USB ports. Using those cables and the USB interface provided with this kit I can plug my camera directly into my iPad and transfer photos without removing the CF cards from my cameras; works like a charm. Obviously double check your own camera before taking anyone's word, but USB interfaces are fairly standard on all camera models so you shouldn't have any issues with this kit regardless of what type of memory card your camera uses. To be honest I rarely use the SD card interface option, but that's more my preference to leave the smaller memory card in its respective camera so I can't lose it. Bottom line, I would and more than likely will purchase this kit again.

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    No CF option - Not True!!

    Just read here that someone was complaining this adapter does not support CF which is true, but if you want to copy pic from high end camera to iPad or ipad2. Just use the USB from your camera to the adaptor. Simple as that. Dun even know why u complaining and misleading other people.

    I have an Nikon and also Canon 5D Mark II. Import pis and HD video clips without any problem.

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    No need for Compact Flash Card Supprot

    To the user who posted a review bellow saying this accessory was the reason he could not buy an iPad.
    You are wrong!
    Yes this accessory does not support compact flash cards.... but it does support USB.
    I use a Canon 5d Mark 2 and can 100% confirm that you can plug that in via usb and download your photos to your iPad.
    Whilst I do not use Nikons I would assume its the same since my Canon and iPhone both work fine over USB.
    Please actually look at, and try the products before reviewing, since this comes with USB there is no need for a dedicated CF slot since the majority of cameras us SD and those who don't use SD can use USB.
    If you have a 'serious' DSL then it won't be small, and carrying a USB cable around will make no substantial difference to the size or wait, and since ur carrying a laptop anyway I'm guessing you already need to carry the USB cable.

    Read product descriptions before posting negative reviews that just aren't helpful.

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    Unreal for go pros!!!

    If u snowboard or do any kind of "extreme" sport, chances are u own a go pro. With this lil unti u can instantly watch ur vids on the ipad, or even store movies on a sd card so u dont waste space on ur pad!!!! Soooo handy. Better than bringin u laptop around with u everywhere : )
    Kudos apple, job very well done

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    Great product from Apple as usual

    Received this camera connection kit today. So far I trialled both connections ( camera and SD card) and had no issues with either. Very simple to use. Pretty much does th task itself apart from selecting pictures to transfer. Fantastic product !!!!!!!

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    No CF option - not useful to me

    To provide a SD option for the masses is fine but if you use a high end camera, you are most likely to have a CF (compact flash) card. My Nikon is such a camera. I was looking at purchasing an IPad to replace the Dell laptop that I carry around to download my pictures on. Well, the IPad is not an option. I have an IPhone and an IMac and am now stuck with a Dell Windows PC for now. When that goes my option will be anything but an IPad because the CF card is not supported. That is disturbing as I am an Apple convert and was really looking forward to dumping my PC for a more elegant solution.

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    Camera connection kit

    Good product

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    Works well, but USB connector could be more flexible in use.

    Pro - SD connector works with all my SD cards, jpeg and RAW. USB connector same. Love the fact that I can upload RAW from my CF cards (Nikon D200 connected directly via USB/mass storage or PTP) to my iPad. Not only lets me view larger picture, but the iPad becomes my travel backup for my cards...nice to have 64GB when mobile.
    Con - USB connector finicky. Could seat more firmly esp when USB cable attached. Most card readers are not powered and won't work.

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    Worked Like A Charm - IPAD

    Used both on the IPAD OS version4.2 without a glitch. Got to agree with a reviewer to open two-way communication.
    If it doesn't work for you try and power down IPAD/2 by holding down the power for 5 seconds or so (not the side button but front button). Then after powered down, hit the power button again until the Apple logo appears. This clears most problems with IPADS. I suggest the IPAD2 user with problems with this product tries this first. This is a trick I learned after reading several articles and works like a charm. Not sure why it is not published widely. You should be doing this every so often anyways for proper shutdown of your IPAD.

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    Which cameras work?

    I decided to treat myself to an iPad and new camera - a nice portable Nikon, I was assured at the Apple Store that yes this was the kit I needed, then reality struck...I had no luck in getting the iPad to acknowldge the camera and then somehow it did and I was told it consumed too much power...and ???
    Apple should inform us which camera's can work, this is a real shortcoming of the iPad and Apple just seem to want to hide it.

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    Not working at all

    I received my IPAD2 as a gift at Xmas... bought the camera kit, plugged in the SD card from my GOPRO... nothing. That's right nothing at all happens... tried a different SD Card... again, NOTHING... so now I'm off the the Apple Store to get the IPAD checked out? I would think that APPLE would have checked all of the IPAD functions before boxing this thing up for shipment. Isn't that called quality control? or is it out sourcing? BAD karma APPLE!!!!

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    1/2 worked once

    The USB worked for 1/2 my pictures the first time and then never again. Real pain as I thought it worked and wasted a whole weekend trying to get it working again. Really makes the Ipad2 useless.

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    One way only!

    Beware, this kit allows one way transfers only from the SD card to the iPad. For this it works just fine. However, I want to select certain photos from my iPad and transfer to the SD card that I use in my digital picture frame at work, but it WILL NOT DO IT! C'mon Apple, open up two way communication here!

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    Works Great Does What it Says

    Using it on iPad 2G with FW 5.0.1, and Canon EOS Rebel T3i FW 1.0.1 . I did not have to change any settings, it was a direct plug and play, works flawlessly uploaded a 20 second HD Video 1080p clip and 300 plus Jpeg Fine images in 20 minutes using 32GB HCHD Transcend card directly from the T3i. Could not be happier my father in law was impressed, he thinks I am some sort of genius now !

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    Great For Photography!

    I love this adapter! It's very useful during photo shoots both in the studio and on location and I dont need to carry my laptop to the shoots. I shoot in RAW format and my iPad is still able to import the photos and I can review the shots with the models, staff, crew members with ease.

    I'm also able to text the photos to staff members or clients when im out scouting for a location. I can definitely take advantage of photo apps without having to download my photos into the computer first then uploading them into my iPad.

    This is definitely a useful tool to add to your camera bag.

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    Camera kit

    I tried this with my Canon EOS Rebel and it daidn'work. The iPad just said unsupported device. Certainly not what I expected from the description on the Apple Store SQLite.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    As a student on limited budget, I spent my hard earned financial aid on this to help with my PHOTO class. I love the concept...But in order to see the pics in the AWESOME screen, u have to IMPORT them.I would like to just VIEW them on the screen WITHOUT having to import them.
    They take WAY too much room to import all.
    Or maybe someone has an "Quick-view" app where I can click on the "RAW" pic, and it enlarges it. So I can enjoy the BEAUTIFUL screen....

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