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    Card reader usb combo

    No problems. The card reader worked great. Tried the usb with 2 different cameras, nikon &fuji. Both worked great. The usb does needto have a powered usb device connected so thumb drives are out.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    It works great. Don't read the negative comments! Simple to use too.

    I was hesitant to buy this because of the negative words posted here. Buy it. This works great. Used it everyday for ten days with SD cards (hundreds of raw files) and an IPad2. Instantly (almost) transferred all of the pictures from the card to the iPad. The device starts up on the iPad automatically when a camera's card is inserted into the connector in the dock. The software offers an opportunity to 'delete or keep' all images on the card after import. Disconnect the small device and enjoy seeing/editing your photos on the iPad in vivid color.

    When I returned home from vacation, I transferred the images I had kept on several cards but I could easily have imported them into my photo management software from the Ipad2.
    I read and re-read the comments some users had connecting their cameras to the connector. I did not try to do this since I am accustomed to removing the camera's card to transfer files to a mac.

    I rarely write reviews but read and depend on them before making purchases. This gadget is definitely worth 5 stars because now I travel with an iPad and leave my mac at home. Bravo Apple!

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    Works perfectly

    I have a Cannon 30D. I bought the adapter yesterday. I plugged in the USB adapter, then plugged the cord from the camera into the adapter, turned on the iPad, then powered up the camera. All my pics (300+) started to download/preview immediately. I picked 40 to put on my iPad, and downloaded them. It couldn't have been easier. WELL WORTH $30!

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    Photo connector

    I have found that the 2 piece photo connector is fabulous. The sd card reader transferred all my slr photos to my iPad2 flawlessly. The USB connector allowed me to transfer my iPhone 4 pics directly from the phone to my iPad2. Beats using my PC (that I hate) any time.

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    Guess what just another saying it won't work!

    Won't work for me- says my camera draws too much power. Returning...

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    Great addition to my ipad

    This makes saving my pictures so much easier and quicker. It was one of my favorite gifts this year.

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    Not working

    I bought this to use with my iPad and it never worked. For some reason it does not read any USB camera connection nor the memory stick.
    Worse thing I have ever bought and I am an apple fan and love all the devices I have.

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    Best Add-on

    This is an absolutely awesome addition to your luggage for those trips when you expect to be taking hundreds if not thousands of photos. SOOOO easy to use its fool proof.....

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    No videos

    Will transfer photos, but videos just appear as a white square with mpg on it and won't open. Says it works for videos, but guess what, it doesn't. Not what I paid for.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Usb plug doesnt work with my camera. Olympus stylus tough. No way to know before you buy if it will work with your camera or not....apple put out a list of campatible cameras so we dont waste our money!

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    It used to work

    I have an original ipad, and I bought the camera connecton kit. It worked perfectly for a few months, but since I upgraded to ios 5.1 it now does nothing. It is not recognised at all - not even an error message. I tried plugging it into my iphone, in the hope that it might work there. It did not, but at least I got a message stating - this iphone does not support this device.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    I was pleased when I plugged my 32 GB SD card into the adapter and my photos were instantly available for transfer onto my iPad 2. It is much easier to show photos to clients rather than loading them onto a laptop. I was also surprised that the RAW files from my Nikon D7000 were also read without issue.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    USB Memory sticks NOT working

    I wanted to use this to transfer photos using memory sticks. Unfortunately NONE of my high capacity (over 2GB) USB sticks will work with this with the latest software update. This is an aggravating and ridiculous limitation. I CAN manage the battery life on my iPad. I do understand having a limit - e.g. no hard drives but believe the limit is far too low because most devices won't work with this.
    Until this problem I was thrilled with my iPad. Now I'm beginning to see Apple as unnecessarily limiting the uses of this, otherwise fantastic, device.

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    iPad sd card connector

    Tried to use s everal times ! Ipad2 did not read sd card as web site stated.

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    Doesn't work with card reader

    I have 2 different card readers that I tried with this accessory. One gave me an error message that said the card reader needed too much power, but it wasn't connected to any power and neither was the iPad.

    The other card reader worked until I brought it on vacation to New Zealand but now gives the same error message. This is frustrating since it is a major reason I bought the iPad. To top it off there doesn't seem to be online help for this.

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    It works

    I have just purchased a brand new ipad 2 along with the camera kit and the bottom line is, it works. I was shocked at reading the comments about this product not working and my thoughts went back to the early 90s when i bought my first Windows pc, how could this be, its 2012 and this is Apple the company that is suppose to blow the alternatives away. so here i am 2 days with my new ipad and i imported my pictures from my sd card with no hassles at all. I have a Nikon camera with a Transcend 8gb card, I have successfully used this to transfer pictures from my pc to my ipad. Maybe its the new operating system or the format from the camera, I am happy

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    Had a problem but maybe solved it.

    I had the same problem mentioned elsewhere when using the card reader. It seems to be looking for a folder, not simply files on the card. I created a folder called DCIM and moved the jpeg files into it. Where the iPad had previously done nothing, it now opened the flles properly. This is not based on extensive testing but, so far, it works as advertised and we are quite happy with it.

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    Not working!!

    I have both iPad & iPad2 in my house and got the same error message on both saying that i cannot use this accessory as it consumes too much power. The funny thing is that I actually bought 2 kits thinking it was a smart move and got them delivered to the middle east... Waste of money!! Is there any way to work around the problem?

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Camera connector

    Works great. All my SD cards can now be downloaded to my iPad. Love it!

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    bad move apple!

    Picked this up to upload pictures to my ipad and when I connected it with the usb adapter, it came up with the message that it required too much power... I called the apple store before I bought this and asked specifically if there were any known problems with this adapter and was guaranteed that it would work... all I had to do was plug it in and it would upload my pictures. I am not happy with this and will be returning it to apple. What is frustrating is that I called up the apple store before I bought this and was given incorrect information. Why does apple even sell this when they know it won't work... bad move apple... very bad move!!

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