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    Beat the eBay sharks - order on-line from Apple's web site

    Yes this should have been free with my $1049 iPad, and Yes it is a must have (for me, at least), and Yes it is always out of stock at the Apple shops - but you don't have to give in to the sharks on eBay who sell these at up to TWICE the already high price!

    Just go to the Apple web site's on-line store and order on-line. Shipping is free, by TNT Courier, and you only get charged when they ship. Mine came in 2 weeks, but with no hassles.

    My hobbies include photography and motorcycling, so I can now travel with my Nikon DSLR and iPad, shoot the best travel photos (as if!) and just dump them to the iPad’s 64GB SSD storage and be able to show people the images straight away. How good is that?

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    extra detail

    this device also imports video content from your camera

    the iPad will not play it but will allow it to be put onto your computer when it is next connected
    which is great for film makers as high definition video is quite consuming on memory cards

    this also works with the iPod Nano with the USB connection so you can import videos recorded on the camera, straight onto your iPad.

    I have also tested this device with the following iPod & iPhone models
    all of which DO NOT work

    iPod Nano 4th Gen
    iPod Nano 5th Gen

    iPod Video 5th Gen
    iPod Classic 160 GB (2007)
    iPod Classic 120 GB (2008)
    iPod Classic 160 GB (2009)

    iPhone 3G
    iPhone 3GS
    iPhone 4

    iPod Touch 2nd Gen

    these were tested attempting to import photos onto each specified device (not exporting to the iPad)

    despite a few years ago there was an attachment for the iPod video that looked identical, this does not appear to work even thought the iPod video still has the option called "Photo Import"

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    My review

    This is a good product but I have noticed that it will only read certain sd cards.

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    Don't hesitate get yours today

    I just recently got my iPad and not being able to connect a camera to it to import pictures was holding me up. After I went to my local apple store for the 20th time to see the iPad I saw this hanging on the wall in the accessories area. Bought it and a new case right then. took it home plugged in my Iphone and my D70 Camera no issues thanks apple.

    I can't wait till we can hook up an external drive (hint hint)

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    Waste of money - unusable

    After waiting weeks for delivery after iPad, my camera connection kit arrived today. With much anticipation I connected my Canon EOS 20D and NOTHING! The SD card reader is a waste as my camera uses compact flash and so even the USB connection is useless as it does not recognize the camera is even connected. Tried a small compact Canon and no problems so what is wrong? A big regret in purchase and more effort than it is worth to try and get my money back. Once bitten, twice shy so beware of this very expensive plug unless you have a guarantee it will work.

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    Excellent device

    Although, like the rest of you, I wish the iPad housed a usb port, the Apple Camera Connection Kit works flawlessly. Using a Sandisk Compact Flash Card reader I am able to upload RAW files from my Canon 5d mark II, that are about 21 mb each, easily and fairly quickly. It's great for an on-the-go photographer looking to back up photos or create space for more pictures. Truly plug and play and works without a hitch.

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    convenient and fast

    A must-have accessory if you intend to transfer photos from digital camera to iPad without a computer or USB cable. It's fast and really convenient. However, it appears that the SD card reader does not work with those SDHC cards. Only regular SD cards are compatible.

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    Great product, great for traveling!

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    iPad Camera Connection Kit

    I just received the Camera Connection Kit yesterday. I was, easily, able to transfer photos from a Canon G10 to my iPad. I then removed the SD card from the camera and directly connected the SD via the SD memory card connection device and, again, was able to transfer photos easily to my iPad.

    I then experimented with a USB connected, multi-format, memory card reader. I connected the memory card reader via the same USB cable that I used for the camera to iPad transfer and was able to read and transfer images from a "compact flash" memory card which I use on my Nikon D200 and D700 SLR cameras.

    Though I've not done it, yet, I plan to try to transfer photos and data files from a USB flash drive. I suspect that will work, also.

    Bottom line, I think this pair of devices will be quite useful. . . even beyond what Apple has advertised!

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    It's the port(s) you wanted but couldn't be fit into such a slim device. A+

    When something is as thin as an ipad, you have to find some sacrifice and also show apple what demand exists for ports and how you can make killer money off of extras. this is an extra, that you should get if you are a photographer or even like to quickly get photos off your camera. I have a macbook pro and use this connection more often, backing up my photos once I sync the ipad with the macbook. Works like a charm and does it quite quickly.
    I hate that you have to pay $$ for this plus a case, plus a... the list goes on but getting first gen equip is never cheap and you have to consider yourself bleeding edge. Altogether, works like a charm.
    Buy it, you will enjoy using it. Not daily but when in use, works perfectly.

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    i love the Camera kit.
    I use it all the Time with my Iphone 4 and then just transfer pics.

    i love the fact that i can also use USB flash drives to also transfer pics as well.
    o i figured out how to do it. lol
    best 30 bucks ever spend.
    and these are hotcakes on ebay.

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    Amazing! Can load videos too!

    Wow! I bought this for my friend for his bday because he wanted it, and I tought it was pretty cool but not that cool. After seeing my friend use it, I bought it the next day for me, what I love about it is that it sorts the pics by date AND it loads VIDEOS! Isn't that awesome? Now I got all the videos I took on my camera into my iPad. The only reason I rated it 4 stars was because it's a little hard to plug it into the iPad with the iPad case. other than that, great product!

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    Not working

    Just received this item, I couldn't wait to get it because it sounded like a great idea. I tried putting in my SD card all different ways and it's not working. I have to look for my USB from my digital camera to see if that works, i have a Sony cyber shot camera. I plugged in my Flip video camera and it will not work with the iPad, says it takes too much power. They really should let you know what cameras won't work with this item and yes this should all be built into the iPad already but they are waiting for everyone to buy these ipads and then they will come out with ipads that have all this stuff built into it already.

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    Does what it says

    Excellent product - does exactly what it says and with great EASE ... couldn't be more pleased. Worked flawlessly first time out ... MUCH easier than working thru iPhoto. Took about two months to find an Apple store with this in stock, but worth the wait! Only wish one could use the usb port adapter to link up a multi-card reader (which I tried, but it wouldn't take a reading from it or it's compact card) Oh, well, can't have everything.

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    Audio With Camera Connector

    I use the Camera Connector to plug in Blue Microphone's USB "Yeti" mic. Makes it a breeze to record CD quality sound on the iPad. I'm using the "FiRe" audio recording app. Results are superb from close up recording to full concert band.

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    I love this kit

    I couldn't quite figure out how to work this the first try. I hooked up the camera and all the photos appeared on my iPad. But, when I disconnected, the photos were gone. Same thing happened with the card reader.

    Then, I realized that, up in the right hand corner of the iPad screen is a button for 'import'. Voila! There were all my photos, in my iPhoto album in a stack called 'last import'.

    Then, I took some of them to the Photo Pal app and, again, just as promised, excellent results.

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    Doesn't work for me

    Spent over an hour so far with this.
    Tried all kinds of combinations: put the SD reader in, with card, before turning on the iPad - putting it in after turning on the iPad - putting in an empty card reader, then
    inserting the card - nothing..

    Then, tried connecting the camera with the card in the Lumix FZ35
    and, again, it doesn't do a thing to the iPad (tho my camera now shows
    my pictures in 4:3 when they weren't that way before - and after disconnecting the iPad from it, it goes back to the original sizes).

    I've just wasted 30 bucks.

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    Perfect accessory !!

    A must have accessory, ipad load the images from SD card very smoothly and fast !!

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    Must Have!

    The camera connection kit is a must have for anyone with a camera!

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    Great! Dunno why people don't read though!

    This works great - it seems like the bad reviews are all by people who can't read the simplest of texts. The overview for this product clearly states that iPhone 3G is not supported. If you buy this and have a 3G iPhone and then get mad that it doesn't work - you shouldn't give the product a bad review - you bought something without making sure it was what you needed.

    Apple can't write a review on your lack of wit. So don't write a bad review on a product you shouldn't have bought in the first place.

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