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    Good addition, but why not have a built in slot?

    Come on, really, how about a built in USB (even mini port) and SD slot? This would make the iPad so much more usable right out of the gate!
    But this is a good substitute for something that should be there in the first place.

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    LOVE IT!! My Nikon, iPhone and Sony cameras love it too... :-)

    This is THE assessory to have if you love photography. Yes, there are apps that allow you to transfer from the iPhone and you can plug into your PC, but it's soooo easy and fast with the photo kit.

    I've loaded photos from my SD card from my Nikon D90. I've used a very small Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo USB reader and the USB connector from this kit to load my Cybershot photos, and I've used the USB connect with my iPhone. The iPad sorts the photos by Date which is GREAT. Having them on the iPad allows for very fun and easy viewing with family, and the ability to make your photos SOCIAL right away. Email, Facebook, Flickr.. edit, color, crop, shape, play with, etc.. I now feel like my photos LIVE and BREATH with new life on the iPad. I LOVE IT!!

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    A Must Have For Photogs

    This little kit has become such an essential item for me that I recently got a second kit as a backup so I can keep one in my DSLR bag and have one in my purse to use with my iPhone 4. Shoot with the iPhone, use the USB connector to transfer your shots to the iPad, edit and tweak the shots with a good photo App, and you have the perfect portable studio / editing combo as well as a great little portfolio to show off your work. Seventh Heaven for any photographer!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    This is a very exciting and enjoyable piece of technology.

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    works with USB thumb drives

    Create a folder on the USB thumb drive called DCIM, and anything you place there will be available in the Photos application - just like for a digital camera.

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    Camera connection a must for professionals

    We have been using the SD card reader on a France shoot for the last three weeks and it works without a hitch! What a hoot! We have been tweaking the images on the iPad with fellow shooters using larger professional cameras and have given them a run for their money! No more need for a computer overseas or anywhere else for that matter...All we need now is an app to transfer images onto a hard drive for archiving! A camera, this connector kit and your iPad is all the darkroom studio equipment you'll ever need in the field!

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    Works Great!

    Both adapters work great. I dabble with photography, so it's nice to get instant feed back when I'm out taking photos. There are also some decent photo editing apps available for minor tweaking on the go. This is definitely one of the accessories that has made my iPad a valuable tool for me.

    Also, as a bonus, my Yeti USB microphone works great with the USB adapter included in this kit. Get a decent voice recording app, plug your mic in, and start recording. My only gripe is that to listen to your recording through the built-in speakers, you have to unplug the USB adapter first. That could just be the app I'm using, though.

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    Great but what gives

    The CCK works great. I am not sure I understand something though. If I hook up either of my camera's, it will copy the videos and photos and play them on the iPad. This includes AVIs shot with my Canon, and 720p MP4 shot with my Sanyo. This is quite the surprise as I have never been able to play anything but h.264.

    What I don't understand is when I hook the iPad up to iPhoto (or my cameras for that matter), it copies the videos off. Then if I put them in an album and try to sync them back to the iPad, iTunes won't sync them. What give? It imported and played the videos just fine. For the last 2 years I have been painstakingly converting all my AVI and MP4 videos to H.264 so the iPhone/iPad can play them. Then I see that it will without conversion, but Apple won't let me. Why?

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    10 minutes in and money well spent

    This accessory really completes the iPad. If only it was built in.

    The card reader picked up the data off of a 2GB SD card from a Nikon Cool Pix P&S and I'm sure it will work for my DSLR as well.

    The USB port works with a lot of peripherals as stated in other reviews but I have wondered for four weeks if it would work with the one sitting in my desk as it slowly made it's way from Shenzen. Sure enough, when you plug a bar code wand into the USB port it says that it's not a supported device but that doesn't mean it doesn't work. It picked up the two bar codes on the kits packaging quickly and easily. Pretty slick. Now to find the application for it.

    Very satisfied.

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    Camera connection kit

    A must have if you want to show off pictures on your iPad. My nephew was born saturday and I have taken so many pictures. Now I can upload edit, and email family and friends immediately.

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    Works with my Sony Cyber-shot

    I just received the adapter today.
    I have an older Sony Cyber-shot 7MP camera (DSC-W7).

    1. plugged the USB adapter into the iPad
    2. plug the USB cable between the iPad and the camera
    3. Turned on the camera
    4. Turned on the iPad
    5. Voila!
    The Photos app automatically opened on the iPad and immediately showed the "Camera" section.

    Importing was easy!

    I used an iPad app (Photo-sort) to transfer the photos from the iPad to a PC via WiFi.
    In the past, I usually connected the camera directly to the PC, but it would be nifty if there was a way to import pictures from the iPad *TO* the PC ... iTunes seems to only work in the other direction.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great! Plus can use Soundsticks!

    Good product for someone with lots of SD card cameras! Plus the USB connector allows me to use keyboards for typing and a big plus is it allows the use of Harman Kardon Soundsticks speakers.

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    Yes! iPad plays Video from Photos App

    Just got the CCK I ordered here at the Apple Store. Using my Canon PS G9 I was able to take the SD card and plug it into the iPad and Photos App did it's thing and loaded the pictures. I then shot about a minute of video using both standard & hi res. Photos app loaded the video. It allowed me to play the video full screen! I connected the iPad to my mac and copied video to iphoto. Opening the video and getting info, I see that the camera produced an .AVI file, with format details of: Apple OpenDML JPEG,1024x768. I am so jazzed! Now I am set for my trip to India next week with my iPad, CCK, and my Canon camera. WOW!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I like this...but a couple of tips

    Tried this with a Canon 40D - worked first time, Canon 350D - worked but I had to change the Communication (USB) setting from PC to Printer/PTP (not obvious) and Canon G10 just worked (I say all this cause I still can't find the compatible camera list!)
    Also tried a couple of memory sticks which initially said 'Not supported' which is actually a lie, I copied the directory structure from one of the cameras onto an unsupported memory stick and suddenly it worked (why doesn't the message say something like 'no images found'- why do apple make things difficult). Would give it 5 stars but still annoyed that the original camera kit for the ipod doesn't work on the ipad. Also, integration with Aperture could be improved, it forces you to use Apples directory naming standards on import and you not your own. Hope all this helps somebody

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Must have for connecting cameras and adding photos

    I shoot in RAW format on my wonderful Nikon DSLR's and was amazed to see that when I connected the Nikon D3s to the iPad it read and downloaded all of the RAW images.
    It downloads the photos pretty quickly and the input interface is pretty clean and not confusing at all.

    Get back home after travelling, connect the iPad and my images simply sync strait into Aperture.

    Totally recommend for anyone who is taking photos.

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    Very useful on vacations

    You go on a vacation and have a full camera disk. But wait, you have this Camera connection kit and your iPad!!! This is VERY useful in being able to store all your pictures onto your iPad then review them on the trip home....without it, many cherished memories would have been deleted, but are now printed and sitting around my home thanks to this accesory and the iPad

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    IPAD Camera connector kit

    Love this little kit! Very easy to use. Identifies photos already downloaded. Lets you download all or some of the photos. What more could you ask for!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    CF Card Reader Worked

    A new Belkin USB 2 reader wanted too much power but an older Memorex worked fine and there was power to light the activity LED on the device. The USB 1 device was slower than the direct to camera hookup but it gives me the option of not hauling out the camera.

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    Great Photo Accessory

    Love this accessory for photos. Makes the iPad a perfect photographers companion. connect camera, iPhone or other card readers via USB or use the SD one to read off SD cards. No complaints!

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    Very Handy

    Used it to import from my iPhone directly and it was very handy that way. Must have if you plan on getting photos onto it quickly while out and about.

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