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    This is infuriating!

    Apple, for the love of God, please fix these stupid adapters! I'm starting to wish this Mac had never been gifted to me for college because I flat out cannot afford to replace these every 8 months like I have been doing. These cords are trash, and I was so careful with the one I'm currently using, it's exhausting that I have to treat the charger better than the computer. I thought, "Maybe it's me," but then I came online to see that there are over 1000 1-star reviews that I have to agree with! I'd give this no stars if I could. My MacBook is lovely, but at this rate I'll spend more on the chargers than the computer is worth!

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    Terrible Charger

    This is by far the worst charger I have ever owned. I don't know why it's only with my 15 inch that uses the 85 watt MagSafe Power Adapter. I own a 13 inch macbook as well with the 60W MagSafe Adapter and it has given me no issues what so ever. I have gone through three of these chargers in three years. I'm going to have to go and get another one tomorrow, making it my fourth one in three years. Very frustrated with this product. They overheat and fray and discolor over minor use. The brick gets super hot even on a nice ventilated flat surface. I just don't understand why apple hasn't fixed this awful charger. And for $80? That's ridiculous.

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    Extremely Poor Design!

    The cord for this charger simply does not last. It is made to be soft and supple, which is nice as far as convenience is concerned. But it simply is too fragile. The cord quickly wears out and breaks, forcing us to buy an entirely new charger at $80 a pop! The charger is vastly overpriced and the cord is poorly designed. Shame on you APPLE! FIX THIS!

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    Short Lifespan

    This will be my third power adapter. All the same problem. Never even used the fold out tabs this time. Just regular use broke the thin cable. Each last about two years, I guess.

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    Apple loyal to bad design (85W MagSafe)

    Just to update the reviews from 2014, the MagSafe adapter still has a very vulnerable cable design. I keep the cords straight at both ends and wrap the cable up carefully upon transport, but the body is just so clunky and the cord so rigid yet thin that the internal wiring gets frayed even without being run over by chairs, forced into awkward positions, and so forth. Laptops are made to be transportable. I feel as if I'm carrying a live infant around whose head I have to support just right. It's just too vulnerable at the connecting points. Interestingly, I never had this problem with the ancient iBook or Powerbook adapters.

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    Someone let me know where to sign a petition for lawsuit!

    I have known since I was 8 years old to not tightly wrap my my NES controllers too tightly. Dad was a responsible teacher. However, I went against my better judgement and used the fold out tabs APPLE SUPPLIES on the charger to neatly coil the smaller wire.

    This destroyed my charger. This destroyed two chargers for one friend, a charger for another, and yet another charger for a third friend.

    To charge $80 for a replacement and not offer a lifetime guarantee (with stipulations of abuse of course) is UTTERLY RIDICULOUS at BEST, and racketeering at worst.

    I love my Macbook Pro, so I am forced to buy a new charger. Thanks...

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    Dead after only 2 years

    My adapter died after only 2 years 2 months of use. Unlike a lot of others, I didn't have any cord fraying ~ it just died without warning. I use my computer daily, but it travels only minimally (less that once a month) so the power adapter stays stationary most of the time (ie. no abuse issues). It is unacceptable to have to replace the adapter at a cost of nearly $80 after only 2 years of use.

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    2 Stars because it lasted so long

    I've had my Mac for almost 6 years now and my original adapter just died. It was a little weird because it got so hot it melted and came apart. I'm a little annoyed to learn these are so expensive but I need one so I'll have to buy it anyway...

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    Terrible quality

    This is the third power adapter that I buy for my MacBook Pro. They all break from the same point due to a bad protection for the thin cable in the unit. Hundreds are poorly reviewing this product and suggesting to improve its design. Come on, Apple. Start listening.

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    Nobody cares, but here goes

    Despite the fact that Apple seems not to care about over 1,000 one-star reviews, I'll add mine, if for nothing else than to vent. I have never had a power cord fail on any other computer or tablet before my MacBook Pro. Like others, when I pay $2,000 for a product from a company such as Apple, that is supposedly all about quality and design, I am more disappointed than I would be with a lower quality product when it fails (for example, if my Chromebook cord died, no big deal, the whole package is less than $300). I am now going to have to purchase a second power cord for this computer. Compounding my annoyance is the cost of the cord. It defies logic that after years of issues you are still charging $80 for a piece of junk. You might repair the ill will by cutting prices or re-designing this item. It's a bad move to both ignore even small issues (it's obviously highly annoying enough to many people to lead them to leave a comment) and compound it by not fixing it and by continually overcharging your customers. You don't want people to start lumping you in with AT&T and Wal-Mart in their feelings about your brand, but that is indeed what happens when you disregard this sort of thing and ignore it. When I buy Apple, I expect quality. You have failed. When I replace my computer, I don't know if I'll get another Mac.

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    I need a new adapter because my second one just ripped.... The first one I got that came with the computer lasted me about 2 years and this one only 6 months. The rubber ripped and the cord is fraying and started overheating about 2 months after I got it. The first one ripped in the same spot and burned through the rubber, almost starting a fire in my house. I'm angry the price is so high for these...I'm desperate because I'm a college student and I need my computer but I'm going to look for 3rd party adapters..... Really disappointed Apple .......

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    These chargers are outrageously expensive and they break so easily! I already have had one replaced and now found out today that even after all my care to ensure this didn't happen again, this poorly made product has broken again!! Frustrated!

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    On my 4th power supply for my macbook pro.... cable keeps breaking at same point leaving the power supply unit.... Apple wake up an listen to your customers.... this is a flaw in the design ..... If I could give a minus in the star rating I would!!!!

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    Not sturdy enough, frays and needs to be replaced

    I have just bought my second power adapter due to the cord fraying within 18months. Fraying occured at both the transformer and the connection point. The nature of laptops is that they are supposed to be portable! But this charger really lets the rest of the system down as it doesn't last normal amounts of wear and tear.

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    Horrible as always.

    I have used apple laptops for almost 10 years and every two years the power the cord fails. If all else fails in life you can guarantee the cord won't fail you in it's suckiness, thanks for nothing apple. If I didn't like your operating system so much I'd get stop purchasing your laptops quicker then I could blink especially since their quality seems to be going down hill. My last laptop lasted 6 years before it began to fail. My current laptop is nearing three years and failing. It needs a new battery and goodness knows what else. I am looking at a 500 dollar repair bill. Hey apple you wanna pay my bill? Again thanks for nothing.

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    Love my power cord

    I dont understand all of these negative reviews. I purchased my Macbook 3 years ago and this would be the first power cod that I had to purchase, people have to realize that things happen and no matter how pricey the item is its not perfect. I'm pretty sure in a lifetime you will replace a phone, an extension cord, a hair dryer etc. so to just come on here a make these silly complaints about a cord is ridiculous. Once again I don't have any problems with mine so thanks Apple for making such a wonderful Power Adapter.

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    Having To Buy My 4th Adapter

    As stated in previous reviews, these power adapters are the worst. I'm going to look for 3rd party adapter.

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    Wire on power cord burns out from bending.

    This is such an obvious design flaw. It is amazing that Apple doesn't do anything about it. We have had more than one Power adapter go bad because the thin cord breaks where it meets the white block. Other electrical cords like this have an inch or two of soft rubber or plastic to help absorb the stress on the wire. I just took about two or three inches of 2" wide clear packing tape and wrapped it around the base of the wire where it meets the block. I can already see that the stress on the wire will be alleviated. This cost me basically nothing. No reason I should have to cobble together a fix like this to a high-end product that should have the solution built in from the beginning.

    Also doesn't always connect to computer without some wiggling back and forth to get connection light to come on.

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    Cables are just too fragile

    Ended up in this review page because after my cable frayed, I held it together with tape. Thought it would do the trick for a while but now I'm getting a lot of static noise through the headphones jack when the power cable is plugged in.

    Obviously like many other people I'm very disappointed, this being my 2nd charger that meets this fate. Now I would understand and keep relatively quiet if the price of a replacement charger wouldn't be so high, but this is getting annoying.

    The way I see it, this cable is either fragile on purpose, or nobody is reading these reviews.

    There's no pride to get from the quality of one's product when a flaw this obvious is not being taken care of.

    Very disappointed.

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    3rd adapter. I can't imagine if Apple built their phones or computers to the same standards if they would be still in business. With all their gushing over on how well designed their other products are, the power adapter alone is horrid. It's like it's a built in "Apple Tax" for owning their products.

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