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    Terrible Build Quality

    Like the other reviews on here, I am about to begrudgingly buy my 3rd charger in 3 years.

    The cable quality where the cord connects is shameful, weak and encouraged to fray by actually making use of the pull-out ears to wrap the cord around. Even if you do this loosely eventually the rubber cable shield will perish. Apple are well known for the appalling build quality of their chargers, and the ridiculous price to buy replacements, but I wonder if they are actually taking these reviews on board? I can't see how a reinforced connection would be difficult to implement. It would increase customer satisfaction immeasurably.

    1-Star, but even that is generous. If you're reading this review you're probably in the same position as me. The struggle continues. Wake up, Apple.

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    Apple Make this Right

    This is my third Macbook. All have had multiple power cord issues. Please Apple redesign this cord for reliability.

    To be fair Apple did replace last one under warranty. However this is chronic and needs to be addressed.
    Simplest solution is a adapter with replaceable cable.

    Replaceable cords will keep more power supplies out of the landfills.

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    Works great, for me anyways

    I read through a lot of the 1 star reviews, and thought I must be the luckiest person in the world. I have 6 of these power bricks of varying power, both Magsafe 1 and 2. I've only had one failure and it was my oldest adapter from 2007. That it's lasted 8 years is more than enough for me. I throw my chargers in my bag and I don't particularly baby them, sometimes I drop them when I'm conference desks so I can plug it in from below. No melting, no fraying, nothing.

    I will buy another one to replaced the failed 85W adapter, and it's the only time I needed to do so (after 8 years...!!).

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    Horrible Quality

    For a well respected company that is suppose to produce quality material they sure have done a terrible job making this cord. The exterior rubber coating started to disintegrate in less than a year, and this is in ideal cord conditions. It literally sits on my desk and rarely gets moved, but they rubber just started sloughing off. Very unhappy Apple!!

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    Disapointed! Broken pop up cord holder thing.

    The things that pop up to wrap the cord around broke with normal use sad design, heavy and I most plugs its to heavy so it leans out or falls out. It is not very travel friendly because I had to use the extender so that dang thing don't fall out of the wall you guys need some designing update on this thing maybe light, small, and with the cord being able to wrap around the charging device no pop out plastic things thought they break. I only wrote this because I was going to buy a new plug but heck no at 80 bucks ill just buy some Velcro zip ties and blam.

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    Overpriced but never had any problems

    Decided to look at a new charger for my macbook as its started fraying and to see they're £65?, What worries me about buying a new one is the fact my charger has been perfect for the last 3 years, i thought this was good considering my mum went through 4 laptop chargers for her HP laptop within a year and a half, but seeing all the reviews has scared me, only reason my charger has started to split is because of the way I've plugged it in, i also take my laptop everywhere so i think the chargers done good compared to most people.

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    This is a very weak product

    Bought third one of these just few days ago... quality is hardly a word for this kind of robbery, 80 € about power adapter which melts and which cords get broken from every end. For other laptops you get premium class power adapters for 25 €. We don't have one single unit in our office which doesn't have at least some failure in it. These should have been made to endure travel use, now these won't last even in desktop use... Thank you APPLE for appreciating your customers... I've been using Apple products since 1993 and relied always their robust quality and vision for better products, but this is just lame..

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    Breaks too easily

    The cord breaks easily and is impossible to repair.

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    Poorly designed and implemented

    COME ON, APPLE - YOU CAN DO BETTER!!! You do a great job designing and making computers. Why you can't make a power adapter that doesn't break at the slightest stress is beyond me. I've had to buy 3 in the past 15 months.

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    Serious quality control problem

    My adapter cord has broken and fused at the point it exits the adapter. After this happened to all three other Mac adapters in our office I treated mine with great care but eventually (after 3 years) it did the same. The cord is deliberately manufactured to be a poor quality item and only just pass safety standards because it is a lower voltage at this side. The cord used in the US model is much tougher. The cord is designed so that one much replace the whole adapter when it fails. It's just money making. I'm trying to give this product no stars but the program insists that I give it at least one to proceed.

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    Apple Power Cords Need Redesigned

    Apple has great products, but when it comes to their power cords (MacBook, iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc), they fall horribly short of the standard they have set with their consumers. I got my MacBook Pro in 2011 and have already replaced the power adapter once and am now replacing it a second time. I should have replaced my current cord ages ago, but I couldn't afford to shovel out another $79 for a cord, so I just dealt with the shorting and the cracked casing around the cable. I am a huge Apple fan, but I have been disappointed by all of the charge cables I've ever had from Apple (I've owned a good number of Apple devices over the years).

    Dear Apple,


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    Time to play a bad game

    My score is 3 MagSafe charger broken and 237$ in the trash.

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    Absolutely horrendous product. Mine break nearly every year without fail, just after warranty's up.
    No alternative as they're designed in a way that makes them hard to replicate so knock offs cause hum/grounding issues so forced to bUy Apple. Not to mention the extortionate price. I wouldn't mind the cost if they lasted 4/5 years.

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    About to buy my third one

    What can I say that hasn't already been said here?

    The last one cooked itself to death, and the current one (which already has the inevitable insulation tape around the cable joint) just died spontaneously tonight, so I'm left with work to do, only 2 hours of charge, and the need to find somewhere open on a Sunday tomorrow where I can buy my third new power adapter in four years.

    As a software professional I have used many different Windows laptops over the last 15 years, all of which cost considerably less than my macbook pro, and were treated with much less care, and I have *never* had to replace a power adaptor on any other machine.

    It's a shame than when we already pay a significant premium to buy an Apple laptop, we also need to budget for $99 every 1 - 2 years to replace the overpriced disposable power adapter.

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    Dead after 11 months use.

    This one didn't even last a year. Hole burned through small cable near block.

    3rd in 4 years. Planned to tape this one as soon as I noticed any wear. Never got the chance. Always coiled very loosely and still died.

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    3rd Power Supply now..

    A very poor product, gets hot to what can't be a safe level, wires fray, one simply stopped working while externally in perfect condition, replacements are very overpriced. A product which sours the Apple ownership experience when there really is no need.

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    PIECE OF _____!!!!!

    Third one and counting. I can not say any more than what has already been said on this site.

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    Going to spend more money

    Unfortunately I will have to spend again money on this.... My first one had the peeling cables problem everyone else is reporting here - a shame considering the price and Apple care for design and engineering. The second one just blew with sparks a couple of days ago. Obviously it's designed not to be open, so I can't even try to have a look inside to check its status....So, more money for something I already know it won't last

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    Getting ready to purchase my 3rd charger

    The original charger was great, no frays or anything — until my stupid cat decided to chew on it. That was charger one, I'd give the original one 4 stars. The second charger started peeling where the rubber sheathing meets the charging plug within the first five months of use. No cats were involved, and I don't typically pack my charger to go, so it's not a case of abuse or mishandling. Shame on me for not taking it back since I still had AppleCare when the second one started breaking. Once the rubber sheathing started to go, as did all the insulating wires start to fray — it's only a matter of time before the entire cord separates from the charging head. This is a poor design, with inadequate reinforcement around the charging plug. I've had the exact same failure on three of the current style iPhone cords — ones that I paid $20 each for when I bought my phone two years ago. The rubber material is bad, and degrades too quickly over time. It becomes stretched out from the mere act of touching it, which is why it starts to pull away from the insulation and break away from the cord. I've wasted almost $150 in cords because of this materials flaw.

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    Mediocre quality

    As a travel accessory that is used quite a lot the quality of the cable from the adapter leading to the magsafe connector is mediocre and disappointing. The outer insularion layer cable of my original adapter started to split and finally seized working as the condicting cables within broke close to where it comes out out the adapter block. This necessitated the purchase of a new adapter after four years service. I never had this type of eear and tear problems with adapter cables for my other laptops and I am generally very careful with my equipment.

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