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    Disappointing with the magsafe power adapter that is the most cheapest (quality) but most expensive pc charger...
    In Greece we spend 90 Euros for something with almost lifetime 2 years....
    i have NOKIA,SAMSUNG,SONY (my old devices) chargers and i can tie up my huge dog with one of those...so qualitative....

    With respect to apple

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    Another unhappy user

    You would think that a charger that overheats and sets things on fire would be a design flaw that apple wouldn't overlook before deeming them suitable for sale.

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    Piece of Junk!!!!!

    I am so tired of having to buy a new flipping power adapter each year. This is my 8th! the first couple were my fault as my kids have gotten to them, but the last couple are sorely on Apple. The worst part is that they get more expensive NOT cheaper like they should each year. I used to only pay about $65 now its $80?? Its for an 8 year old machine. These issues need to be resolved.

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    7 Year customer.......

    I have had to replace my power cable twice already and the third one is on its way out. Why do you make us pay so much for poorly made power cables, please make it so you can replace just the cord that would save everyone the frustration of having to pay what now $90 for a new one ( every time I have bought one its increased in price by $10 or more) I love my computer and have had it for 7 years now so make a power cable that will las just as long or even 4 years or something along those lines.

    Not impressed.

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    What to do now?

    As I sit here writing this review my last 35 minutes of battery on my Mac book pro is about to die as my adapter has broken, just in the way that has been mentioned above (where the cable meets the adapter, the wire is exposed) And i can see from the reviews that this is a major issue, to spend £65 on a new one or not when it is obviously a design fault??? has anyone took them to the ombudsman over this design fault and danger to peoples lives? Are these the only adapters available? Lost as to what to do????

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    Absolute Junk, they last for less than 18 months, and what is clearly a design fault, the cable on leaving the transformer fails, in exactly the same place, having to get the fourth one in less than three years, luckily as I know how utterly rubbish they are and I have a spare one in my office for use in emergencies. Shame I had to drive an hour each way to charge my computer, but at least I'm not without one! And i'm normally an apple fanboy so hey ho!

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    Awful product - a disgrace to the Apple brand

    I am on my 4th magsafe adapter in 4 years. Every single one has suffered strain at the end where the thin wire meets the brick. Two of them have thrown sparks and come close to causing a fire. One has actually melted part of my carpet! Why the heck are Apple not doing anything about this?! I have power supplies from ancient games consoles that are still running and yet these overpriced pieces of junk die all the time. Poor show, Apple. Poor show.

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    Two chargers within a year.

    Why does Apple make the most terrible chargers? How are there over 1,500 reviews here complaining about how the cord frays immediately? Then, people are forced to pay $80 for another charger that will inevitably fray as well within a year. This is honestly a tragedy because I love my MacBook; yet, I cannot save my MacBook chargers for the life of me. I don't wrap it up tightly, I reinforce the ends of the cord with duct-tape in an attempt to keep the inner wires from falling apart, but no matter what, the cord fails. Please, for the love of God, Apple...get it together with these chargers.

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    poor quality

    very unreliable piece of cr*p. need to buy new one every year

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    Awful waste of money you have to spend.

    Shorted out in six months. Of course it's on a deadline week. Why must this cord be made like such cheap cr*p? I'd rather pay more for a better cord that won't short out in less than a year.

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    Lawsuit waiting to happen

    Own a macbook retina display. About 2 months ago I found the power cord had melted and looked burnt. The cord is normally on a tile floor, take really good care of my stuff so wasn't quite sure what had happened. Luckily I have apple care so the cord was replaced. Apple tried to charge me a 75.00 fee until I returned the power cord but I told them nope, not gonna happen. They sent the new cord anyway but no return package for the burnt up cord. Maybe a month later I saw the same little holes indicating the cord was getting ready to fail again. Contacted apple care, who again replaced the cord, big fight to get them to send it without charging me the 75. fee until I returned the old cord. When I told the service rep they never sent a return box for the previous one the smart @ss told me they didn't want it back, I could keep it, give it to a friend. I was like really, are you even listening to me, the cord BURNT up. Anyhow sent the whole macbook in for repair at this point, found heat sink and both fans needed replacement. I'm now noticing the same pre melting tension holes in my iphone cord that I charge via the laptop. This laptop has been the worst purchase I ever made and is my last macbook and probably my last apple purchase altogether. Give it to a friend, seriously???

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    Broken after 1 year

    I bought my MacBook Pro last year and today my charger was on fire!!! Didn't expect that specially from Apple! And is quite expensive buying a new one. Not so reliable when it comes to accessories! Disappointed with Apple.

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    Dangerous piece of cr*p

    After barely a year of owning my 2012 Macbook pro, my adapter started frying. Almost got electrocuted trying to unplug the d*mn*ed thing. And no, it is not because of my power outlets. Apple has a problem with loads of their cords, I had to replace my iPhone one every 2 months because the rubber would come apart and the threads would fray.

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    3rd cord 5 years

    As stated... 3rd cord in 5 years. I am almost tempted to buy a second and keep one at work and one at home.
    Frayed ends, and the most recent one had to be retired when it started smoking...

    Outside of my Time Cap that only lasted 2.5 years... Macs have been really good to me. But the cord and the TC have killed me.

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    Cable frayed after 1 year of use

    Cable frayed and the adapter no longer works after 13 months or so. Apple needs to do something to make the cables less prone to failure.

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    If I could give it zero stars I would. Very poorly designed strain relief which is prone to fail (see the other reviews). When it does, if you are in warranty you are ok (but will have to wait about a week for an appointment with a "genius" to get a replacement). If you are out of warranty, they MAY offer you a £50 replacement.

    Seriously Apple, this is the lowest rated of your products. It is unreliable and £70 for what amounts to an 18V power supply is simply outrageous. I have been an Apple user for almost 20 years and only recently things like this are beginning to make me rethink. Just sad really.

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    So Tired of This

    I keep having to buy charger after charger after charger. I'm very careful with them and leave the charger in one location because they are such delicate flowers and yet they still fray over time and quit working. Get it together, Apple.

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    Just about to purchase my fourth Magsafe power supply, they've all failed at the connector end, even if the plastic sheath is not broken the braid inside has worn and gone open-circuit. Really Apple, check out all the bad reviews from loyal Apple customers ( we have the following: iBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPad Air and two iPhones) and address this major flaw.

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    terrible engineering or ruthless marketing?

    or both?

    From previous experience i have taken particular care of this thing and got stranded as everyone else.
    And then stabbed with a 80$ charge.

    Does Apple understand the impact of that kind of experience in a customer's next purchase decision?

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    Another Bites the Dust

    nuff said

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