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    Will they ever get it right??

    I have been using apple laptops for over 12 years. In that time I've had 5 powerbooks/macbook pros (between work and personal). I have NEVER had the original power adapter last the life of the computer. In fact, I don't think I've ever gone through fewer than 3 power adapters with 4 of these computers. One macbook pro was stolen, so I didn't have time to get to #3.

    12 years. 5 computers. The design of the adapters has changed at least 3x, but the problem hasn't been fixed (there was the spaceship one, the first magnetic one, the second magnetic one, then I guess they went back to the first mag design). Will you ever get this right apple?

    I'm on my way to the apple store to purchase adapter #3 for my mid-2010 macbook pro. I feel robbed. At least Apple gave me the second one free, so they will have only stolen $160 for this computer, so far.

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    Can I give no stars? Cord Is JUNK!

    If I could have selected no stars I would have.

    The same problem that everyone else is having has happened to me in less than two years, and it would have been sooner if I didn't start taking my iPad around with me for the past year. What a horrible rip off. I can buy a quality 100' extension cord at Home Depot for under $80 and this little cra*py 6' charger cord with an equally cra*py 85w transformer, that heats up like crazy when I charge, costs the same amount? My HP charger lasted the whole 5 years that I had that laptop and I traveled a lot more with that computer. I'm torn. My hard drive on this MBP just crashed last month, now my charger won't charge, this is not what I expected when I switched to apple.


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    Money Down The Drain.

    This product is built SO CHEAPLY! Amazing concept, love the fact that it is magnetic, however it does not last! HOw many will I have to purchase? 80 dollars? over priced times 12. Every Charger I have purchased has been faulty I need a discount.

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    5th magsafe power adapter in 6 years for me

    They are awful, 12-14 months tops, usually the wires inside that detach, but this time around its the actual mag part, think it may be the sprung contacts as you can wiggle it to work but if you move you machine it stops charging. What is it with apple and chargers? we have a retina ipad which only works with a specific combination of charger and wire, any other wire(the same wire, the one that comes with it or with an iphone) and it just connects and disconnects the power constantly beeping, oh and airport plugs blow up.
    Whats more amazing is they never do anything about it, they changed the magsafe adapter to a right angle but it still breaks where it meets the transformer, it does make me angry, ever time i have to buy on i think about dumping apple.

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    Absolutely tired that I'm having to buy yet another cord. :(

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    Need Improvement on Design

    I think there could be improvement on the design. I really wish there was a T shape adaptor to plug in. Since this is an L Shape adaptor, I can't connect an ethernet cord while charging my laptop because there is no space. Makes no sense. I sometimes need to do battery consuming projects while connected to the internet, so I really wish Apple would offer a T shape adaptor for my Mac Pro.

    Besides that, my last charger lasted me 4 years, which is pretty good.

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    Burnt-out power adapter

    Not only am I a long-time devotee of Apple products, an AppleCare customer and an owner of several Apple products but I have also never had cause to complain about any Mac product previously.

    However, I am decidedly unimpressed by the build quality of these MagSafe Power Adapters.

    The adapter supplied with my MacBook Pro lasted barely a year and had not been either heavily used or used in a non-standard manner which might have caused it to fail (e.g. yanking it hard, stretching it, spilling liquid on it, etc.). On the contrary, it had barely been moved from my desk and I had always taken considerable care with it.

    One evening, whilst typing a report, I heard a strange 'bang' sound and instantly noticed an unpleasant burning smell. I looked at the power adapter and saw that not only had the cord frayed so as to reveal the wiring within close to the connection with the MacBook Pro but also that the cord itself showed clear signs of having been scorched along its length.

    If I'd left my MacBook Pro unattended, I believe that this could have caused a fire.

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    This is the worst power adapter I've ever owned. Barely lasts a year even with light/gentle usage. Already on my 3rd one.

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    over the last 4-5 years that I own my 17" macbook Pro I've changed 7 chargers.

    To be fair, an apple genius gave me one for free so technically I bought 6. That is 560 euros down the drain.

    so since this is the 6th time I go out on a store to buy one of these I thought I should write a review as well.


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    Dangerous, poorly designed charger

    We didn't realize the macbook end of the cord had started to fray and separate from the charging block until we smelled the faint odor of burning plastic. I'm so thankful we were home and caught it before it burned our house down. Shame on you Apple. You really need to try harder.

    To anyone buying one of these...NEVER leave that cord plugged in to an outlet if you're not nearby.

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    cord does not withstand portability

    Not a very good cord design, mine only lasted a year.
    unfortunately there are no other durable alternatives... please fix for those of us on the run all the time, with both computer and power cords... thank you!

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    Dear Apple

    Dear Apple,

    I have been a loyal customer for many, many years. I have one issue with your products, and that is that for every beautifully wonderful product you offer, you have a poorly designed, life-disrupting charger.

    Don't worry. I only have a paper due tomorrow and MacBook is out of battery. You can thank me for backing it up on a zip drive, otherwise I would be extremely unhappy. Well, I am extremely uphappy. However, I'm not raging at a phone representative.

    That is All,
    A customer regretting being a loyal Apple consumer

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    Fraying cord in only 2 years

    I've been using laptops of various brands for at least 10 years, and while I love, Love, LOVE my MacBook Pro, the cord for the power adaptor is simply not worthy of the Apple brand. I am a software engineer, use my laptop daily, and have always been extremely careful with my power cords. Yet, in less than two years, the cord for my Mac is fraying. At this point, over a foot of the cord has frayed so badly that I've had to cover it with electrical tape and Sugru, and now the rest of the cord is fraying. This is ridiculous. No excuses, Apple. This is pitiful.

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    Macbook Pro MagSafe Power Cord Adapter Frays

    The MagSafe power cord adapter for the Macbook Pro frays.

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    Terrible device

    after about a year the plastic covering on the cable connecting to the computer began to split apart. I have used electrical tape to continue to cover up the splits but now my cable is mostly black. I am a big fan of Apple products (I have a MacBook Pro, my wife has an iPad and we both have iPhone 5's) but this piece of equipment is junk and that is putting it mildly. You would think that with all the negative reviews that Apple would put their engineers to work on this. Funny to that mine didn't start this until after the warranty was up. I am afraid to spend $80 dollars on a new one figuring it will do the same thing@

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    Faulty Cord

    My Mac is only 2 years old and I take very good care of it and wrap the cord around the block when transporting. Apparently, there is wrong way and right way to wrap the cord. It frayed in the same place where most others have also at the base of the block. The block and cord always was super hot and the wires just showed through and spilt in one day. Not happy about having to go out and shell out another $80 bucks to replace it and when reading these reviews it's a pretty common fault with this product. Highly disappointing Apple.

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    Soooooo tired on buying new cords...

    Love our Apple products but hate the power cords. I have had to purchase 2 cords in two years for laptops. We are having the same issues with the IPhone 5 power cords.

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    Frayed Wire

    I love the magnet, but every single MagSafe adapter I have owned has been a dud. Same issue every time: exposed wiring. Regardless of what "precautions" are recommended (e.g., allow slack when wrapping the cord), the wiring ultimately protrudes. For the price, this product can be maddening.

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    Apple product? Seriously?

    Dear Apple... I have blind faith in your products. As a designer I love how you care about design and quality...

    ... but not on your chargers.

    I mean... I am a student. I had to save a lot of money for buying a macbook pro because I could have it for many years and save on ****** computers. But I can't afford expending 80€ (almost 85$) every 6 months because of their inexistent quality. My old Vaio charger (3 years) is still working like the first day. I think you could do it better...

    By the way, my second charger is about to die, but don't worry... I'll buy one to your competitors, I bet they'll be better (the one I bought for my Iphone is lasting longer than the Apple one).

    Good Job.

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    Very flawed design for vulnerable cable

    I love the magnetic connector, but unfortunately the wire is extremely vulnerable to irreparable damage. The very thin cord is permanently attached to the block, but with a rigid design that won't prevent damaging the cord.

    Other electronics have those ridges around the cord by the block so that they can safely bend without exerting too much on any single point of the inside wire. However, apple's version only has a very rigid rubber base connecting the wire to the block, which can hardly bend and makes the cord very vulnerable when bent at all. Because of this, the small wire inside the insulation eventually severed on my power cord, right where it connects to the rigid rubber base on the block. I had used thus particular power cord for less than two years. I feel like this is unacceptable

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