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    Awful product

    I am now looking for my fourth one of these in 2 years. The first one was partly my own fault as I pulled (not very hard) the lead and it snagged and the thin cable parted where it meets the transformer. The next two I treated with kid gloves as I knew the cost of replacing them - they both broke in the same place - where the cable enters the transformer. Its just not good enough - I love my Macbook - I hate the power supply.

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    Poor Quality and Overpriced

    These power supplies represent the only bad experience I've ever had with Apple. I am extremely careful with my Macbook and all its accessaries yet I have experienced fraying of the insulation on two Magsafe adapters in less than 2 years. I do frequently travel with my Macbook for uni etc so I do wrap the cord (following Apples guidelines) around the power brick. But considering these computers are heavily marketed towards students I would think their power supplies could live up to the day by day uses of a student.

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    I have always been proud to have owned a MacBook Pro. But, Apple made the charger really cheap. The wire splits way too easily. I have had it replaced while it was under warrantee and have paid for it afterward when the warrantee was up, only to have had it split on me again! Not only that, but where it connects to the laptop malfunctions. I have to angle it a certain way or it won't charge. It is just very disappointing that when you pay a lot of money for a product only for it not to last. The product needs to be made better. It is definitely not worth what you have to pay for it.

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    Frayed cord

    The problem with this power supply is just like a couple of other posts. The cord frayed at the power unit and now is completely useless. With all the "Smart" people at Apple, one would think someone would have addressed this issue. Now I get to spend $79 for something I shouldn't need to. Very disappointed.

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    New connector, same problems

    When my old adapter (with the T-connector) broke, I had it replaced. However, now less than a year later the thinner cable has separated from the converter unit and frayed, just like with the older model. I have had two of these adapters and neither lasted more than a year!

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    Typical exploitation from Apple

    Same as virtually everyone else. The connection between the transformer and the cable is simply not strong enough. When I noticed mine had warn loose with exposed wires I looked closer and saw burn marks!
    This is a dangerous product, not sure how it can be licensed in the UK.
    However, without this item our £1,500 (minimum) laptops will not work. Just goes to show what a contemptible company Apple are.

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    Power Cord One Year Old

    There is no person more careful than I am with the power cord. The cord insulation just split open next to the plug going in to the machine. They're $79!!! Poor engineering. Looks aren't everything Mr. Apple. Form FOLLOWS function. You know about this problem and yet continue to do nothing about it. After over 25 years as an avid user of your computers and products, I'm done. My next computer will not be an Apple. My next phone will not be an iPhone. I'm a high volume consumer of your products. I have 3 of your laptops, an iMac (the Big boy), an iPad, an iPhone 4s, and Apple TV. I am no longer going to buy Apple products. I will continue to use the ones I have as long as I can tolerate paying $79 for a cord that lasts ONE YEAR with careful light use.

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    I love apple products, but the cables are terrible, and expensive.

    I think apple products are brilliant and I can understand why the computers cost so much money, but I cant understand why the cables and power adapters cost so much, because they are rubbish!

    The insulation on all the cables pulls away from the connection, my power cable insulation virtually deteriorated just a few months after getting the laptop, and to replace it would cost a small fortune, when the laptop has already cost £1500! ok it has the clever technology of the magnet, so it doesn't pull the laptop on the floor, but other than that, I am disappointed!

    It's not just this power cable I am dissatisfied with, its all apple cables! the ipod cables, iphone cables, the lot! personally I have brought the cheaper, yet more durable alternatives! I have recently brought a replacement for the power adaptor for £25 less than apple are charging and it seems to be so much durable and reliable. I paid a whole £3 for 2 new ipod cables and they are great.

    Apple, I love your products, just improve your cables, or reduce the price by at least half! I have been an apple customer for over 12 years, but the cables have always been a disappointment. sorry!

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    Rip off price for poor product.

    Very expensive product to replace. Original which came with MacBook disintegrated after 18 months. Purchased another and same wear and tear appeared at the link between cable and the charge piece. Would not recommend at all especially given the price for the MacBook itself and replacement. Though should not have to be buying a replacement at all after 18 months. Have gone to cheaper alternatives via eBay.

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    Once again, dead for no reason

    Yet ANOTHER power adapter dead for no reason. Two years of careful use. I have to waste time and money now tomorrow to get a new one. And I can't finish tonight what I wanted to do.

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    Charger wire failure at mag connection

    I also have had to replace my charger due to the failure of the wire at the magnetic connector. It has been about 2 years of normal use. The charger looked brand new but the connection started to become erratic at first then over time lost connection completely. I was disappointed in the poor design. The wire pulled right out of the magnetic connector without much effort.

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    Worst Charger ever!!!

    This charger is by far the worst charger ever! its like Apple does this on purpose so you can buy a new one every year. what was wrong with the old magsafe charger? the one that looked more like a T that one was better. with this new one the end that connects to the laptop gets all bent and overtime it starts to mess up. who's bright idea was that? atleast with the old one it use to connect straight on which was better. SMH APPLE!

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    cable frays

    I like the magsafe connection, but the brick end of the cable isn't reinforced enough. After a couple of years, I needed a new one. I'm surprised they haven't fixed this.

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    Flawed Design

    I am on my third adapter in 2-1/2 years. There should be more reinforcement around where the cord comes out of the power brick and also at the mag end. Can't believe there isn't a better level of quality for what they charge for these.

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    Worst Ever

    Breaks quickly and has horrible cable management. Other PC makers create adapters that at least last and can be stored well for a trip.

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    Almost 5 years and 6+ chargers later

    My laptop will be 5 years old in February and I need another new charger. That will be my 6th new charger that I can remember. Most of them frayed right where it attaches to the adapter on the side that runs to the computer. Apple please fix this design flaw it is really the only complaint I have.

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    Gone through 8 now...

    Have had my Macbook Pro since May 2011. We have now gone through 8 of these chargers, each ending with the same problem. The pins on the inside of the connector melt deeming it useless. The charger itself gets so hot it left burn marks on myself and my 1 year old. At first I thought it was our houses power that was causing an issue but then it happened at a hotel. Hopefully they do something about this issue soon since many seem to have it.

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    Frayed and broke after <1 year of normal use.

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    85W MagSafe Power Adapter

    With all their amazing engineers and technology they can't manage to design a power adapter that lasts more than a year? Kills me to have to fork over more money for something that I already paid so much money for.

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    doesn't last very long

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