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    Not even a year with the adapter and it has been torn. I ripped it off completely afterwards. Only because it stopped working completely. The durability is low...

    and by all the other comments I can already tell what's going to happen.

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    Very poor

    For such an expensive laptop ( mine cost over £2000), you would expect better power connector than this. It really is a rip off at £65:00. Get real Apple!

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    The Macbook Pro power adapter is of the WORST QUALITY and is totally UNRELIABLE! I paid dearly to own a Macbook, but if I am UNABLE to RECHARGE the BATTERY it is USELESS to me! For the third time I am forced to purchase a replacement power adapter for my computer. The second one stopped working reliably after only 6 months, and then I had to position the cord and fuss with the magnetic end to get it "Just Right" so it would charge at all! YOU SHOULD BE PROVIDING YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH AN EXCELLENT POWER ADAPTER THAT MATCHES THE QUALITY OF YOUR COMPUTERS AND PROVIDES RELIABLE, LONG LASTING SERVICE!
    Grade: F minus (for your substandard power adapter)

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    Apple great on computers, not so great on power cords!

    I am about to purchase my third cord for a late 2011 MacBook Pro. These MagSafe connector cords do not hold up. I work from home and the small movements when on my desk or on my lap desk have worked the cord casing off two previous units. It always happens where the cord feeds into the connector head. With as many failures reported Apple should either give free exchanges for these cords or price them really cheap since they're not worth more than $10! If I wasn't so in love with my MacBook Pro, I'd switch back to a PC!

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    Ugh, friggin' Apple

    I hate your dumb power adaptor. I have yet to buy one straight from your store, but I'm about to get my 3rd one through another source. Actually, I might think twice about it and just get rid of my iMac all together and go back to someone else.

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    Bye Bye 79$

    So you got me again, apple. Every 18 or 20 month I have to buy a new adapter. Just a question of time i guess, until I had enough of your cheap engineering. Was a fan once ...

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    After purchasing a Macbook Pro w/Retina Display the charger that was recieved is very good quality, except for the part that matters, the wire. The wires sleeve moves about disalining it from the actual internal wire making it a pain when the top of the chargers wires become exposed!

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    Not good enough

    It can move around in the socket and at times doesn't connect fully, mine has also split after less than 12 months of use which has resulted in showing the inner insulation of the cables. When I pay over £2000 for a laptop I expect it's accessories to last longer. Theoretically a great product, however in reality it needs improving. I should not need to pay £65 to replace it every 11 months!

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    What happened to the cable material?

    The original power supply that came with my 2011 Macbook Pro 15" was quite a decent flexible material, lasted over a year. The new cable I got about 6 months ago is just falling apart in my hands, it was a rough, not flexible rubbery material from the start and is just peeling off the cable!

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    My wife was vacuuming and accidentally sucked up my cord. It wrapped around the beater brush and stopped the vac. I thought I was done, my new macbook charger was toast. But as I removed the cord from the vac I found it was almost perfect, slight scaring on the cord but otherwise it's fine. VERY DURABLE!

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    Why is this simple power cable considered a CONSUMABLE??!?

    I have gone through 3 of these cables, and I am about to get my 4th!! Whats going on? To charge $79 is one thing, which I don't mind paying, I expect to pay more for my Apple products because I can usually depend on getting quality and dependability. But in this case, Apple has really failed. The failure (for me) is always near the MagSafe end of the cable. I'm a tech, so I can tell that there are wire breakages or fraying happening inside the rubber shielding. To happen once, is a one-off, to happen repeatedly is a serious problem with manufacturing and/or design. Come on Apple, put something decent in place of this part. The MagSafe idea is great, and so is the multi-colour LED, but the basics don't work - the actual POWER CABLE! And PLEASE stop gauging me $79 every time I have to pay for ANOTHER one of these failed products.

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    Too expensive to be a disposable product

    I go through one every six months or so. I wish one would last a year or two like in some of the reviews I have read. For once, I am holding onto my receipt and bringing the one I have to purchase today in for a return when it dies in a few months.

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    70$ Garbage

    I've now bought two replacements for this cord, and it wears out in a matter of months each time. I have handled it as carefully as any cord should be handled, but the cord always frays then breaks (on the laptop side). The magnet charger is a novel idea but it's not worth it when they charge a premium for cheap materials that wear out. I feel thoroughly ripped off by having to buy this product again!

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    Extremely Disappointed!!!!

    I have had my computer for a little more than a year, and I'm already purchasing a new power cord! The one I had started fraying awhile back at the end near the box, but recently the end near the mag plug started fraying. Now the charger is barely working and I saw a spark! It also gets EXTREMELY hot when my computer is charging. This is ridiculous!

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    Broken after less than a year

    Bought my new Macbook Pro 10 months ago, now looking for a new charger as the one which came with the laptop is now broken. Also seen sparks when plugging the power cable into the adapter. I am surprised by the poor quality of this expensive product.

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    disappointed with Apple power cords

    Given the relatively high price for replacement why do I always need to buy a new cord after a year or two? I'm frustrated that this product isn't more durable.

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    Cords are how you, Apple, make your money?

    Love Apple products but I've had to MacBooks and both cords fray. I have to order another one today and this will be the 3rd one for this computer. This last one actually started smoking!! Working on a big project and am at 19% power and afraid to use my cord. I AM TICKED!

    Is this how you make additional money Apple? On your cords? Really?

    One star because I couldn't give it zero stars.

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    A disappointed fan

    Let me say first, I have become a huge fan of Apple products. Bought an iPad in April 2011....an iPhone in June...and a Mac in August. I never understood why Mac users tended to debate it's merits over the PC. It didn't take me very long to experience that firsthand. Until now! One year and 5 months and have a dead power cord. I can see the insulation cracked at the magnetic connection. I too am very careful with my electronics. What a disappointment! Despite having such a lofty opinion of the Apple products, I won't buy another until I see better quality. Does anyone believe this is just an oversight? That no one at Apple engineering isn't aware of this? Of course they are. Shame on you Apple. I'm very disappointed and, certainly can't afford to recommend this product to a friend.

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    Same deal for all power adapters

    Dear Apple,

    How in the heck did you figure to build such a bad component for such a beautiful work of art? I mean, its like putting a PINTO spark plug in a Ferrari!

    My wife has a macbook and she has the previous adapter model, I have the brand new one and they both are really bad.

    Her's just won't keep connected, not a magnet issue but rather a plug issue. when it gets a little twisted, the power comes back on to the tip and we see the yellow/green light. This happened with my previous Macbook Pro. I am a die hard fan of Apple, but let me tell you, this is really a big disappointment for me and I believe many other Apple lovers out there alike.

    Please Apple, if there is someone out there listening, do us all a favor and go back to the drawing boards, and give us a power adapter that functions just as good as it looks, like the rest of your products.

    Thank you!

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    Awful product

    I am now looking for my fourth one of these in 2 years. The first one was partly my own fault as I pulled (not very hard) the lead and it snagged and the thin cable parted where it meets the transformer. The next two I treated with kid gloves as I knew the cost of replacing them - they both broke in the same place - where the cable enters the transformer. Its just not good enough - I love my Macbook - I hate the power supply.

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