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    shopping for my second...

    just like everyone else here.

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    Good Design but Poor Materials

    As with every charger I have ever gotten from Apple be it on my iPod, 3 different iPhones, or my MacBook Pro this one is just terrible. Based on the 800+ reviews with an average of 2 stars I am not the only one. If you plan on throwing away fifty dollars on a cord that you will never move than this one will work fine. As for me my charger is always being moved around and as a result the coating and shielding has removed from just out of the adapter, one spot in the middle, and just at the power connector into the mac. Do to the coating coming off the shielding is completely frayed. Do yourself a favor and save yourself $50 and buy a third party replacement elsewhere online. I have always done this with my Apple chargers when the original fell apart after 6 months to a year and have never had any issues. Just make sure you read the reviews and you'll end up with a charger that will last 10x as long at a third the price. Also the third party chargers are coming out of the same Chinese factories making Apples $80 ones so if you're worried about them not being quality they will be at least as good as the ones Apple is selling for $80. Zero out of Ten. Would not buy.

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    Lasted almost two years instead of one

    Wow, what an improvement! Instead of lasting only one year, the last few months of which were full of danger, we now have a MagSafe cord design that lasts nearly two years and, when it dies, it quietly becomes intermittent instead of burning itself up. Still, I wonder if Apple, with all of their engineering skill, could manage to build a power supply cable that outlives the device it serves ...like ...well ...like every non-Apple power supply cable I've ever owned in my 30-plus years of buying electronic equipment.

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    I have owned my MacBook Pro for around 4 years now and I am about to buy my 6th charger. PC chargers work better than this stinker. Love my MacBook...hate the charger. You guys really need to do something about it.

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    Second magsafe charger to melt and self destruct... Shopping for a third.

    I came here to find out how much this charger costs, because it's now the second charger to have cooked itself to death and melted apart at the base of the charging cord. It first happened with my previous dual-core macbook pro charger (60w), and now with my current quad-core unibody mbp charger (85w). Needless to say I'm extremely dissatisfied.

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    Does the job, at a price though

    After 5 years of loyal charging, my old power adapter which came with my 2007 15" Macbook Pro finally went pop yesterday (quite literally, made me jump). Quickly bought one of these, and although the price is ludicrous, it does the job well. I know lots of people complain about fraying and poor design, but from my experience with my old charger, I have had no problems like that, despite stuffing the lead into bags and generally just throwing it around.
    The power brick seems to run cooler than my old lead which is a bonus, and the new L-shape MagSafe design is much neater than the previous T-shape design. All in all, another great product from Apple, who seem to be all too aware that people are willing to spend a fortune to keep their Macbooks charged.

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    Magsafe power supply

    Have a 2010 Macbook Pro, going to the store to buy 3rd power supply. All i do is bring the computer back and forth from work. The 2nd one i took great care in wrapping up the cord carefully. Didn't matter, less than a year of use. the flimsy cord can't take the heat at the transformer. Of all the wonderful things Apple makes you think they could design a cord that can last. I Threw away 2 power supplies that were perfectly good because of junk cord. What a shame

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    Magsafe Power

    I love these chargers, far superior to any other I have used for a laptop. I have never have one go bad, the one I use for my old 13 inch macbook from years ago still works like a charm as does the one for my late 2011 15 inch Macbook Pro.

    The design is very clever with the magnet so you never risk trashing your computer if you accidentally trip on the chord. You can wrap the chord around these fold out arms which keeps things meet (and I find if you do make a bit of a loop that chord will not fray, it's only common sense) Another great feature is you can interchange between using a fold out two prong plug for when you don't need much space or a longer 3 prong plug for further distances.

    I have several devices that use these charger and I have never found them to be anything but durable, reliable, and easy to use.

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    Poor Performance

    I am very disappointed. Purchased the MacBook Air 14 months ago, the warranty expired and 2 months later I need a power adapter. I wish I read the reviews before. However it is good to know it was not something I did but was poor design and poor performance of the adapter.

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    power cord is AWFUL!!!

    We have had to purchase 2 power cords in 2 years due to fraying!!! It is AWFUL! $79.00 is way over priced for a piece of cheap cheap stuff!!!! I love APPLE products but hate this power cord!!!!

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    Disappointed AGAIN On my 3rd

    This is the most horrible design for an AC adapter. I have a macbook pro I purchased in Feb 2011 and I am on my 3rd Replacement AC Adapter. When they work they work, but they most likely go out after about 6 months to a year. I dislike it that you have no other way to charge your battery except with this adapter. There needs to be a better solution than replacing the AC adapter all the time. Very disappointed again.

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    You could cook an egg on this thing!!

    These power adapter have never been the best. The 3 I have owned have all burnt out, the most recent shorting out my entire house (30mins ago.) They get that hot that I resorted to resting them on a small tile or cool surface to help with the heat.

    Please, Apple revisit these adapters they need a lot of work.

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    The one thing I dislike about my Mac

    This power adapter is horribly designed. You cannot wrap the cord on the adapter without eventually fraying it and rendering it inoperable. The geniuses will tell you that you need to create a big loop where the cord attaches to the adapter, but that does not really solve the problem over time.

    Why should customers have to pay to replace something that has been panned by countless people?

    I've had to get two in the last three years or so. Fortunately, the warranty covered the original, but not the second one.

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    Not built to last

    I have had my power adapter for just about a year and it's going bad. Just looking at all the reviews it appears that this product was not designed to last, which is quite a let down coming from apple.

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    This is a great charger

    I just have to say that I am very satisfied with every component that came with my Mac. I have had my MacBook Pro for over 2 years now and the only reason why I bought a second charger is so that I can have one for traveling. I am constantly putting my charger through vigorous use and it has not failed me. I am not sure why others are having so many problems but I am very satisfied.

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    MagUNsafe Power adapter

    A truly shocking (literally, I get a buzz from the body of my macbook when i have this thing plugged in!) piece of design. Frays at the charger end. I have had no trouble with the connector that plugs into the laptop, just the other end which has frayed due to the plastic coating being far too thin to be safe for an AC charger. I still wont buy a replacement as £65 is daylight robbery for what is essentially an over-designed plug. I'd rather take my chances with a dodgy Chinese fake one!
    If Jonathan Ive had anything to do with designing this, he should give his knighthood back until it gets a redesign. For some reason they have recently redesigned the magnetic connector for the new line of macbooks, this was the only thing that was good about it!
    Poor show Apple.

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    Worst charger ever!

    This is the WORST product everrrrrr!!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my macbook, but how is it that you spend over $2,000 for the computer and the charger that comes with it lasts a whole 2 months?!! What the heck?! This is my 5th charger in less than 2 years!!! I really hope apple will redesign this. All the PC chargers are fit to bend and move around but not these! You would think that with as much $$$ as apple makes, they would put some of that money into fixing this problem. Shows how much they care about their customers....

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    Apple Get Real!

    Ive had this Stu-pid piece of machinery for only a year now and as much I love my computer I call it stupid because I've had to have it serviced several times and this will be my 5th charger in a year!!!!! They are worthless! When I spend over $2000 for a product or $80 on a charger it better with stand a trip to heL-L and back! Come on Apple! Get real!

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    Mac's Chargers are a Bad Design

    Apple Laptop chargers are a very bad design. Our company has purchased about 15 laptops from Mac Book's, Mac book airs to Mack book Pro's. All of them have charger problems. We have replaced all the chargers at least once and some going on three times. Apple needs to do something about this design. Reinforce the ends, improve on the wiring or something!!! Frustrated User!

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    Magnet is great, but cord frays once a year.

    I will inevitably be back to the apple store to buy my 3rd charging cord. The magnet is great for any undue pulling the cord receives, but the part of the cord that sticks out from the box has frayed on each charging cord about once a year since I've owned my computer. I've had to save up just to use my machine again, or borrow another Mac users cord. Thank goodness I'm at college and have plenty of Mac using students around.

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