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    Great design, lousy manufacturing

    On two of these I have had the white cord starting to peal off. One was exchanged under warranty, I am stuck with the other. A third one just died on me after 4 years. Come on Apple, get your act together !

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    Number 3, here I come...

    The design is horrible. There is little to no structural integrity at the connection of the adapter body and the cord running to the computer. Today marks the day I buy my third power adapter for the same computer, because of this problem. The problem seems to lie in the sleeve of the cable. Over time, the sleeve tends to pull out of the coupler on the adapter body. The coupler is made much too small and not nearly as rigid as it should be.

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    Necessary Evil

    I am about to order my 3rd adapter in 2.5 years. I'm not some world-traveling extreme Macbook Pro user, just a casual user with a fancy computer that needs an expensive replacement part on a regular basis. The first one almost caused a fire! I have been extra careful with this last one, and of course the little part that connects to the computer needs to be wiggled around to get any sort of charge, just like the last one. What else can I do? I need my computer to charge and I need a new one, I'm not going to try a 3rd party part that can be even worse. Come on Apple, just sell the one part of the cord, times are tough for everybody and this is not where I need to spend 80 dollars right now.

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    Terrible design

    I had to buy a new one after a couple of months because the thin cord got crimped and stopped working. Now my new one just stopped working while charging the battery, and it is currently measuring 58 degrees C (136 F). This is after cooling for about 10 minutes. I'm sure it was close to 200 F when it stopped working. I pay a premium for Apple products, and therefore I expect much better.

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    I've had my computer for about 3 years now and I'm on my 3rd power cord including the one the computer came with. The first one just stopped working for no reason. And the rubber coating on the second just starting splitting close to where it plugs into the computer, with the use of some electrical tape it lasted a bit longer, but the rubber then continued to totally disintegrate leaving completely exposed wires. I just bought my third and am hoping it lasts longer then my past ones.

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    cut on the cable had to buy a new one.

    Let me make it clear I am talking about the new power adapter 85W. After one year my cable was cut at the point where it connects with the laptop. At first it was a clean cut and then the plastic rubber started tearing apart at the two edges. Apparently this happened to the old power adapters and the new one was designed so that it does not happen again. I find it unacceptable for a company like apple to not find a solution to the problem. I had to buy a new one but for a student it will be difficult to have to pay every year for a new power adapter.

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    I'm really frustrated! Not worth it

    I can't believe after 1 year my cord is not working and my battery needs replacing. I'm not sure what the deal is with this, but I think Apple needs to reconsider durability considering the initial upfront cost

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    Time for class action lawsuit

    How can a company which designs such great products designs such poor cables? These cables are a fire hazard. I have my children unplug theirs before going sleep.

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    Worked great until....

    When it works, it works like it's designed. I kept good care of mine, had it for 18 months, not even signs of wear and tear. One morning my MBP wouldn't charged and I noticed the cord looked nearly severed near the adapter and had scorch marks. Lucky a fire didn't start. Apple Genius agreed that definitely wasn't normal, and the product definitely failed, then quickly suggested I buy a new one for $80. Wish there was a cheaper way to replace a cord, than buy a whole new adapter.

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    low quality power adapter

    I am totally disgusted that both mine and my daughters chargers no longer work after just over a year. The problem seems to be the cable at the mag safe jack. If I ever by another Macbook Pro they will have to throw in a spare charger or no sale. Possibly they will improve on this "weak link" in the near future but for the time being buyer beware.

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    The Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter is the most incredible product that I have ever observed. I honestly think that I am going directly to the Apple franchise to purchase this outstanding material.

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    lasted 1 year

    even though it's just a cable problem where it connects to the computer, you have to change the whole thing. not good.

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    Please please please redesign!

    I have bought THREE 85W MagSafe Power Adapter for my MacBook Pro in the 2-1/2 years I've own the computer. I am on the road a lot and even with careful packing and unpacking the SOLDERED IN cord to the computer FRAYS and ultimately FAILS. Why can't Apple make that wire MODULAR. I'll be glad to replace a wire for $10, not $79 (plus tax and shipping). Apple made such a big deal about the magnetic connection, but wow, they're looking through the wrong end of the telescope. MacBook Pro owners unite! Write your Apple Genius today! Write Cupertino! Let it be known we need this change!

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    Durability is Everything

    I've been around technology my entire life and ALWAYS handle my computers and accessories with the utmost care, however the charger that came with my mac fizzled out recently after about 18 months of use. There is no external fraying on the chord, and it still appears on the outside to be in mint condition.

    It really is frustrating when things break doing the job that they're made to perform.

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    I am a student and i am having to buy my 3rd cord the 1st only lasted a yr the next 8 months and now i am having to get another. This is a rip off i think i may have to look at a sony soon and get rid of this money trap.

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    fraying cord

    I have had my macbook pro for less than a year and the cord has already frayed to the point that this product is unusable. Bad engineering, Apple.

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    Prone to fraying

    The new chargers are better than the old, but they still break and fray very easily at the end where the stress is prone to be put on the cord.

    I have gone through a couple now, and so have the majority of my Mac friends.

    Maybe the next design can have some splint-like mechanism to prevent cord from bending?

    Mac is really fantastic but I would have to say the power charger cord for the laptops are definately the Mac flaw.

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    Terrible Cord

    The cord frayed at several point. Was never handled poorly, mistreated or misused. Frustrated by lack of craftsmanship, I received my Mac book exactly 13 months ago. It's the little things that matter and Apple really let the ball slide on this one.

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    Typing this on a Macbook Pro (late 2009) with a frayed connector jostling to get the MBP into a position in which it will charge. This is the 2nd one that's went like this. After spending so much money, could Apple just now take care and produce a charger that actually will last?! I know this is a problem in the UK too since we bought one when we lived there and it frayed. I would just write to Tim Cook each time it goes and include pictures and demand that something be done.

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    Needs new design AGAIN!

    I love my macbook pro but the cable is horrible. I just replaced my first one about 6 months ago and now this one is already splitting the rubber casing around the wires. I am using electrical tape to minimize the splitting but its not helping much. I agree with previous posts that they should start making parts detachable. This design is going to end up causing a fire because of exposed and soon to be fraying wires and there will be another recall like the last design.

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