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    $$$$$ for Junk

    I got my Mac Book Pro 15-inch mid 2010 in October of 2010. 6 months later, the MagSafe adapter stopped charging. No problem because I have the protection plan. Went in to the Apple support store and they exchanged the cable for no cost due to one of the pins coming loose.

    Now, a year later, I need to replace the adapter again because the rubber split. I wouldn't complain, but when you follow the storage instructions and pay $4000 for a product, you would think that the product would hold a high quality standard. Now I get to pull $80 from thin air to buy another one because it is considered "normal wear?"

    I can't believe a part that costs $80 is only supposed to last a third of the protection plan time. Almost enough to make me go back to pc.

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    Eh, needs a lot of work.

    I've had my MacBook for 2 years and the charger worked until now. I love the magnetic feature BUT it is now overheating within 10 minutes of charging the computer. My battery is only at 35% charged so it's not that my computer is being over charged. And also I am not covering the air channels that keep the computer at a safe temperature. The charger really needs to be redesigned electronically.

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    Not designed for travel

    I've had my macbook for almost 2 years. I bring the pow3er adapter to work with be, because the battery alone lasts about 3 hours. The wire (magnetic end) on the AC adapter wears down at the junction with the ac adapter and melts.

    I wouldn't be buying a new one if the design was sound. Unfortunately, I don't have a choice in product for a more durable wire.

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    On my fourth one in 3 years

    These things are pieces of junk. I just had to go out and buy my fourth since 2009. I hate, hate, hate these things! They don't last a year.

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    I can't say enough good thing about this power supply. Not only is it beautiful, but (are you sitting down) it powers and charges the Macbook Pro. I would be happy with just one of these functions but it does both. Amazing Apple, you've done it again.

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    I used two of these and both melted at the junction between the wire and the magnetic connector end. Bad design.

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    Big Piece of Feces!

    I purchased my macbook three years ago and I'm about to purchase my fourth adapter. WTH Apple? I love your products, I rave about them to everyone. My mac is three years old and you'd think it was brand new. My 5th Generation Ipod from 2005 still works as good as it did seven years ago. Yet i've had to replace this cord three times now. That's $271.20 I've spent on adaptors. I swore Id never go back to PC, but I'm about ready to eat my own words. Getting really tired of forking out more and more money after the already steep price I paid for the macbook. I'm obviously not the only one with this problem, maybe you should start hearing your customers.

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    Defective and Frays

    Just like its poorly designed predecessor, the new "L-style" MagSafe adapter is prone to fraying. At $89 a pop, these chargers are expensive to constantly replace.

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    Sadness and Sorrow

    There is literally no reason for so vital a product to be so unreliable, especially when it comes attached to another product.
    The fraying is so bad I almost thought I had some insects or even a mouse gnawing on my power cord. Not little frays either - gnarly snarls of rubber that had reached its limit (apparently only about 6 months).
    Apple, if you're going to make that will warrant buying replacements, at least make it cost much less to replace it.

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    Frays consistently

    The old Magsafe was wonderful, and Magsafe 2 may be great, but since one is not available and the adapter for the other goes the wrong way, I'm stuck buying these awful things. It doesn't even turn loose easily enough to protect the computer, which was supposed to be the point. NOBODY else has trouble making a simple cable not fall apart. If I buy a non-Mac for the first time in 20 years, this will be why.

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    Bad News

    This is a terrible product. I love Apple products but this charger in particular is horrible. I'm on my third one and it is an expensive thing to keep replacing. Apple: please do something. Your products are great normally because they last so long and I have an older laptop...but when I have to shell out 80 bucks so often it starts to sting.

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    15" MacBook Pro less than two years old; on our third overpriced, easily broken Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter (for 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro).

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    Apple needs a lot of improvement.

    The computer itself is great, but the major problem is the charger. I have to buy a third overprice charger because my mac can't survive without it. The charger would work great for a few months and then after that it falls apart. Let's put it in simplest terms. The chargers are %^&*! Either it's a scam to have us continue buying chargers or that apple is screwing up with the design, I don't care but they need to start fixing the problem. These chargers aren't receiving bad reviews for nothing. Fix your problem apple or I'll switch back to PC.

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    I am a die hard apple fan. I pay a premium for better quality. I consider my apple an investment. The charger - although better than my Windows Laptop counterpart - still has flaws:
    1. PLEASE make that thin cord that seems to wear out at the base on a regular basis - either A. replaceable or B. more durable.
    2. PLEASE may that removable wall socket attachment a slide away or some other solution that stays with the unit - to easily misplaced.

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    So angry and disappointed!

    If I could give this product 0 stars I would! extremely disappointed, I've had my 17" Macbook Pro for over 3 years and this is the THIRD time i've had to replace the charger and I've taken very good care of it. I believe apple should had a replacement policy for this product or lower the pricing because there's no way it's worth $80 if it won't even last throughout a year! Words cannot express how angry I am to have to replace this product AGAIN!

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    Epic Fail on Apple's part

    I have been a Mac user for about 10 years and I have to say, for the Cadillac price they put on their machines, the power adapter is a Yugo. My first bad experience with the Mac was when I had one of the replaceable batteries and it nearly exploded from overheating.They had to recall them. Just now I felt my power adapter and it is scorching hot and not charging. There is a little split in the casing near the T hub. This has happened before with a previous Mac Pro. This Mac Pro is 2 years old and the adapter is shot. I depend on my computer and it is dying as we speak because I have no power source. Shame on you Apple!!! I thought the magnetic adapter was innovative but unfortunately it is a lemon. Its not worth spending at least $1000 over the cost of other brands, and then have shoddy accessories. I wonder if HP has one and DOES IT BETTER!!!! Or perhaps you should rethink having China manufacture everything now. Hey, but you're saving a buck! Roar!!!!

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    13 Months, Right outside of warranty

    Cord connection gone after 13 months of use. Need to have free replacement cords since the cord is not made as good as the Mac.

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    13 Months and It's Over!

    So very convenient that my adapter has frayed just enough to be shot after 13 months. Sure I could of treated the cord better but I didn't abuse it. I agree with others when they say apple has a perfect plan; you get to replace the power adapter before you get to replace your computers. Bravo Apple!

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    Frayed & dismayed

    My beef with this mac charger seems to be a common theme - frayed after less than 2 years. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a cord will fray where it is least supported and most often bent (because the ever-intuitive apple designers have led us all too easily to the understanding that the cord should be twisted around these handy little cord arms).

    However, as opposed to many of the reviewers here, I'm tempted to believe this is, in fact, Apple's 'intelligent design' at its best. A life-giving (cough...power-supplying) cord that requires replacement before its machine does...genius. Well done Apple, well done. But you won't fool me again.

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    Apple don't care!

    After following all the instructions as to what to do and not to do for 15 months the adaptor stopped charging the battery. Returned to Apple under 3 year care package and told fault was with the adaptor (cable stress) and we had to buy a new one...

    Why have 3 year support on a £1600 MacBook Pro and then insist it's not a quality issue so we have to purchase a new one!

    Totally agree with other reviewers - Apple have designed something that is not fit for purpose!

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