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    Absolute garbage

    This product barely lasts a year before the plastic coating disintegrates. My first one happened close to the magnetic head, the last two in the middle of the cord. Apple should offer free replacement or take the defective product off the market. At $100 a pop, it's outrageous that these things are so very poorly made.

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    Peice of absolute junk

    So your broke or need a new charger for you MacBook and Apple thinks they can charge from $100-$120. Here is my problem, sure it's a apple product so it's expensive but I've ordered a charger on Amazon for $30 tonight. I chose to go aftermarket becuse all of their chargers break in the same areas. I have owned a 15" MacBook Pro since 2010 and it's still a storing running machine, but only if I could say that for their chargers. For 6 years I have owned this laptop I have had to buy about 5 chargers and just bought my 6th tonight. And the only way is that Apple can justify me to buy there charger is that it will void my warranty. Which is already way passed. Also I'm a student in high school and nowadays laptops are very important. So now that I have had to buy a new charger that means that I can't charge my laptop because it is dead and the charger doesn't work so I have to use other methods of taking notes then all the other school work I do then I have to copy it over to my laptop then submit it. If apple could make their chargers out of metal to protect this or even make it braided like the native Union iPhone chargers then there chargers would be a hole lot better. I believe Apple should really change their price. And to top it off on Amazon most of the aftermarket chargers actually get a higher rating than this charger here, that has got to say something about the quality here. Please make the right decision and please think before you buy this and regret it.

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    third charger i bought has burned itself out?

    I have had to buy two chargers and now i wont even have money right now to get one when i new my laptop the most what do i do? This charger has cost me to much money allready and i know when i go to the store there most likely just gonna tell me to buy a new one. what I do to get a new one. I should not have to pay for a third one. please help.

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    I wish I could give this charger a 0 out of 5.

    I've had two of these and have been remarkably careful with the second one. However, I had the same problem with the second as with the first. The wire frayed both times where it meets the adapter. These are horrible.

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    Simply the worst

    No matter how careful I am, I need to replace my power cord every year. These need to be completely redesigned so that the cords don't wear out so easily.

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    Not durable

    Heats up quickly and melts the connection, I had to replace it 4 times, once a year!

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    Bad Charger

    I have had my apple computer since 2008, yet I've had to replace the charger 2-3 times since I first got my machine. These chargers fray very easily and are over priced. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't an apple customer because of it.

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    Not the best, but not terrible.

    I've had the same charger for my Macbook Pro 15 inch for 5 years now, and I'm just now having to buy a new one because it's making strange sounds when I plug it in. 5 years isn't great, but I think it's pretty good considering how much I toted that thing around during college.

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    Unlike most Apple products, this one is absolute junk. It features a poor design and the small cord twists and breaks in just a short time. The replacement price? I could only laugh. I'm on my third one in as many years and am disgusted.

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    Dreadful product. Overheats, cable frays, arguably dangerous.

    It pains me to write this because I Iove my Macbook Pro, I think it's a spectacularly elegant and functional piece of equipment, it's just that the power supply is a very long way from the same standard.

    These supplies are arguably Apple's worst products. Must make a fortune on them, because they're exorbitantly priced and clearly designed to be as un-fixable as possible and to fail very quickly.

    In warm weather, if laid flat on a carpet then they get *very* hot, suggesting some rather marginal thermal management, but that's really the least of their problems.

    The co-ax cable from the charger to the computer is sleeved in a material that rapidly frays at both ends, the last one I had felt like a silicone rubber that's been used past its sell-by date, stiff and brittle (And yes, it was a genuine Apple one, unless they're selling knock-offs over the counter in Apple stores) - like many others, I'm now about to have to buy my third for the same laptop - admittedly, the latest one finally died when I dropped it, but were I less adept at repairing these things it would have died ages ago - I've had to re-solder the lead at both ends (it's not easy to dismantle the magsafe end, but with the 90 degree metal sleeved ones it can be done) and I had to remove a frayed section that was arcing, a real fire hazard. I routinely have to replace the strain relief at both ends of the coax, usually within a few months of purchase - I've taken to building a strain relief at the "brick" end that has the cable exiting towards one of the fold-out lugs, so it doesn't get the 90 degree kink in it, but the other end always frays too. The mains lead sleeve always works its way out of the strain relief at the brick end, too.

    On the plus side, with these power supplies I think Apple have single-handedly created a market for that silicone rubber putty "sugru" stuff...

    I'm not heavy on my gear; I have Dell power supplies with similar diameter cables that are still absolutely fine after many years, I've never had an Apple one last as much as a year without needing some kind of (difficult) repair.

    Tempted by the aftermarket ones, as I'm fed up with handing sixty quid a time to Apple for something that we all know is no good, but, though the cables are unlikely to be worse, I have my doubts about the electronics in the knock-offs.

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    I am ordering my 3rd in 3 years!

    Can't believe it's broken again! The worse product from Apple and it is too expensive.

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    I was forced to give this 1 star.

    My first 85W MagSafe Adapter nearly lit me on fire and the replacement that I bought less than a year ago has also come to its demise... This. Is. Infuriating.

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    I sure hope the next macbook pro I get has a better power adapter

    This is the 3rd power adapter I've had to buy for my Early 2011 17" MacBook Pro. The first one had a cable cracking near the block just after the stress relief. I quickly purchased another one so I would have a spare "just in case". Now the new one is going haywire near the magnetic connection where the light stays lit and flickers for a few minutes after being unplugged. Everything has been cleaned around the ports, so I'm buying another one "just in case". I'm going to be nursing this computer along until the next refresh comes out because I'd like the new trackpad and maybe the new usb port.

    And for the record, I HATE the idea that I'm going to have to drop down to a 15" model. That 17" model was really the sweet spot for me.

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    disastrous charger design

    I am on perhaps my 8th charger of this type.
    The expected time to failure is less than one year.
    I am, unfortunately, buying another two of these chargers, since I am
    hostage to apple's monopoly.

    It is inexcusable that a company which prides itself on design should
    overlook an update to this product. Is there no longer a product
    manager in charge of this product? Perhaps they have quit showing up to
    work, given that all Apple seems to care about is phones and ipads.


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    Worst Charger Ever!

    I have had to buy 4 new macbook pro 85w magsafe power cables for me and my wife's computers in JUST the past 18 months!!! It is completely unnacceptable to have to spend $320 on new power cables in that short of a time. I love Apple, but this is one of their worst products. Please change this, and give me new chargers for free.

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    Power supply cord fails

    How do all the the other companies manage to create power supplies with wires and connections that don't fray and break? Perhaps Apple favours shallow aesthetic design over real functionality.

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    85w adapor rubbish!

    I've had my MacBook Pro 15" 2014 for 11 months with the charger and all was fine until it stopped working a couple months ago then started to work again after a day of not using it, and now again today after all this time it decided to give up on me totally even with me being way more careful from the scare a couple months ago, which is a joke for such "high quality" branded product!

    I'm very disappointed with these chargers and feel cheated by Apple as I rely on my laptop a lot as I'm a musician and a student! This needs to be sorted out Apple!

    Bums me out man, love n peace

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    Terrible quality & expensive

    Ditto to all other comments. What other company makes charging cords that fail. Apple is only one. And then charge astronomically price to replace... Going with Google or Microsoft when time for new laptop.

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    2nd charger down

    apple you can do a better product!! you ve put a removable part on one end of the power adaptater how hard would it be to do the same system on the other end where the cable is the weakest so we could just replace the broken part? Because not only the product is too fragile, soooo expensive, but it is frustrating and not ecological to trash a perfect working transformateur just because a basic electric cable is broken!!

    with the new macbook pros you issued a new cable without taking in consideration all the bad reviews....

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    I have a MacBook Pro, I use an iPhone, I still have my old iPods - I generally support Apple products and am a loyal customer.

    I got this particular laptop at the end of 2011. I have gone through 4 chargers. 4. I am about to purchase a 5th. That is 1 charger per year people, at $80/a pop.

    Sometimes they just stop charging. Sometimes the cord starts to bend at a particular location and cannot be stopped. One time I let it go so far because I was trying to look for alternatives that some of the wires straight up burned through.


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