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    I'm quite annoyed

    I've been a faithful fan of apple but now that feeling is kind of fading away. My power adaptor stopped working today so now I will have to get my 3rd one in 3 years. So in average, one power adaptor per year. I'm not even in the States anymore and I def don't want to pay $130 for this thing. I might have to get a new laptop that comes with better power adaptor. I love the look of what apple makes but they need to make their product stronger, definitely stronger!!

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    Just terrible - FAIL

    Why can't they leave well enough alone. The old mag connector was okay but this product is a stinker. Loses contact all the time so you come back to your laptop after an hour and find it has not been charging. Have also had one fritz on me after maybe 50 hours of use. Terrible product. FAIL

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    Let's donate to apple.

    I'm on my 3rd one in 18months..........

    Donate to Apple..

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    Poor connection

    My power cord is less than two years old and I have to buy a new one. It's disappointing that apple makes such good products that they cannot make good power cords to keep these products working.

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    another one bites the dust, this is getting expensive

    I'm so disgusted that I have to spend another huge chunk of $ on a power cord that will inevitably last no longer than a year. I am particularly disgusted because even I (I who am not an engineer) could tell it would happen by looking at the design when I first bought it. Why they cant extend the protective sleeve a couple of inches down from the top to pretend bending is beyond me.

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    Had to buy 2 in 4 years

    The durability of these things are completely awful. One overheated in 2 years of owning a mac laptop, the other just burnt out on my today (using a friends for now).

    When it worked though, it worked fine and did the job it is supposed to do.

    Apple: Make stronger, more durable chargers or outsource your design to someone who can. As a consumer I (not any other customer) should be paying upwards of 80-90 bucks for a product that should last for 5-10 years (like other chargers) only live out for 2 years at best.

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    Awfully constructed

    I've gone through two of these. Each time the power adapter has frayed to the point where it was a fire hazard.

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    Bad product

    The worst product that Apple makes ... but you have to buy it, because the original won't last.

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    Doesn't last

    When we got our first mac 18 months ago, I thought the magnetic power connection was a cool feature. If someone tripped over the cord, it would disconnect and not send the laptop flying. wonderful. In hindsight, after owning PC laptops for years and years, I've never had a power cord fail me within 18 months (or at all, actually) nor have i had damage from a flying laptop.

    On the other hand, the magnetic mac power connect seems susceptible to shorting at the connector. Even though the wires on the "L" version, which I have, go straight out from the connector, 18 months later I definitely have a short in the power supply. No power, no Mac. So, I'm shelling out $79 for a part that has never caused me an issue on any other laptop i've owned. that's seriously disappointing. And, to add insult to injury, Apple support (express lane) says that I have to pay an incident fee to consult them on the issue. They don't say what the fee is when the option to buy it comes up, but that's ridiculous, so I exited the express lane. It's clearly shorted.

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    79 dollar garbage

    second replacement, same problem. this one is 8 months old. breaking at the connection point. overheating. not eligible for return? why is this thing being sold?

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    Dead after 14 months

    I bought this cord new in late 2010 and it lasted until today. Most of its life it sat on a desk without being subjected to anything approaching harsh wear and tear. Now it shows no external damage but won't charge. If you're going to charge such exorbitant prices, how about putting some quality into your adapters?

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    I have had the apple magsafe charger for nearly a year now and love it i miust admit i did buy another one becasuse i needed teo and both of them have been perfect thanks apple

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    Steve Jobs wouldn't settle for two stars even in his grave

    Steve Jobs wouldn't settle for two stars even in his grave. Take the advice of the collective engineers and separate the cord from the power brick. And stop making your loyal customers pay $80 a pop up to five times in less than three years according to more than one review that I read for YOUR DESIGN FAILURE. By the way I generally have better things to do with my evenings, some of which involve being on my Macbook which I can't charge presently. Own up Apple and as Spike Lee said "do the right thing". I have to say I feel somewhat lucky though, beings I made it 22 months. However after just reading the first two pages of the most useful reviews on Apples own web site, I can now see into the crystal ball. I see the future and the future is not pretty. Two three four and five purchases of new power cords in less than three years is unacceptable and ridiculous. I'm fortunately only on my first repurchase but I don't like what's coming. And can customer service please stop pretending there is not a problem. Faking and spewing out the corporate line even Apple's is the reason why people yell at you. Read the reviews and use them please. We (we our your customers) and they (the reviews) are here for a reason. Steve Jobs never pulled any punches. Stop punching us in our pocketbooks.

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    Breaks Every Time

    In my opinion, this charger is horrible. The tip of it always breaks. The rubber always rips. And, after a month or so I have to wiggle it a little to get it to start charging. I'm not using it poorly. All I do is plug it in every time i come home. This is the third time I have to buy it already. All of the people that are giving it a good review, probably just got it. Just wait a few months people. You'll see. Apple really has to start making these charges better and reduce the cost of them because right now they're horrible.

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    Broken after light use

    This adapter is made of the flimsiest quality materials I could imagine. It broke after about a year and a half or so, because the tiny metal filaments on the inside became disconnected. I did not abuse or use this adapter very much. I had it plugged into the wall continuously and simply plugged my MacBook Pro back in whenever I got home and kept it there.
    This is a terrible quality product for the stand alone price, let alone the $1200 to $3000 you spend on a MacBook Pro.

    Bottom line, and I hope Apple understands this: Unless the quality of their necessary add-on products begin to DRASTICALLY increase, or their prices DRASTICALLY decrease, I'm not even sure I want to buy Apple computers anymore.

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    had my mac little bit over a year and the adapter is worn out

    I have to spend $79 to replace it

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    Pointless Review.

    As most people have commented here, the DC cord is terrible. Today, I went to charge my mid-2010 MBP and found my charger wasn't working. Amongst other things that have gone wrong with this computer,(hard-drive dying, track pad dying and the screen dying..)

    I'd expect decent quality for something I've spent over 2,500 dollars on.
    So far, it has been a disappointment to say the least.

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    Mine blew up

    It was not that old. Less than a year. It blew up with a loud pop. Plugged into a surge a protector. A real pain in my behind and way too EXPENSIVE to replace.

    Come on folks. What's the deal?

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    Works for the first few months. The charger is made out of cheap material that doesn't protect the inside well causeing the charger not to last long.

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    Short lived

    I purchased my MacBook Pro 13 months ago. The power adapter has stayed in the same location nearly the entire time, so wear and tear on the unit was little to none. Yet last night the adapter just stopped working for no reason. Just outside the 12 month warranty, now I have to spend $80 to get another... Will it stop working another 13 months from now too?

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