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    I have had the apple magsafe charger for nearly a year now and love it i miust admit i did buy another one becasuse i needed teo and both of them have been perfect thanks apple

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    Steve Jobs wouldn't settle for two stars even in his grave

    Steve Jobs wouldn't settle for two stars even in his grave. Take the advice of the collective engineers and separate the cord from the power brick. And stop making your loyal customers pay $80 a pop up to five times in less than three years according to more than one review that I read for YOUR DESIGN FAILURE. By the way I generally have better things to do with my evenings, some of which involve being on my Macbook which I can't charge presently. Own up Apple and as Spike Lee said "do the right thing". I have to say I feel somewhat lucky though, beings I made it 22 months. However after just reading the first two pages of the most useful reviews on Apples own web site, I can now see into the crystal ball. I see the future and the future is not pretty. Two three four and five purchases of new power cords in less than three years is unacceptable and ridiculous. I'm fortunately only on my first repurchase but I don't like what's coming. And can customer service please stop pretending there is not a problem. Faking and spewing out the corporate line even Apple's is the reason why people yell at you. Read the reviews and use them please. We (we our your customers) and they (the reviews) are here for a reason. Steve Jobs never pulled any punches. Stop punching us in our pocketbooks.

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    Breaks Every Time

    In my opinion, this charger is horrible. The tip of it always breaks. The rubber always rips. And, after a month or so I have to wiggle it a little to get it to start charging. I'm not using it poorly. All I do is plug it in every time i come home. This is the third time I have to buy it already. All of the people that are giving it a good review, probably just got it. Just wait a few months people. You'll see. Apple really has to start making these charges better and reduce the cost of them because right now they're horrible.

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    Broken after light use

    This adapter is made of the flimsiest quality materials I could imagine. It broke after about a year and a half or so, because the tiny metal filaments on the inside became disconnected. I did not abuse or use this adapter very much. I had it plugged into the wall continuously and simply plugged my MacBook Pro back in whenever I got home and kept it there.
    This is a terrible quality product for the stand alone price, let alone the $1200 to $3000 you spend on a MacBook Pro.

    Bottom line, and I hope Apple understands this: Unless the quality of their necessary add-on products begin to DRASTICALLY increase, or their prices DRASTICALLY decrease, I'm not even sure I want to buy Apple computers anymore.

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    had my mac little bit over a year and the adapter is worn out

    I have to spend $79 to replace it

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    Pointless Review.

    As most people have commented here, the DC cord is terrible. Today, I went to charge my mid-2010 MBP and found my charger wasn't working. Amongst other things that have gone wrong with this computer,(hard-drive dying, track pad dying and the screen dying..)

    I'd expect decent quality for something I've spent over 2,500 dollars on.
    So far, it has been a disappointment to say the least.

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    Mine blew up

    It was not that old. Less than a year. It blew up with a loud pop. Plugged into a surge a protector. A real pain in my behind and way too EXPENSIVE to replace.

    Come on folks. What's the deal?

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    Works for the first few months. The charger is made out of cheap material that doesn't protect the inside well causeing the charger not to last long.

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    Short lived

    I purchased my MacBook Pro 13 months ago. The power adapter has stayed in the same location nearly the entire time, so wear and tear on the unit was little to none. Yet last night the adapter just stopped working for no reason. Just outside the 12 month warranty, now I have to spend $80 to get another... Will it stop working another 13 months from now too?

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    Great Design BUT Doesn't Last

    I have had my MacBook Pro for just under 2 yrs I have had to replace to cord twice now! For the money you spend on the Mac itself it would be good if the cords where designed to last longer than they do!

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    Works.. just DOESN'T last

    I treat my computer great, but taking off the charger eventually only breaks. It makes getting a replacement necessary, but not for $79. Would love for Apple to compensate a charger after spending nearly a couple thousand on the laptop..

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    Fraying cord x2

    I've had my macbook Pro for 5.5 years, so no complaining, but I've had to replace the cord twice and once we repaired it by saudering it. The computer connecting side of the cord on the brick keeps fraying even though I am always very careful with it. Apple needs to fix the design or risk looking like they are scamming the public for money.

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    Adapter issue

    I am proud owner of MacBook pro - but when it comes to this adapter, it is way to big. Very heavy and unpractical to carry around with. Apple! Seriousely: Design a new one that is: smaller, lighter and long lasting.

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    Dead at 1 year

    Charger is dead after only 1 year of use. Sometimes charges, sometimes doesn't. Likely related to frayed internals at the L-junction near the magnet.

    And for the record, I TAKE CARE of my apple products, contrary to the suggestion of the last review which is dismissive of all these negative reviews posted here, from everyone who has had issues with this power adaptor.

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    Too delicate

    This is supposed to me a well thought piece of hardware, and prior to the two years the charger stop working and I had to give it a push every other time till it broke completely, and I'm not the first to see this happen, apple should do a call back on this chargers. Any way I'll have to spend the 80$ for the charger tomorrow cause somebody didn't do a good job.

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    This will last forever if you take care of it.

    I believe that, in general, people are too rough on products that cost hundreds of dollars. Some people always seem to be complaining about how Apple's power adapters fray and/or fall apart, all in just a few short months. However, if you treat these accessories like the $80 chargers they are that power the $2000 devices for which they were made, they'll last forever.

    I use several chargers (one "T" shape and two "L" shape) every day for my MacBook Pro that I've had since mid-2009 and they're all functioning perfectly -- with no signs of fraying or damage. The only reason I have extras is to keep one at home, one at work, and one in my bag for traveling, which I do often. The adapter I use for traveling is even the old "T" model that everyone loves to hate. Out of all the adapters I use, this is the adapter that sees the most use in terms of being physically handled. All of my Apple power adapters still work and look new because I take care of them. In fact, I still have two other chargers for my old PowerBook G4 that I used heavily from 2004 until I purchased my MacBook Pro in 2009. Those adapters are of a similar physical design (just with a thinner cable, and lacking the MagSafe connection) and like the newer adapters I own, both of these still function perfectly with no signs of fraying or damage.

    I suspect that most of the people complaining about this product are those who carelessly wad their adapters up to be hastily shoved into a bag. Or perhaps these people drag their adapters across the floor when doing something like moving from the living room to the dining table. Regardless of the type of carelessness causing the countless problems detailed in these product reviews, the bottom line is that if you're a person that takes care of his/her physical possessions and, on average, keeps those possessions looking relatively new/good for years, then you won't have any problems with these adapters.

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    What a horrible piece of electronics

    I bought my $2000 Macbook pro in September 2010. Within a year the cable started fraying and by January 2012 it wasn't working. Apparently the geniuses at Apple didn't learn from the T-shape disaster. I find it absolutely outrageous that I had to pay an extra $60 because of a frayed cable. Apple, please make a reliable adapter. Can't you see the reviews????

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    A great design with one flaw...

    The MagSafe adapter is great. I have had several incidents in my family where someone would trip over a (non-Apple) laptop power adapter with awful repercussions. BUT...

    The cord near the MagSafe end frays so easily. I'm so glad they got rid of the T MagSafes and replaced them with the L, but they're still not perfect. They really need to reinforce the plastic around that area so that it doesn't happen. From previous (non-Apple) experience, I feel like a power adapter should last at least 2 years, but mine only lasted 10 months. Thank goodness for AppleCare!

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    They don't last!

    I am so tired of replacing these because they just quit, with no abuse to them. It's upsetting there is no alternative power cord that can be used. I love Apple products, with this exception. My kids and I have MacBook Pro's and I've had to replace these chargers several times (I'm on my 3rd one personally). The only thing I like about them is the long cord. For the price, they should last a long time. Otherwise, they should cut the price in half. It's too bad the thick cord, the "box" it runs to, and the thin cord, are not individual parts that you can replace individually for less money. We are unfortunately stuck with these power cords but I want other users to know it will probably need replacing.

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    plain ridiculous

    I bought my macbook pro the summer of 2010 and my charger worked for about a year and then just stopped charging so i took it to an apple store and had it replaced. Ive now had this charger for about about 5 months and the same exact problem therefore i will be visiting an apple store again to get a third charger. People pay so much money for a product that doesn't even last, its just plain ridiculous.

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