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    Add me to the chorus of complainers. After ten days, my adapter failed. No green light and a "not charging" indication on my computer. Needless to say, I'm pretty irked.

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    Terrible disappointment

    I think the first adapter was better than this. Mine ripped revealing wires right next to the magnet that connects onto the Mac. What do I do now? Got to buy a new one? That's insensitive!!! Very disappointed in this charger

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    I have had two and both broke, about to be on my third. I literally never bring it anywhere. It stays in the same socket and breaks for no apparent reason over time (less than a year for both)

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    Been through 3 in 2 years

    The "T" style that came with my Mac all fall apart, the "L" style ones block 1 of my (only) 2 USB ports, twist up and fall off the laptop constantly, and overheat and die.


    All this can be yours for only $80.

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    Horrible Build.

    I usually endorse Apple's products, but since purchasing my macbook pro in 2009 I have had to replace my charger three times. I am on charger number four and this one just gave out. I'm not abusive to my charger. I don't drop it or put strain on it. I cannot afford to replace a $79 piece every 4-6 months. If I cannot charge my laptop I'm out of commission of making money. I am a starving student and freelance videographer. My money is better spent on loans not trying to keep my macbook charged. These chargers are of poor quality and I highly recommend not upgrading your charger until they come out with a better product. I'll have to break out my ancient PC and hope it can handle Avid... :/

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    Bad quality

    After more than a year of careful usage the cord connected to the charging pins (Magnet tip) started getting loose until it stopped working totally (Internally disconnected). A disappointing experience especially coming from an apple product. Cheaply built...

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    Piece of Garbage!

    Apple! What is wrong with you guys!

    Make a better one!

    I'm on my 2nd one.

    I took my second one in which is broken and they told me nothing was wrong with it... okay it works in the store then i plug it in to my mac at home and it doesnt work.

    What the heck apple?!

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    85W charger

    I'm on my 3rd one in 2 years. The box portion keeps going bad. HEY APPLE .... THESE STINK. If there was another company I could buy this from I would... but hey where else can I get a power cable for my MacBook Pro.

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    Fundamentally bad design

    It is just a matter of time before the cable breaks at the top of the adaptor as winding the cable up involves bending the cable at a weak point. And believe me - I have taken extra care when winding it. There's just no escaping the breakage over time. So my 2nd one has gone now. Another £70 or so. Pathetic, and it really annoys me that the design hasn't been updated.

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    why hasn't apple changed the design of their chargers yet?!?! really weak cables and their replacements are stupidly overpriced.

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    Bad engineering design

    May work fine (too early to tell). No point buying a protective cover for the laptop as due to the limited clearance given by the charger it will not fit or you will lose your ethernet and mini firewire ports.

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    This new power cord is bunk. The old one that I got with the comp was much better. The material of the detachable portion is awful. It will not stay coiled if you wrap it up, and every time I take it somewhere it gets tangled (such a pain having to untangle it every time). Also, the magnetic portion that connects to the comp is dumb. Although it looks better and its design is more sleek, its range of motion is rather limited; whereas the first cord I had was uninhibited by which way it was connected to the comp. They should've just left it the way it was with the same material on the detachable part and the same shape of the magnetic connector (squared instead of rounded) but with chrome metal in place of the cheap white stuff. I gave it one star only b/c it actually does give the comp power.

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    Magsafe issues may force me to Linux!

    I cant believe im even on this page considering spending another £60 buying yet another MagSafe charger. This is the LAST chance, if this one breaks im going over to Linux!! Stop messing about Apple and get this sorted!!!

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    Poor and unreliable

    Another 85W charger that stopped working, Do apple care?? Disappointed that i even half to rate it as 1 star-overrated!

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    I have a MacBook Pro and the original power adapter crapped out on me about a week ago, I tried everything but it wouldn't charge my laptop so I purchased this aftermarket power adapter and I LOVE IT! It charges great and I love the fact that the magnetic head is "side ways" verses the "straight on' like the original adapter I had, it gets knocked out A LOT less often and it is almost flush with the laptop itself. Wonderful! I highly recommend this product, even if you don't currently need a new adapter this one stays in the laptop much better than the original.

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    Terrible design, yet again.

    My first T style connector mag safe adapter failed, first the little light started failing - not lighting up, or just shutting off, though the battery would still charge. Eventually it just died. I got it replaced under warranty after much complaining on my part, as the warranty had just expired, but the light problem began way before the thing failed.

    My new L connector started failing in the same way as the T style - light started failing first. My battery has less than 300 cycles in the last year and a half since I got both the new battery and new adapter - it practically lived plugged in (read: no repeated strain!) Then yesterday it would intermittently charge and not charge.

    I realized that if I wiggled the connector gently onto the mag safe port, it'd sometimes charge. I pushed the cord in a little, and it worked for a few min. It then stopped, so I gently tugged on the cord, and with less effort than it took to unseat the magnet from the computer, the whole cord just popped out of the mag head. That was just ridiculous... the connection is SO weak that the magnet head stayed on the computer, while I stared at the sparking cord in my hand...

    No chance for warranty replacement, I'm sure... Bye bye, $80.

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    Only 6 weeks old...

    I bought a 15" MacBook pro on black Friday. It is an amazing piece of machinery. I recently moved to Germany and of course I had to make sure the computer was dual voltage. After only 3 days in our Hotel the power adapter stopped working. Without an Apple store close I am forced to buy a new one while I wait for the replacement from Apple to come in the mail.

    I am very disappointed in the product as it was one of the many reasons I bought a Mac instead of a PC. I used the Apple World Travel Kit and still had a dud. Hopefully one of the 2 new cords I will have will last a bit longer than 6 weeks.

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    Looks nice but lives short

    I'm a bit worried about power supply unit temperature. But it's not the major problem. I did not experience any troubles with the previous version of PSU (60W T-like connector) which was perfect for different positions while an accumulator being changed. But this L-like connector REQUIRES very carful maintenance. It's better to perform changing only in a static position. Few friends of mine lost their PSUs because of connector weakness. So mine as well. I'm upset. We have to buy PSUs as ink for printer.

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    Need to buy 2 more of these again!

    We have 3 macbooks of various kinds in our household and periodically I have to buy new power adaptors. Typically they will burnout so they will not charge the computer, just run it. Recently one went dead altogether. They simply do not seem to last at all!

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    im on my second charger, the cord broke on the first then the design changed and i thought they had fixed the issue, but no - i had my new charger for a year and the same happened again - more than unhappy.

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