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    please fix this product.

    i have an exam and 2 papers due tomorrow, and 1 hour of battery life left. thank you apple.

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    Please come up with a better product

    I am so frustrated by the power cords sold for my computer. I am on my third cord. I always end up with frayed cord either at the magnetic connection or where that part of the cord goes into the pwer box. This is a real problem and I am not abusive with my stuff. This last cord I have had less than a year. I am really hoping that Apple will come up with a better longer lasting cord.

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    Thanks for nothing Apple

    You would think that after nearly 500+ reviews of this garbage excuse for a charger that Apple would take the time from releasing new phones every 10 seconds, and fix the products they already have. I won't get into the rampant instant gratification consumerism that Apple engages in, because at the end of the day I need the products they provide. But thanks to this wonderful company, I will not be able to finish my paper or any of my other homework because I cannot charge my laptop because the charger I bought two months ago has mysteriously stopped working. Please take a break from creating iPad 32 and fix what you have already made. Trash would be a compliment when describing this product and the hypocrisy and utter disrespect in charging $75 for it is disgusting.

    Good day.

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    Very surprised that it suddenly stopped working yesterday... Same problem as everyone else here. I'm curious if part of the problem is the case on my laptop which doesn't allow the plug to sit quite flush, combined with the fact you have to bend on the wire to yank the magnet loose... I think when my new one arrives I'm going to attempt to put a splint on it, and only use it facing backwards when I need access to my Firewire port... and I'll remove the top of my case while doing so. Aside from that I'm getting a zipper bag to bring it around instead of coiling the wire around the brick. I hope that helps. Landfill for this one.

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    To charge (no pun intended) $80 for a power adapter that has a great idea but is made badly and lasts less than a year is ridiculous.

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    Excellent Upgrade!

    Much better than the old one, with incidentally just a few days ago blew up and tripped the fuses in my mains panel! This just works, and doesn't heat up nearly as much as the old one. Plus, it's fully compatible with older macs, mine is an early 2008 "Penryn" model, works perfectly, no issues whatsoever. A little caution, because my battery is also new, from a different manufacturer (previous was sony, new is "SMP"). Don't know if older batteries will work as flawlessly, but so far so good here!

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    JUNK! Expensive JUNK

    I am constantly having to replace this cord. It either breaks (with normal use) at the connection point to the computer or simply shorts out. I have already had FOUR power supplies in less than two years and the 5th one will have to be purchased this morning as it has shorted out AGAIN. At this rate I am going to end up spending more on replacement chargers than I did for the entire 17 inch Macbook Pro. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE design. Apple ought to be ASHAMED of themselves.

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    nerver last more than 6 month

    I bought 2nd power 6 months and 2 weeks ago.
    It just malfunctions, just past the warranty period.

    not worth it.

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    adapter did not give the sufficient power

    This adapter only gives 85W and my macbook pro 17 2011 consumes more than 96W during a game or rendering. Please read the internet forums, I have read more than 324 cases of the same playing WOW for example, or running cinema4d. In this "pro" applications, the connector turn green and in the screen you can se "not charging", and the battery begins to discharge. It is INSANE! The battery is ok, the problem is the power brick!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Outstanding Apple Product! AAA+ (Don't listen to the negative reviews...)

    I don't know what all of the bad review users are talking about? Kinking cables? What the heck are you guys doing with your cords? Haha bunch of idiots. Apple never said anything about this preventing damage to the unit due to your terrible cable management techniques or lack thereof. Learn to over-under your cables. That's electronics maintenance 101.

    The concept, design and robustness of this adapter is better than anything else in the industry. Doesn't even compete in the same league as the "solutions" offered within the PC market.

    Good work Apple! Two thumbs up.

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    What a SHAME of a product coming from Apple.

    1 Year with my MacBook Pro... I'm requiring the 4th MagSafe Power Adapter!!!!
    (all of them kinked cables)

    I work everyday with my Mac, I keep on the move all day long, I need to be here and there... I guess APPLE doesn't care about this things anymore. Only profits ???

    I rather start buying the chinese power adapters online, knowing APPLE models don't last long enough. ;(

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    Works great

    I don’t know what everyone is doing to these power adapters but I’ve owned 2 laptops with MagSafe and 4 of these (multiple plugged in around the house) and never once had an issue. Build quality is great. They look almost brand new after fairly heavy use—and yes, even the one I travel with.

    As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a single thing wrong with them. Great product Apple!

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    The magnetic DC connector does not protect the wires from being kinked as it says in the description. I am on my second adapter in the last year because the newly designed magnetic end fits in a way that actually makes the wire kink and eventually break. The previously designed magnetic end that fit perpendicular to the computer did much more to protect the wires than this one. I wonder if they tested it?

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    another charger

    The one I bought a month ago is arcing. It replaced the 2 month old one that came with my powerbook. What is with Mac and cords? Also, if you go into the store to get one, you have to have an appointment with the mac genius. If he was such a genius, he would design a power cord that works.

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    extra $80 per year from me to apple

    As it says in the title - I have to buy a new adapter about once a year. I used PC laptops (from ACER) until 2008 - and NEVER had to replace the power adapter. I must admit I am not very gentle with the adapter, but for $80 they could provide something more robust. And yes, as someone else pointed out - it's not the adapter itself -it's the chord that connects adapter to my laptop.

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    Waste of Money

    After 10 months my charger broke! The chargers are very overpriced. Fix this issue APPLE!!!!

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    MagSafe Got Burned

    I had issues with this adapter. The first one got burned / short circuit or whatever term you may call it. I brought it to an accredited Apple Service Center. I asked the technician how come it happened because this is the first time that i experienced it. I didn't had this issue before with my windows laptops (Thinkpad & Toshiba Satellite) before I got converted to use Macs. The tech guy told me to use an AVR, and (since it's not covered by the warranty) I have to buy a new adapter which I did. (That's around 2010)

    So this time I started using an AVR.

    Yesterday as I was solving issues with regards to the iOS5 update I did with my iPhone and iPad, again the adapter got toasted. I really felt bad because I've been given an inferior product. I came into this conclusion because the adapter got toasted the same way as it did before. I think there are some flaws with this power adapter. What bothers me now the most is that I have to buy another MagSafe adapter again just to be able to use my Macbook Pro. When will this cycle end?

    I just hope someone from Apple can help me with this issue.

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    4 1/2 years of daily abuse....

    I've used mine daily for the past 4 1/2 years and it finally went out.... Not sure if they're suppose to last forever but I'd say not bad compared to some of the other posts I've read. Out to buy another one, heres to another 4 1/2 years!

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    Apple has "spoiled the child"

    I left the world of PC last September. Since then if you name the apple device I have it. My macbook pro power adapter has never failed. I have never had a problem with it. It is strong and durable. On the opposite side of coin I am very careful with my devices and I pay particular attention to make sure that they last a long time. I have never witnessed as much complaining about anything and everything in my life until I witnessing Apple reviews. I would recommend all apple products, even if you have an issue with something that isn't your fault more than likely Apple customer service will do what they can to quickly remedy the problem. The reviews that I have read are quite unwarranted ... but then again we live in the biggest throw away society on the planet.

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    3 chargers, 3 different problems

    This is my 3rd MBP charger, 1st one over heated to the point where it burnt my skin, my second one stopped working within a month, and now charger #3 (no longer under warranty of my laptop) had the magnet rip off a couple weeks ago, and i had to hold it in place for a charge. Now it just doesn't work at all.
    Apple: PLEASE get a warranty for chargers or something.

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