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    Not up to Apple Quality

    Just like everyone else at the 12 month mark the thing just came unraveled, poor quality for Apple.

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    Good For You

    My power adapter started acting up recently. For those of you who have no problems, good for you. But just because your product is working perfectly doesn't discount the reviews of those having trouble.

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    I have to say I was shocked when I came here & read so many negative comments concerning this power source. I figured I just had bad luck. Apparently I was wrong. Bought my 17inch MBP less than 2 years ago & I've been fidgeting with this power cord for the last 6 months. It finally died for good tonight in the middle of some important editing. Totally not cool. I'm a total fan of Apple products so I'm not done with the company, just disappointed they don't take the time to improve such an obviously flawed product. :/

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    Poor quality

    On my 4th power adapter in 5 years, this one only lasted 8 months. Once again, the outside appears perfect, no puncture, no tears, rips etc. but for some reason it has become temperamental like all the others. you have to move the cord around like an old FM radio trig to get reception. If you can't figure out the right angle no charging for you! Blows. If they were $20 each I wouldn't complain.

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    Have had nothing but problems with my 'Magsafe' power adapters. 1st one died under warranty and was replaced after 13 months. 2nd one lasted about 2 weeks before giving up, 3rd one is now powering my mac but 'not charging'. Really not happy about the build quality of Mac's. Compared to my old Acer PC Laptop which lasted years with no problems this computer is just too fragile to use anywhere but in a padded cell.

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    No Problems Here.

    I own two MacBooks Pros and have not had a problem with either Power Adapter. I have lugged the poor Macbook across the country for debate tournaments and the power adapter has become pretty banged/scratched up in the process--still no problems.

    Not sure why there are so many people rating this thing horribly. Maybe its a bunch of PC users writing phony reviews just to hate on Apple Products??

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    smart design, not smart people

    I don't know why people are giving this power supply such a bad review. I've had the power supply for 3 years now from a MBP that I bought and it still looks brand new. Now, I know what you are thinking, "he probably doesn't take it anywhere". False.

    It. Goes. Everywhere. With. Me.

    I personally believe the so called "problem" with the cord fraying is user error, plain and simple. Of course the cord is going to fray if you wrap it up like a monkey would. But if you actually take a sec and coil the cord and actually take care of your product, then by far the power supply will last you for YEARS.

    In fact I love it so much I've bought 3 more; one for my desk, one for travel, and one for my home. All are performing admirably.

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    I have one at my office for a backup, barely used. It did what so many others have described - worked intermittently, required a lot of jiggling, then quit working entirely. For $80 you'd think it would be higher quality.

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    Great concept poorly executed

    I am about to move to my third cable in as many years - problems arise from stress on cable at point of connection resulting in damage to insulation and/or cable underneath over time. I can only echo other appeals for a replaceable cable that connects to the transformer block. Would still be frustrating to have to replace but far more economical. Really not what I have come to expect from Apple, and the body of reviews demonstrates that these adaptors are a weak (but vital) link in the product chain.

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    Normally, I'm a MAJOR Apple fan but I'm irritated I have to replace the power cord after about 15 months... not up to the normal Apple standards I expect.

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    AMAZING another adapter that has stopped working at 16 months old . makes me wonder if apple have a problem with them or is this how long they are supposed to last!! at £60 for a new one i am not impressed

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    Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter it's a sorry charger!!!

    I HAVE 2 apple Computers ( 15in- MacBook Pro) the old version 6 years old and the new version 1 years old and the chargers only last for about 1 year. Not cool when ipod charger last for 2 years. SO i said all this to say is that apple need to add a warranty to it's chargers, or at least make them last longer.

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    This Will Be My Third One!

    These things don't last at all. I heartily resent spending almost $300 on power cables that are obviously such pieces of junk (not the word I tried to use). Like everyone else after a few months, the cord must be jiggled and jiggled and held just so to get the power light to come on, until it finally doesnt for good. Ridiculous.

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    faulty after about 1.5 years

    got to chime in with the masses .... seems to be a problem with this power supply. Apple needs to pony up and offer some style of extended warranty on this part they must know by now to have some serious quality issues.

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    Not worth the money - not even close

    My adapter just stopped working after 16 month!!! And a new is just so over priced. It must be a joke.

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    Horrible adapter

    This is the third power adapter to go bad on me. I have had both styles and its horrible horrible horrible. To give it one star, is giving it too much.

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    And that makes 4.

    As a graphic design student, my Macbook Pro use is probably ranked pretty high, and in the past 2 years I've had to buy 2 additional MagSafe Power Adapters; due to them dying on me. At the start of this year I got a brand new MacBook Pro with the new and improved version of the magsafe Power Adapter, thinking I wouldn't have the same problems again! Well how wrong was I, after not even 12 months of use, this adapter has also died, and they are NOT CHEAP. I take good care of my equipment so I can only put this down to being a faulty product! Urgh, seriously frustrating.

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    Get a clue Apple

    How can this issue not be fixed by now? Seriously, if Jonathan Ives spent a day on this I think he could come up with an adapter that looked good and didn't break twice a year right at point where the cord leaves the brick. $80 is a compete ripoff when NOBODY writing these reviews even needs a new brick. Apple needs to get a clue.

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    Deeply suspicious

    Adapter just stopped working after 16months of use. £55 for a new one. Sheesh.

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    good for a year

    lasted me just over a year... soon as my macbook pro warranty ran out boom the charger went to *. sure one side is detatchable with a thick cable but the other side from the adapter isn't detatchable and has a thin cable coming from it which ripped apart and now no longer charges my laptop. If the guys at the genius bar don't replace this charger because i'm out of warranty i will go ape *. i spent $2500 on my mbp and i have to worry about my charger a year later? really?

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