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    not great

    I've had my Mac Book Pro for just 14 months and my charger has died. As per usual Apple have gone for aesthetic over design... the cable leading into the laptop is flimsy and comes apart quickly - meaning that it only has a life time expectancy of 1 - 1.5yr. I'm not impressed at all, especially as a new one costs £60?! A complete rip off.

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    The THIRD one in 18 months

    It really makes me incredibly angry having to fork out another $89.00 for this adaptor. Apple should be crawling on their knees apologizing for this pathetic piece of engineering and for even charging customers for having to replace them so many times. For the record, I have 5 MacPros, 4iMacs, 2 MBP's so I've bought into the loyalty, why don't I get any back??

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    needs to be fixed

    I have now had 2 of these chargers just stop working. Now I have to pay $90 to get another one because my warranty has expired.

    I am very careful with my chargers so I have no idea why this has happened to me twice!!

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    No problems here.

    My family has 10 macs, 6 are laptops - 2 Macbooks and 4 Macbook Pros. They all range between 2 to 4 years old. No failures with any of our power adapters. We take no extra care with these adapters, I don't understand the mixed reviews either.

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    Works Great

    I use this for my 13" Macbook; as a result of my original charger (60 watt) going out on me the day i have an online exam. I was having problems with my battery life thinking i need a new battery or mag safe replacement but those problems ceased when i bought this charger. It charges it it seems faster definitely doesn’t heat up like my last one does. awesome charger don't really understand why all the bad reviews other than it being a little pricey for a charger. Also, my last charger lasted 4 years not too shabby for how much i threw it around)

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    Piece of Garbage

    I've been through 2 of these absolute POS power adapters in 2 years. Both melted and frayed. Seems to be a common and historic problem, yet Apple thinks this garbage is worth $80? I would not be surprised if it were designed to fail seeing as years of bad reviews has not resulted in a hint of redesign. They must sell like hot cakes, so why change a good thing? Terrible.

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    Smart design, horrible performance.

    I've come to expect a lot out of Apple. I've owned an iBook, a Macbook, a new Macbook Pro, along with the first gen iPod, first gen iPod touch, and an iPod nano. All of these products still work and work very well! I figured that this charger would be just as reliable as the rest of my Apple collection..was I wrong! I've gone through my share of chargers. 2 on my Macbook, and 2 on my Macbook Pro. (The Pro was purchased in August of 2011)

    I've made every effort to make sure not to pull, tug, yank, trip or anything such as these to make sure I don't put strain on the cord, all to no avail. It seems to start the same each time. It will power the device, but won't charge. Then, it just stops working all together.

    I hope the techs at Apple read these reviews so they can address this issue. And I hope you all have better luck than I've had!

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    Dear Apple,
    Listen to your loyal users. Your product does not meet our standards, your chargers have broken and do break too quickly. Unfortunately, you WILL lose customers because of this repeating issue. Please fix this uncharacteristic, yet massive flaw in SOME way, so that we are not forced to leave for greener pastures.
    To those of you who say that you have not experienced this issue; you are an extreme anomaly and your experiences are part of an incredibly small minority. Thank you for your optimism though.

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    Still bad

    Apple's been making terrible power adapters since they departed from the "UFO" design. In three laptops, I've been through eight adapters. The problem has been the same with every single one: the cord comes apart at a junction, either by the laptop or by the adapter itself. Apple keeps "innovating" ways to reduce strain on the cord - the MagSafe being the latest of these - without investigating the obvious solution of USE A BETTER CORD.

    This is not rocket science. There's no lack of inexpensive Made-In-China power adapters for portable devices from disk drives to other laptops that have sturdy, well-wrapped, high-quality cables. Why can't Apple get a clue?

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    The worst!

    I cannot believe that Apple still can't figure out how to make a power adaptor that lasts more than a few months. What's even more pathetic is that they don't even sell the cord part if your power adaptor is fine. You have to buy a whole new adaptor for $70-80...ridiculous!

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    Fatal Flaw

    I am very disappointed with the engineering of this power adapter. My original one that came with a new MacBook Pro, purchased a little over a year ago, recently developed a short somewhere near where the MagSafe cord is attached to the transformer. After reading the other reviews this appears to be a common problem with this adapter. Ever since day one I have felt that the rubber boot near the base is too thin and small to keep the cord from being stressed by normal everyday use. I do hope that Apple recalls this for a replacement or fix and redesigns it in the future so it matches the reliability of the computer it attaches to. Meanwhile, I am stuck paying too much for a new one!

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    This is the absolute worst power adapter I've ever had the displeasure of owning in my entire life. It uses an archaic power block that is extremely inconvenient to bring around, and unless you have the extension on it you'll have to take up a ridiculous amount of space just plugging it in. Because of the way you have to spin it up to bring it around, mine has broken right where it connects to the block, because of how weak it was. It's terribly bad for anyone who brings their laptop with them to school and on a daily basis, it was meant to last me three years in my graphic design course and it hasn't lasted me one. To further how bad this power adapter is, it gets very hot when plugged in and charging. It's in my opinion not worth the money I have to pay to replace it at all, but I have no choice if I want to continue to use my macbook pro.

    A word of advice: Treat it with care, because it's complete garbage.

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    My turn to replace

    Just yesterday my adapter stopped working despite my being as careful as possible with it. I detected that the weak link is where the cord leaves the actual adapter. It tends to kink at that point and after a while you lose continuity. I plan to reinforce that area with the new one I am getting to see if that will help.

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    Works Great!

    I have had at least 6 of these power adapters and none of them have failed, and I don't treat them with kids gloves. Can't figure out the negative reviews.

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    Am amazed how negative the reports are on the cable redesign. Some say it gets hot - well did they buy the 60 watt adapter for a 15 or 17 inch MacBook Pro? Mine's as cool as a cucumber. Others say the cord frayed - well did they wrap it too tightly around the neatly designed cord winders? Any other computer designers done anything of the like? I've gone from a mess of tangled wires to a nicely packed carrying case friendly pair of bundles that are easy to handle - and for a blind user that's saying something good ...

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    Power Adapter no longer powers - again

    Like many of the others that have posted, I have to go purchase another one of these adapters. I have been extra careful to treat both parts of the adapter with utmost care but this didn't seem to make a difference...very frustrating. How can something as simple as a power adapter be such a problem??

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    Bad product

    Have to replace the power adapter for my daughter's laptop. Only a year old--was shocked at price for new ones. What a rip off, especially after reading these other reviews. COme on Apple...you are a better company than this!

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    Needs a redesign

    These chargers are terrible. My wife and I have replaced each of our chargers already. A month ago my wife's new charger stopped working and yesterday my new charger stopped working. I have only had my new charger 3 months and I have been using the correct method to wrap up the cord. These things are more fragile than glass.

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    4th adapter in 4 years

    Love my Mac but the quality of these adapters is unconscionable. At $80 it makes me question the logic of purchasing another Macbook Pro. After the first one went, I became super-careful with the cord... but to no avail. Apple has addressed so many other issues I find it difficult to believe that they cannot come up with a simple solution to this one. How about strengthening the connections, reinforcing them with more, or a stiffer covering? Really, this is just ridiculous. They should be ashamed.

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    Macbook Pro my 3rd adapter in 12 months!

    I am now buying my 3rd adapter in just 12 months. No abuse or rough use. This is a serious Apple problem. Love the Laptop....HATE the low quality adapter. There is no excuse for such a shoddy design from a company like Apple. I gave it a one star rating because you can't submit a review without at least one star. Be assured, this Apple adapter....it's a zero.

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