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    yet another frayed cord

    My frayed wire burnt straight through the plastic/rubber coating. I tried to be gentle with my charger but it's a little difficult when I need to put it in my backpack to take to school or when traveling. It's about 14 months old... I'm wondering if I can get a replacement for free since my computer is still under warranty.... I really hope Apple fixes this problem, because I think it's unfair to have to buy a new charger every year for $80...considering all of the complaints. If anyone ever finds a solution, let me know.

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    Great Adapters (take it with a grain of salt)

    Yes there are obviously many who have had problems and they will most certainly express them. However I have owned 4 MagSafe adapters (3 x 60W, 1 x 85W) since the original MacBook and have only had one fail. It melted. After contacting Apple they replaced it (it was on AppleCare I believer).
    Personally, I think the product is very solid. Regarding heat issues, most adapters get hot so I'm not going to be over-dramatic and say it almost burns you.

    It's true that most of the reviews give a poor rating. It's also true that people are more likely to record a complaint than a praise. Take it all with a grain of salt.

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    What's the alternative?

    I have gone through three of these, all of which I treated very well (never moved from my desk, never tripped over it or yanked it out, etc.). The first lasted 18 months, the second seven months, and this latest only **three** months. For the reviewers who say that all the poor reviews are from people who don't take care of their cords— you're not more careful than the rest of us, just luckier. The only alternative is to not buy another and let my MacBook Pro die. I am incensed!

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    Dead in less than a month

    I bought my laptop a month ago. My power cord no longer works. I'm going to the Apple store tomorrow and I'm hoping they replace it for free, otherwise, much as I love my computer, I'm going to have to return it - based on the reviews, I'm afraid I can't afford to continually buy new power cords for the computer! :( So sad! Dear Apple, please make a power cord that matches the quality of your computers!!

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    Great power adapter

    Of all the laptop power adapter i have handled this has been the best one. its hard for me to say why so many people have had issues because i have had mine for 2.5 years now and haven't had one problem. maybe i will have one soon due to cable bending from putting it in and taking out of my bag. but overall i have never had any problems.

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    Power Adapter failed at 9 month mark.

    85W MagSafe Power adapter failed after 9 mo's of moderate use. No visible damage, but I suspect it failed at the computer connection because it is the least rigid at this point. MBP was only used around the home and the adapter remained plugged in to the same electrical outlet. Confirmed the adapter had failed at the Apple Store.

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    Does Not Last

    This is the second charger that I've bought this year, and the third in two years. They never last. The cable shows no signs of damage or fray, but no longer works. On top of that, these cables are expensive. I am a college student who relies on my laptop and I can't always just spend $80 on a charger cable which should last a couple years at least.

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    This Apple is Bad!

    This is my first time writing a bad review on anything that is Apple. I must say I am very disappointed that after I purchased my Macbook Pro 17 1 year and an half passed and the adapter went bad. So I bought a new one with the new design and guess what it went bad in 7 month. I am the type that really cares for my products I actually wrap the cable properly before storing in my bag. MY CABLE MELTED! Do you know why? It is because it sits next to the power brick and the power brick melted it. Even the apple tech said so. So I have one question. APPLE WHEN are you going to FIX this? You are the cutting edge of technology FIX this. After spending 2500 on my Mac I expect more. Please restore my faith in you product. Please fix this for all of us. I am a video editor I use this for personal and business.

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    Simply awful

    The cable insulation material is clearly too rigid and cable cracks even after short-term usage. Have been using it for 3 months and it just snapped on its own it was under original hardware warranty but apple refused to replace faulty adapter.

    Terrible experience overall.

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    I have a collection

    I currently have 4 cords, none of them working - an expensive collection. I only use them in home office, no harsh use, but they eventually "break" -they just don't keep the connection. A basic, necessary accessory should last longer. Very disappointed, and still don't have a reliably usable cord - consider this continual additional cost and poor quality accessory when buying a macbook pro.

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    I recently had to replace my old power supply unit for my Macbook Pro. I could see no alternate to this product.

    Unfortunately this power unit only switches itself on when the battery is completely used up and the Macbook shuts down which creates all sorts of problems when I am trying to work.

    I would take it back but I can see no alternative solutions.

    A very inferior product.

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    This charger gets so hot when it charges your MacBook Pro!!! sometimes I think I am going to burn my hand touching it!! I am worried it is going to hurt my computer or overheat!!! Apple really needs a recall on this item!!!

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    No problems here

    I've been using MagSafe power cords since the first model and I've never had any problems with them. I'm not sure how so many people in the reviews wreck theirs. Perhaps they should treat the cord with a little respect. The price is too high but they work as advertised.

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    This is my 2nd Power adapter

    The first adapter was more stable at the connection to the computer. Apple changed the connection unit to the computer. The first problem I had was in a different spot. I was under warranty then. The connection from the thin cord to the part you plug into the computer is flimsy. Half the time when I plug it in, the green light does not come on. Then it comes on but does not change to amber to charge the computer. Sometimes, if I wiggle the cord around, it will work. Did they get this adapter from China? I do not want to spend $80 for a new Power Adapter!

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    10+ chargers in less than 2 years between 3 people.

    they need to totally redesign these, wires need to be thicker, more solid, less flimsly 'cute', magnets work great, but make port bigger and deeper. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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    on my 3rd adapter in a year

    These things wear out way too quickly, the cords are too thin. is there any chance of getting a heavy-duty one?

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    Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter

    All the negative reviews are spot on. After 12 months of usage (with care) our power adapter started to fail. Now I will have to fork over $79 for a new one that might only be
    good for another 12 month or less? What a piece shoddy product. I hope they re-design
    this thing before my third purchase.

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    Error of design in L-connector

    Same story for me, the power adapter last 8 months, the wires are loosen inside of the L-connector, I'm thinking in replace it for a chinese imitation that surely last the same by one third of the price. very disappointed.

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    another victim

    After some normal usage mine started crapping out on me. Then I checked the price for a new one and my jaw hit the floor. 80 for a piece of junk that will likely break in a year. Happened to my wife's, happened to mine... this is a major pitfall with buying a macbook.

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    Great Charger

    I have several of these chargers ( we have 4 different mac books) and they have all been great. I move around the house a lot and therefore move my charger and I must say...I'm not very graceful and have dropped it many times. It continues to work fine. Two of them I've had for almost a year and a half. I sent two out to my daughter for her older mac book who lives in another state and she has had no issues with hers. I would recommend this charger without hesitation.

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