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    Don't Buy!

    This power adapter is awful. I've had my computer for 2 years and I have to buy a third cord because they stop working!

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    wears out or just stops working

    After a year or two they either fray or just stop working. Mine will power a computer but will not charge it. What the heck's up with that? And if you aren't watching you connect it and it blocks all the ports on one side. All in all, once again, form over function for Apple.

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    Bad design

    My 1st power adapter broke so I ordered this one and was disappointed that they re-designed the wrong end. Rather than changing the end that goes into the computer it would have been nice to have altered the part that goes into the socket. It sticks out too much and the weight makes it awkward to plug into a vertical socket.

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    It is garbage.

    Basically, this power adapter is the worst Apple product I've ever come across. It's not quite enough to make me switch to a PC, but it's a disgrace that Apple sells this. I am replacing one for the second time in six months because it just died. I'd give it a zero rating if that were possible.

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    The adapter did not even last one year; the connector to the MacBook failed and won't come back.

    Just a piece of Junk!!!!

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    Macbook Pro Charger

    This charger is simply horrible. First off the battery on my Macbook (which I got brand new last year) has had a max life of 4 hours (and it is pathetic compared to my other 3 roommates who have PCs which the battery life is more than double mine even with my brightnesses down all the way). It's a real toll having to carry my charger everywhere! My charger just stopped working (for the third time), and I'm completely unsatisfied with this product. Unfortunately with the necessity of a laptop for my major, it's completely unavoidable that I own one. C'mon apple! You brag about how excellent and advanced you are, which I'll admit I do prefer Mac to PC, and after the advances in the IPod and IPad, why don't you take the time to perfect the chargers so your customers can actually use your products? The thing that PC has on you guys is life span and endurance (based off of growing up under the influence of both companies). Based off of all the negative comments on this product I would recommend coming out with the MacBook Pro charger 2.0 over ANOTHER IPad, or at least drop the price of the charger, because being a broke college student I cant afford to keep dropping $80 every couple months. Thanks.

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    The power adapter that came with my MacBook Pro lasted a bit over 2.5 years. Despite careful handling of the cords, the new-style replacement lasted only 6 months. Very disappointing.

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    What a let down

    So my original power cord that came with my mac, the t-shaped one, lasted me 4 years and then frayed, which is not bad. So i bought a new one just over this past Christmas. It was l-shaped. It's sort of sad to say but it has only been six months and the light has begun to flicker on it, and I have to play with the cord to charge my computer. It's sort of nerve racking.

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    Title says it all, these chargers are worthless, I've had 2(4 different cable ends) it stops working near the magnetic part every time. Last time the wires where exposed and stopped working, this time it seems to simply be shorting out randomly.

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    This came with my new MacBook Pro I got for Christmas last year. Six months. It only took six months for the cord to go bust. Coming over to Mac after getting into the design field I'm kind of disappointed in this welcome. I have a warranty luckily, but it still surprises me that Apple expects people to pay these kinds of prices for products that fray out easily.

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    a new one every year and a month

    I purchased a new power supply from apple. A year and 20 days later it has gone out. I buy apple products because they work. I am disappointed in the quality of this product and apple for not standing behind it.
    I was told by apple support and the genius bar "well most manufactures have a year product warranty, I can put an order through for you for a new one it will be about 60 quid". 20 days after the year was up! come on! Advice, as soon as there is a problem bring it back because it's only going to get worse and once your a day outside of the year warranty "that will be 60 quid please"
    Thanks for the product unreliability and the making of a fragile product. I am sure it will keep customers coming back again and again.
    Oh and I paid 5p a min to get that advice! At the genius bar it cost me scheduling 4 days in advance and a 6 quid tube ride.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    This are *still* terrible, even after all of these years...

    I've gone through about a dozen of these with my MacBook Pros so far. "Gone through" means had to throw one away and buy another one. Or two.

    Cords melt, ends break, or they just plain stop working.

    C'mon Apple .. get these things up to your quality standards already.

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    Piece of Junk

    Total of 4 macbook pro's in the family (kids at University plus my wife and I). Score so far in just over 2 years is a failed hard drive and 5 failed power units, all with breaks in the cord near the magsafe. Failures have been with both the older T type and newer L type magsafe. Although a Mac user for 20 years, I'm at the point where I think that Apple think they can get away with sub-standard products and customer service and the market will still applaud. When 2 magsafe units, both showing no signs of cable strain & one only 2 months old, failed within a week, I tried to e-mail to find out what options I had but couldn't find a way to send Apple a message for an account out of warranty - shameful! With windows 7 looking very good, my next purchase will no longer be an apple slam dunk as I find it tough to justify the price premium and exercises in proprietary interfaces that come and go any longer.

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    Not Again!

    So, my Mac is four years old and still functions as good as it did on day one. Except that I have had to replace the battery AND MagSafe twice since. Today my third MagSafe failed. The only problem is that it failed two weeks outside the warranty period and no help from Apple. After the last failure I purchased two so I wouldn't be stuck. Good job too! I now count down the days until the little green light goes out for good.
    In summary, nice looking product, terrible reliability, if you need to buy one, buy two, because the inevitable will happen sooner than you think.

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    Had this charger for less than 5 months and now it takes 48 hours to fully charge the battery. Waste of money, horrible quality. Charger has not moved from my house area and therefore has no wear/tear, so disappointed.

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    Just bad

    I've used the charger for about 6 months and it just stopped working. I had to dig my old one out of some boxes and tape up a fray in the chord to charge my mac. I think that it is a shame that a frayed old cord works better than a relatively new one.

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    Absurd design flaw

    My old T-style Magsafe for my 2nd-generation MBP lasted 5 years. That's not too bad.

    The newer L-style Magsafe is a gigantic step backward. The new design can only connect to the laptop in one position (in the other, you lose access to multiple I/O ports, and create additional strain on the connector). The already frail strain relief then ends up taking the brunt of the force of an inadvertent disconnection. All of the people that I know that have L-style Magsafes have run through multiple iterations of them, because of the inherently weak nature of the design. I feel partly responsible for their misfortunes because I was the one that evangelized MBP purchases for them in the first place. The L-style Magsafe has been an issue for years, yet Apple continues to ignore it. They have no incentive to, since every time one breaks, that's $80 for Apple. Apple also actively litigates against other companies that attempt to produce sturdier alternatives. Talk about planned obsolescence.

    It's unfortunate that an otherwise superb machine like the MBP is hobbled by this ridiculous Achilles heel. Until Apple fixes its design, I've taken to recommending against all Apple products to my friends and family.

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    Mag Safe is poor

    I have my new MacBooc Pro for 3 months and here we are...my power adapter is dead...Now what?! Pay 80$...

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    Cords need better engineering

    We have been through 4 cords in the last year for our three Macbooks. Literally if you roll the cord up it cracks and the wire is exposed. They also overheat like crazy.

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    I had a MB for 4 years and the old model charger lasted that long (only died because the cat chewed on it). I bought a MBP in February and have since gone through FOUR of the new model chargers (and not because of the cat!)! It's insane to spend $1700+ on a computer that is great only to have to shell out over $300 for chargers in 5-ish months, especially since the older model lasted so long! This charger that just died today lasted a record 3 months--the one before it didn't even last a week. Shameful. Please please please go back to the old model, or at least fix whatever is wrong with the new one!

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