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    Worst power cord yet

    The adapter for my MacBook Pro already needs replacing and it's not even a year old. I am very careful with wrapping the cord for travel; I learned that the hard way when my powerbook cord died after several years of use. If they are going to make their essential accessories so fragile, they need to replace them for free for the life of the laptop.

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    A very weak link for a superior laptop

    There is a saying the strong part of anything is only as strong as the weakest link. Well this does not even deserve a 1 start rating... echoing the sentiment of so many that the power cord from the MagSafe portion to the transformer is the problem. I cannot tell you how many I have gone through, but I suspect that others have too. Called an Apple outlet and they are out of stock and expecting to get an order in this week. That should say it all.

    The thin cord cannot withstand the weight of the transformer. So to save yourself a lot of problems (and money):

    1) do not place the transformer in any location that will put stress or strain (especially sudden stress) on thin wire portion leading from the MagSafe connection to the transformer.
    2) I would also recommend putting several layers of a electrical tape at the joint between the thin wire and the transformer at day one.
    Don't wait for Apple engineers to create a re-design of this, they just are not interested. Follow the procedure above and save yourself frustration and money. Now I am off to buy another one and follow my only precautions (at least I will try to).

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    Works great with original 17" MacBook Pro

    I have an original 17" MacBook Pro (first Intel model with the Core Duo CPU). This adapter works just as good as the original adapter. I saw someone say it wouldn't work but after the original brick killed two new batteries on me I ended up buying a new 17" MacBook Pro and tried the new brick on the old MBP and it's been working fine and NOT killing my batteries for 2 weeks now.

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    Poor adaptor

    Have had my Mackbook Pro for 6 months and the power adapter is now dead! I thought this was going to be a good one with the magnetic connection but, no such luck. And this is after the Super Drive had to be replaced. Don't think much of the Macbook Pro.

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    Not Impressed

    I got my Macbook Pro in September.

    Recently the power adapter has been acting up by flittering between charging/not charging....I had to make sure the cable was in a certain position to get it to work.

    Just now, my macbook completely switched off and wouldnt turn on for a while.

    Now the charger doesnt work at all.


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    Out to buy a new one

    Wire between brick and laptop frayed w/in 2 months. Very low quality.

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    Not Impressed

    Bought a new MBP last year and the power cord lasted exactly one year. One of the main things I hate about the PC laptops we own is the power cords go bad every 2-3 years. I really expected a lot more from my MBP. On this site now to order a new one.

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    The power adapter is the best I've had. I used to have a PC laptop, and if someone tripped over the wire, it would pull the whole thing down, this one releases with no damage. I also like how the extended cord is optional instead of having all that extra wire all over the floor. I read somewhere that the adapter "overheats". It doesn't. All power adapters get warm or even slightly hot if left on for prolonged amounts of time. You're not supposed to rub your face on it, just leave it on the ground and it's fine.

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    Useless and infuriating

    I use my macbook to dj and make my living and this will be my 3rd magsafe charger, the pins went on the first a week outside of warranty and the second is now gone, if they're not overheating the cables get frayed, very pretty, a nice magnetic gimmick but id rather have a reliable power source than something which will undoubtedly let me down after a few months.

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    Dear Apple

    Dear Apple - stop being stupid. For such a great engineering company, why can't you get the obvious things fixed. These cords fray at the connector. ALL of them do. Sometimes at the power brick, sometimes at the Mac end. Then I have to go spend 80 bucks for another adapter - when all I really need is the cord. So do the right thing, and put a MagSafe connector on BOTH ends of the cord, and a MagSafe jack on the side of the power brick just like the one on the side of the computer. Then, I could (1) disconnect the cord completely from the adapter when it's in my bag, and not have to worry about the cord getting bent and broken where it connects to the power brick, (2) could have my choice of cord lenghts - maybe a short one for my desk and a long one when I travel, and (3) I could replace JUST THE CORD if it got damaged or worn, for something like 5 or 6 bucks instead of 80. What do you think? Would it be so hard to do?

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    Overheating after 2 weeks

    I have had my MBP 15" 2011 for 2 weeks now and just started to notice that the adapter is overheating. I've tried different outlets at work and home and it seems to be pretty consistent. I hope Apple steps up and does something about this. These things have to be recalled.

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    The negative reviews for this product really surprise me. I have been using the magsafe adaptor for over 2 years now, and it works exactly as well as it did on day one.

    Yes, the obvious weak point of any cord is where the cord and the connector meet; do others make it a point of just grabbing the cord and repeatedly ripping it out of the computer at some awkward angle? I thought it was common sense to not put extra stress on weak points of any electronic device. Just take care of your stuff and it will last just fine!

    As far as design and functionality goes, there really is no other comparison; this is simply an unparalleled product. You can't beat Apple's minimalist approach and forward thinking with this product!

    If you think this is an inferior product, I want to know about the alternative out there that looks and performs better. I can't help but think it probably doesn't exist...

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    Basic engineering flaw

    I've many cases in the web about cable ripping off the brick after extensive usage. I didn't actually believe it before it happened to myself.
    Do something, Apple, that's kinda embarrassing.

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    Macbook Charger (Power Adapter)

    The problems with the charger alone would make me seriously reconsider whether I want to buy another Macbook in the future, or even recommend macs to my friends and family.

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    The new magsafe connector seems more robust than the older connectors, however if i am watching HD video or using a cpu intensive application the power adapter overheats and shuts down. I have noticed the case on this 85w adapter is about 2/3 the size of the old one and I am sure that is the problem...trying to cram too much in such a little space. I will have to resort to splicing my new cord to the old powerbrick.

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    Most definitely IS compatible with 2008 MacBook Pro

    I saw the comment by someone claiming this is not compatible with the 2008 MacBook Pro and I was cautious. I have a 2.4GHz 2008 MBP, but this PSU works perfectly without problems. Also I prefer the new design where the cable no longer sticks out to the side.

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    Fire & Electrocution Hazard!

    Very poorly designed! All three of our charges are fraying, one is sparking, and one just won't work anymore. I can't charge my laptop because I'm afraid it will start a fire or shock me. I've never seen any cable on any electronic fall apart like this. Bringing all three back to the store tomorrow- shouldn't have to pay for a new one because of bad design..

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    Broken after 3 weeks.

    I got this cable 3 weeks ago with my new macbook pro, and already I need to replace it. The magnetic connector is so strong that while trying to remove the cable the 'L' has broken in two, leaving me with an 'I' and the other piece stuck in my computer. After reading other reviews though I won't be buying another one today. I'm going to take my chances with super glue as I expect something else will go wrong with the cable within 6 months anyway. I'm also a bit worried by how hot the connector gets. Very disappointing. This is my first mac, and my main reason for making the switch was the renowned apple 'quality'. Love the computer though.

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    This product is

    Purchased October 28, 2010. Broke March 28, 2011. Five months. Wow. No frays. No harsh use. In fact, it hasn't been moved from this well-ventilated outlet since I bought it. What a waste.

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    Power Cord

    To be an Apple product. This power cord is trash. Am not happy, that every 6 months. I have to buy a cord. I never had to buy a power cord for any of my Dells. These need to be recalled.

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