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    Third one in 9 months

    So...why am I on the site looking at the subject power adapter? Because I'm getting ready to order my third one in about 9 months. They wear out too easily.

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    Poor quality

    This power cord has become frayed very close to the 'box' plug end. This obviously is poor quality of material and should have been recalled or replaced free of charge. Mine is certainly a fire hazard and I have no choice but to BUY a new one. I am and always have been an Apple/Mac fan so this is frustrating to me.

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    Piece of junk!!!

    This is the second time I have to buy one of these things. THEY"RE JUNK! Apple should just own up to the fact that this design is flawed.

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    sick of buying these

    I've gone through multiple power cords -- every one has frayed. It is appalling that these cords fray so easily with normal wear and tear. Unfortunately, i keep coming back to them because Apple gives me no other option.

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    Don't judge it because it looks different!

    I purchased my charger 10/3/10 and it stopped charging my computer as well as before after while, then it stopped working last night. I can not return to the store after 30 days! Paying nearly 100 dollars is a waste. For it to be so expensive they have an extremely horrible manufacturing problem with this! This is the 3rd charger in 2 years and this newer model does not work all that well then the ones before!

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    I've bought 2 of these, and am about to get a 3rd, You would think a company with a solid ability to engineer these great computers would be able to make a power cord that isn't a piece of (you know what)

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    I have never had a problem with the wiring, but i have been having a problem with the base. I have to hit it really hard to make it work, and sometimes even that doesn't work. The light will just blink green instead of a steady orange light for when it is charging, or a steady green light for when it is fully charged.
    the problem is getting worse and worse, i guess it is time to buy a new charger, but i'm gonna hold on to the one i have just in case the new one i get is even worse...

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    Oh thanks apple...

    gee golly apple you should made a great power cord this time... i got this cord with my new laptop and i made it 5 months before it broke. the cord didn't even rip, snap or anything it just stopped working. and now apple expects me to pay $80 for another one when its their own fault for it? what ever happened to the simple power cord designs like the ones dell uses that last oh i don't know maybe 2 YEARS!

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    poor design

    First, putting the block right at the point where it plugs into the wall at the very least covers up one of the other outlets. Second, the removable plastic plug gets loose within a year so every time I go to unplug it, the block comes off in my hand, leaving me to have to wiggle the removable piece from the socket. I swear one of these days I'm going to get shocked. Lastly if the outlet isn't vertical and you plug it in horizontally, over time (a few hours) it comes out of the socket some or part of the way, causing a hazard. Also why does only 85 Watts have to be so big? Even Dell makes a smaller power adapter, and that's truly sad. The only good part of this is the magnet and how it will pop off if someone accidentally trips over the cord.

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    Poor design

    This is the third magsafe adapter I have been through (first of the newer design), every one of them manages to break (the wire rips from the head), due to normal use (not my fault). This one was the worst yet. The wire literally just dislocated for no reason. I have only had it apx. 4 months, have been very careful with it (had to pay full price because the same thing happened to my last cord but apple claims that their are ' no known issues').

    I feel like I am being scammed by apple with these cheap adapters!

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    Lasted 6 months

    The original laptop cord lasted 3 years. The new 85W made it to 6 months. And like some of the other posts, wiggling the cord would no longer work and I just had to spend the money for another cord.

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    going on my third one in three years

    the pins keep getting stuck, pretty annoying to shell out $80 a year so i can charge the laptop.

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    I'm sitting here wiggling the frayed MagSafe connector that is plugged into my Macbook Pro, trying to get my laptop to charge, to no avail.

    This is my first MagSafe Power Adapter that was recently re-instated into service after my year old MagSafe Power Adapter - despite showing no signs of wear - stopped charging my laptop.

    At this point I don't know if it's the AC charger or the laptop. But I'm about to buy a third adapter. I've had my laptop for not quite 5 years.

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    I guess it is time to buy another

    I purchased a Macbook Pro in late 2009 and had cable fraying issues by the following spring. I should have scrapped this cable then but I instead covered the fray with electrical tape. The constant need to wiggle the connector to keep a charge is getting unbearable. I guess it is time to pony up $80 to get a new one that will start malfunctioning in a couple of months. Maybe when I am in line at work for a new computer, I will have to turn my back on Macs once and for all.

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    3 years - 3 cords

    I have just purchased my 3rd power adapter (it is actually my 4th, but the first one quit while still under warranty). Poorly designed.

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    Buying my third power adaptor. They have a life of about 6 months--then they stop charging the computer. It's unconscionable for apple to sell such a horrible product, and it really detracts from their great computers.

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    works great!

    I love this power adapter in comparison to some of the other ones i had (or my wife uses for her laptop (PC)). I am actually thinking of getting another one to put in my laptop bag.

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    Only half-working after 6 months

    Just got a new Macbook Pro and am sad to say that the cable ALREADY went bad. Have to wiggle endlessly to get it in position to charge. FAIL!

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    Designing backwards...

    I'm not quite sure what the idea was behind making this new charger. I am sure some people complained about the old version sticking out too far or something. The older charger's magnet wasn't as strong as this, which was a nice upgrade, however the design is no good. If you have a non-unibody Macbook Pro with a case on it... this wont work, you'll have to "adjust" the case (break/cut a piece off). and the plug can only go in one way without blocking either USB ports (older mb pros) or ethernet/firewire (unibody).

    Yes... it's nice that it is more slim, but I use my original charger 99% of the time over this one which came with my wife's newer unibody model.

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    I am currently having to order my 4th power adaptor, did I mention that I also have to pay 2 day shipping so my battery wont die and I have to replace that as well? The last time I had one break out of the blue couldn't get to a store to buy one fast enough before my battery kicked the bucket as well. Apple shows such innovation in their technology and ideas but why is it they can't get a simple power adaptor to last more than a year? I babied this past power adaptor and it broke faster than the first two which as the said at the mac store "wore out". For the price of $79 that most macbook pro users are having to pay yearly they should either develop a better, more sturdy cable or give a longer warranty.

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