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    Design improvement required

    I like the magnet and angle design of the plug. Very cool. I realize the cable needs to be pliant otherwise it would come unplugged every time you fidget with the MBP in your lap. I get it, however, this cable is extremely thin. It's vulnerable. I'm not surprised other people have experienced problems with the cable. My kitten chewed through my cable last night and he's just a tiny little punk, not a big punk like my other cat. I realize it's not Apple's fault about the cat, however, this unit is in perfect working order save for a bite mark on the cable. This is where we need a design upgrade. The cable should plug into the base with a snug connection, that way we can purchase a replacement cable instead of the whole unit in case something happens to only the cable. The current design is like forcing us to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We should be able to keep the adapter and simply replace the cable. From there, it would be nice if we could buy different types of cables, a thicker cable, a different color perhaps. If it were affordable, I would just order a few of them to have on hand in case something happens. Apple, please consider this. It's wasteful and harmful to the environment to have to chuck the whole unit into a landfill just because of a frayed cable.

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    I am on my 3rd charger. They stop working too soon.

    1) if you are not SUPER careful---frayed wire and come apart at area closest to adapter, where I saw green sparks
    2)Have to jiggle or HOLD the wire to get it just right for the power to flow.
    3) even after GREAT CARE they just stop working for no apparent reason (except perhaps built in obsolescence)

    At $80 + a pop, they should last longer than 8 months. Apple should be ashamed of this rip-off.

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    My suggestion: buy a second one!

    One of these comes with the laptop you purchase. If your electric outlet is inconvenient to reach on a regular basis, then purchasing a second one would be ideal. That way you can leave one at the desk and one in the travel bag!

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    Hadn’t planned on spending 80$ every year on power!

    This power adapter is even worst then the original version that came with my 2009 macbook pro! I had to replace mine since the wire eventually frayed with only minimal transportation (I use my laptop mainly as a desktop, so it doesn’t get carried around a lot).

    Now the wiring on the new power adapter seems even thinner then the previous model. It's almost as thin as the wire on the ipod usb charger (which in case you are wondering, will also eventually fray!).

    Apple has changed the magnet that goes into the computer, but that's it. Honestly, I am not even sure how this is an improvement since you have to pull even harder on the magnet to get it out now. I'm thinking this power adapter is also going to break in less then a year even though I'm being extra careful when I handle it. Bottom line, these laptop power adapters are horrible. Major design flaws, especially with the material the electrical wire is protected by. Thinking back on all the electronics I have ever bought, I have never had this problem with any of my power adapters. Yes, some adapters do eventually stop working because of an electrical shortage, but even the most meaningless gadgets still have better designed power supplies, made out of durable material. This should be a standard!

    I simply can’t understand how can a product be made so cheaply in 2010!? It doesn’t work and unfortunately people are still going to have to buy this adapter since they keep breaking.

    Horrible, simply horrible apple.

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    A comment for "horrible design" and "blocks the other ports"....

    Here's a suggestion......

    Turn....It.....Around!!!!!!! Problem solved!

    Love these power supplies. I've got two for my laptop (one I keep at home and one I carry with me) and I've never had a bit of trouble, and I love the new design.

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    horrible design!

    The very design of this most recent one makes it hard to use the other ports because it physically blocks them! I can't turn it the other way without taking off my case and having the adapter plug protruding out from the back in an awkward position. Such a bad design that I have been looking for old power adapters online. I have never had any problems with the previous design and have always been happy with it. Don't get this new one unless absolutely necessary.

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    Well its magnetic

    Gave out and is now humming a few months after my battery gave out... Barely been a year.... AND ITS 79 DOLLARS

    If Windows had Final Cut Pro Id never give these crooks another dime. Period.

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    Poor Design Again

    The new charger design is worse than the previous design, which was poor in the first place. The old design had such a thin wire that the utmost care had to be taken in supporting it unlike the Dell charger, which were supported by having a thick wire. Also, if one were to wrap it around the tabs on the side, there would be too much strain in the connection and cause further damage. Why would you provide them when it causes damage. I believe you want the product to fail so we buy another charger. Also, the most idiotic think is having the plug directly on the charger. The charger is enormous and can barely hold its weight. At least there is the extension cord, but should be default. The new charger, is even worse. You change the direction the wire comes out of the magsafe from sideways, which keeps out of the way, to along the side of the computer, which gets in the way all the time. If you try to move it out of the way, it introduces strain that damages it because it is such a weak wire. Again, this seems deliberate to get more of our money.

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    Works great with Macbook Too!

    The new power adaptor is great. It is much slimmer than the last power adaptor both at the magsafe end and at the charging block. The 85W will step itself down if you use this on a macbook so it can be used on BOTH the macbook and macbook pro models. Buying this can give you a charger for both if you wish to budget or if you have both and do not wish to have the power adaptor be tied to a specific laptop. Overall a great product.

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    KEEP YOUR RECIPT!!!! - bound to have problems

    As much as I love my mac book pro and apple itself, the 3rd charger I purchased barely lasted for 3 MONTHS and I was very dissapointed in it. Luckily though it was still under warranty and is being fixed at the moment, Lets hope the next one will allow for a longer time.

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    Bad design

    These new L-shaped connectors put even more strain on the laptop unless it faces the the direction of the power outlet. As a student who always has to move around and sometimes change outlets, I always have to unplug the adapter and face it the other way lest the magnetic end form a U shape and put the cord under stress. Also, this doesn't pop out from the port like before. It's almost an insult to call it a Magsafe. The few times already, people have tripped over my cord and good thing my laptop was near the centre of the table because the cord did not disconnect at all. It just jerked my laptop around on the table. The old cord connected perpendicularly to the laptop and had 90 degrees of freedom both ways, the new on sits right on the laptop and only disconnects under certain angles.

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    New Charger

    The new head is annoying. I am very disappointed that apple changed the design of the charger to this one. The old one was much better.

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    What are people doing?

    I don't know what people are doing to their chargers, but I have just replaced a 4 year old laptop, and the charger is fine. It works just fine after 4 years....and it has traveled too. It's dirty and scratched, but it charges the laptop no problem. I purchased a backup charger just in case that I never had to take out of the box....

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    When it works it works, but......

    I am on my third charger in about 3 months, and it's starting to break. It only works with the wire in a certain position. When it is working, I have no complaints, it's great, but they seems to have a lifetime use of 2-4 weeks.

    The apple store near me has been kind enough to replace the last 2 cords that broke for free, but I'm afraid they might start charging me if it keeps happening; but it's not the customers fault, this product just breaks easily.

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    Does not work for MacBook Pro1,2 purchased in 2006

    The "L" shape is a great idea since my previous "I" connection frayed right at the junction of the cord and the mag adapter. However it will not charge an older MacBook Pro, leaving me at a loss for how to replace the frayed cord

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    Second cord down, and MacBook dead

    I'm calling today to turn in the second power cord with about two months. They were very nice and replaced the first one which didn'twork rightout of the box. The second one worked for about a week. I had to go back to my old power cable with electrical tape around the connector. It works, but now my MacBooBook is dead. Not sure if related, but seems too ironic that it happens the same week. If you need a power cable, don't buy one now! Mac has some big problems with this cable. Failure rate is too high!

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    Nice design but I'm now on power cord #3

    I love the design of the cord, but I'm finding the quality very poor. I am now about to buy my 3rd power adapter in one year. Normal use, nothing wrong with my outlets, they just seem to stop working. No connectivity, the light on the cord goes out, and the battery dies.

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    NEW Flawed Design - BUYER BEWARE!

    I have a 17" MacBook Pro (2.16Ghz Intel Core Duo i.e. NOT a uni-body) and decided to get a 2nd charger to use at home unfortunately the new-style Magsafe apparently has a slightly shallower pin connection that will only work (at best) intermittently, thus cannot be relied upon.

    I like the concept of the new design but unless you have a unibody Macbook, then seriously reconsider buying this product, try and get the older style (white) model.

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    bad design

    Terrible design. The new magsafe is not safe. It becomes a hook instead and does not disconnect if you trip over the cable perpendicular to the L-shaped connector.

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    Hard to find one that works with a Macbook Pro 4.1

    At an Apple reseller we tried 4 of these power supplies before we found 1 that worked with my Macbook Pro 4.1 (pre unibody). All of the power supplies had the same model numbers and we couldn't figure out what was different between them. Recommend you try the power supply with your laptop if you have a Macbook Pro 4.1 before you leave the store.

    You can find the model number of your Mac by selecting
    Apple > About this mac > More info

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