• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    poor quality

    This is where APPLE really lets down! my charger broke down after 1 week of use, had to spend 60 pounds for a new one (yes, 60 pounds!!!) .

    poor quality
    rip off price
    not even compatible with my older macbook.

    Very disapointing

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    Absolute garbage

    These things break way too easily, I'm already on my third one. I've been using them regularly too. Oh, and they are way overpriced.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    I have ordered 3 power cords for my MacBook and they all have gone out. I now need to order another one and I have only had this laptop for 1 1/2. I wish Apple would make their power cords just as good as their other products. Come on Apple....we know you can do it.

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    Great computers, but...

    Ok, I love apple products. The computers are amazing, and the OS is second to none. But the Power adapters are pieces of junk, and break pretty easy. I really "babied" the one I bought a few months ago and it's already stopped working. Seriously, come on guys, you make great products! Invest in a better adapter design. They're pretty pricey too if it breaks and you have to replace it. Again, I own tons of apple products, and love them. But I've gone through like 4 power adapters in the last year or so.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I'd give it zero stars if I could

    I use an Incase protective skin for my 15" MBP and this charger does not fit properly, I have to set it in with the cord running at me. This causes the ethernet port to be completely blocked (no biggy) but more importantly most of the firewire port is blocked.

    So if I want to use my external harddrive I'll have to use it with no power (not a good idea) or take off the bottom part of the protective skin so I can fit all cords in properly.

    The power does run through it if you try to plug it in with the skin still attached, but the power cord detaches with the slightest movement and is barely fastened in. It just doesn't look safe at all.

    A really bad industrial design choice by Apple this time...

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    Power adapter

    These power adapters breaks very easily and feels very hot when in use.Poor engineering

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    Needs a bit more engineering to make it better

    I agree with a recent review about the output connection needing some rework so that if the cord is damaged it can be replaced, thus continuing to use the main charger.

    Further, Apple could put a USB port into the charger, so that iPhones, and iPads could be charged up using the same charger.

    This would be of a major benefit to households, and business alike, not to mention people in hospitals, etc, etc

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    flimsy and useless

    I thought that the new design of the magnetic connection would solve my previous problem of fraying. Barely three months later, and the flimsy covering of the wires is not only breaking but crumbling at the most vulnerable points. I'm already putting in an order for my next useless cord, because who knows how long this piece of junk will last.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    As bad as other Apple products are good.

    I've been through at least two of these for one computer. It's a cord... That's $80+ after tax... That will end up in the trash like the last two. Yay.

    You missed the mark, Apple. Maybe try reverse engineering a cheap PC power adapter, because I've never ever had one go bad.

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    Feedback on Product

    I've had my Power Adapter for one month and it already works off and on. I've had so many problems with Mac products I'm seriously thinking of going back to a PC,

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    Worst thing about Apple

    I got my Mac Pro in July 2008 and I have to this date had no problems with it. The only issue I have had is with the Power adapter. Why can't apple make good power adapters? My Iphone Power adapter is also a pain because the cord gets really kinked and frayed. I am a student and can not afford to buy a new power adapter at the time unless I want to not eat. So i will just have to use my friend's and my brother's power adapter for now.

    Also I would put ZERO STARS if I could.

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    Not pleased with adapter or Apple!

    I bought my first Apple product this summer (July), it is now January and for a month my adapter has been unreliable. It has almost completely failed. It works if I mess with it for 5 minutes and then, how long it will work, who knows. When I went back to the retailer I purchased it from (with a full service package) they placed an order for a new adapter, no problem, after a quick test. However, I received an email from them stating that Apple would like me to ship back my MacBook Pro to do their own test! I use this laptop for my business and would not be able to give it up for several days.....I think it's ridiculous, especially now since I see that it's an ongoing problem. It's a good way for Apple to loose a newly converted customer. It makes my pretty angry. I think it's awfully bold of them....I though they were a better company than this. In addition, I'd think about replacing it myself to save some aggravation but they're so expensive. Shame on you Apple.

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    Planned Obsolescence?

    I have been a Mac user since the 90s. I have learned to treat my adapters gingerly. It seems impossible to get an adapter that lasts as long as the laptop. Obviously Apple has access to smart engineers, so why haven't they created a more reliable adapter? I wonder how many adapters, on average, each Macbook purchaser goes through? I wonder how green it really is to fill land fills with millions of bad adapters. I am tired of years of this. Here's an idea... how about a cheaper adapter if they aren't going to last? Better how about a real green adapter that outlasts a laptop? How about an adapter that doesn't squander millions of man hours? I am so over this as my students say. By the way, it is too bad there are not "zero" stars. So here I go again dumping $80 on another adapter so I can toss the old one in a land fill. Hey, Apple, at least offer free recycling since you designed the trash. Can you tell I'm not happy about this? Can you tell I think it is wrong? Can you tell I think Apple should rectify this?

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    Worst thing about a Macbook/ Pro

    I have owned a macbook for over 4 years and have went through 3 cables. I am extremely careful with my power cords and I still have them just wear out and fray from the inside out.
    Apple should really get their cra,p together because having people buy a power cord for every year they own a macbook/macbook pro is kind of ridiculous.

    I hope they either fix the issue very soon or start offering a replacement program for those cords that do wear out...
    Last time I check apple can spare a couple spare dollars a year out of their billions to help the average consumer who helped them, buy purchasing their products.

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    Already gone through original adapter with MacBook Pro purchased 08/2010

    I am concerned, after reading these reviews, that there is a big flaw with this power brick. Mine shorted out after only four months of use. Thankfully, I was still covered by the one-year warrantee, but now I am concerned about the future. Obviously there is a problem here.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Horrible quality.

    I am on my fifth power cord because of the thin wire always either breaking or fraying. It's a bit aggravating to switch to a mac for its longevity just to have to continuously repurchase an absolutely overpriced piece of equipment for it.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    This is the worst nightmare.
    I got a Mac Book Pro in April 2008. The laptop is in perfect shape, however the power adaptor broke down. I got a new one (not cheap!) and I was informed Apple only offer the new L shape model, which doesn't work properly.
    If I connect the adaptor when the laptop is turned off, it will charge. Subsequently, if I turn on the laptop, it still charges.
    HOWEVER, if i disconnect the adaptor -while the Mac is on- and try to connect it again, it won;t charge. Everytime I need to re-charge, I need to turn off the computer.
    IT TAKES AWAY THE NOTION OF A LAPTOP, I am stuck now with a desk computer that needs to be plugged.
    I changed twice the power adaptor, took it to a genius bar, and nothing has happened. The latest is that they will try to change something inside the laptop. They were very patronizing. As, obviously, the mac is not under guarantee anymore, they said they wouldn't charge for that, suggesting they were being really nice, when the case is that they could not find anything wrong with the computer.
    Apple manufactured a new design because the last one was quite bad, but they didn't properly tested it in order to work with the new models and the old ones.
    All this sounds like if I hate Apple, when I actually love it, and that's why I am so angry. I do love the products, the brand , the quality. This is not the only product I've got. But I have to say I am absolutely disappointed on the company not taking action on this, and offering compensation to those affected. It is outrageous that they suggest to buy a second hand old-model from Amazon or something.
    Just trying not to be horrible, I have to say the people I've dealt with have been quite nice and genuinely worried, but it is the company who should respond to this!
    I've lost two entire days on this, and looks I will have to lose more time, but I will definitely post what happens after they take my laptop in, good or bad.

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    Power Adapter

    Your power adapter is awful. $79 for a new adapter is a real rip off. I thought Apple had more class.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    very poor engineering quality

    for only 6 and a half months I need to buy a new power adapter? whether I like it or not I have to buy a new one…I cannot wait for a week or two before they will change my power adapter,in few days time, I'll be going back to my work and I can't use my MBP without it.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Is there any other options than this terrible adapter ?

    I am really fed up with this power adapter. Is there any other way I can work on my laptop ? I bought a MB Pro in Aug 2008 and I changed 5 adapters till now even after taking extreme care. No more apple laptops for me.

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