• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible adapter

    I purchased a new MBP in June and returned it in Sept. because it would not charge. They sent it back stating that nothing was wrong. Hmmm....I get it home and in less than 24 hours it is charging intermittently and then not charging at all. After doing much research I discover this is not an uncommon problem. I will be going back for a new adapter. If it happens with a second one I think they may have to refund my money!

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    Compatibility Issues with non-unibody machines

    Apples states that this new L-shaped adapter works with the Pre-Unibody laptops, but the internet forums and my own personal experience say something quite different. The reliability is sketchy at best, much like trying to win at blackjack in a Vegas casino (it just barely ever happens). I don't know why these cords are producing such a nuisance, or why Apple is denying the problem. I've been a lifelong Apple user, but recent events such as this are making me think more and more about buying an AlienWare computer which is in the same cost tier but has lightening fast chipsets compared to what Apple offers.

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    Needs work

    I love the design of this charger and it is a huge improvement from the previous charger. EXCEPT after having it for 5 months the magnet broke off of the top.. thank God I have apple care....

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    totally disappointed

    Just bought the charger 2 days ago, has not worked correctly since.
    I have to remove the computer's battery, and connect it back for the charger to work. Similar problem as mentioned here by others.
    I'll check the reviews first before buying anymore apple products.

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    You must be rough on your equipment

    You must be rough on your equipment! I have had various versions of these power adapters for years with no cord damage. I will be buying another to keep at work.

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    My 17" MacBook Pro, purchased 1-15-2007, is a wonderful machine. The original 85W power cord finally failed. A new cord, purchased 7-16-10 which came in the "L" design, never worked well. The new battery hung up at different points, taking two days to hit 100%. Finally the light on the MagSafe would not light, and the computer would not recharge except if I hard restarted it or took the battery out and pushed the restart button for. It worked, then it didn’t. Much web reading, much problem solving with an Apple repair store who returned it to me working "perfectly". (Hint, they used a T adapter for bench work). I got it home and plugged in my still new MagSafe L. Same problem. Took it back. Plugged in my L cord, plugged in their L. No light, no charge. Hmm. The tech brought out a T adapter. Fired right up: lit up, started charging the computer. Next, several hours of talk with MY APPLE folks and a new adapter arrives today. Horror, it's another L! Again much time on the phone. Finally, an APPLE confession: TRY THE NEW L, the off line engineers say that this L is actually not the old L, it is REDESIGNED to be deeper and to actually fit my early MacBook Pro. We will see...It does not have the same part number as the other Ls. When questioned about why this is not known on the internet and Apple’s site, I was told that this info is for "internal" use. The computer, the cords, all ok! What a waste of every ones’ time and resources. Maybe this L will work...maybe not. Keep your fingers crossed. The part number seems to be 661-5788, not standard Apple parts speak. Hope this helps someone else out there.

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    Worked great for 30 days!

    Stopped working on the 30th day, which is today. Taking it to the apple store hopefully to be replaced. I will be very upset if they make be shell out $80 for their poor product. Love Apple, but they can't make a decent power adapter.

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    They kinda fixed teh second most important problem...wow great job

    While its fine and dandy that they changed one end of the cord, its the other end that is most likely to malfunction. I love my macs no doubt about it - but the magsafe adapters make me hate apple. The magsafe is such an expensive devise and at the same time the cord is so prone to braking off where it is connected to the charger. And then you cant just buy a new cord...you HAVE to buy a whole new charger...this is both very bad for the consumer and also for the environment. I really hope apple will soon realise that this way of milking costumers is not viable in the 21th century.

    So I beg you Apple: please fix the real problem and make a magsafe with a detachable cord.

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    Initial thoughts on the new design was that it was very good, all joints and connections felt sturdier, the cord itself was thicker. Actually thought it was going to last me this time.
    How wrong I was. It has barely been 6 months, and its already gone into the bin. Won't charge, i assume its from internal fraying in the cord of some sort (the same problem that was with my old charger) No evidence of any damage whatsoever from the outside, but just can't get it to charge.
    Not impressed, but what can I do? The macbook still works fine, so theres no reason for me upgrade/change, just have to keep investing in a new charger until it does ... fail.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    Better than any PC laptop charger by far!!! The people complaining about the cord not working because they made a newer better design to the charger input are stupid. Apple made a better design and the charger isent gonna work on old Powerbooks or whatever. You should know that before you buy it!!!

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    the brilliant people at mac forgot something simple. the new charger doesnt work if you have a case on it. fail.

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    Does Not Fit older magsafe MacBooks

    I bought a new charger because the old one, as you all know, frayed. The new one is NOT compatible with my 3yo 17" MacBook Pro and I'm a little peeved. Apparently Apple does not have a solution. I need to buy an off brand charger for half the price.

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    I want the old one back!

    Recently I lost my charger and had to purchase this newly designed one. I enjoyed the previous chargers better. This new design can block the usb slot if it's not pointing away from you, and sometimes i need it to face the other way. For the first time in the years I've had macbooks, the charger doesn't work all the time. Sometimes my mac just doesn't recognize that there is a charger attached. I wish I could still get old one's. Also, the material that the cord is made out of has much less flexibility. This makes storage harder and when in use, the cord tends not to lay out neatly.

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    Number 6

    Two Macbook Pros
    Four replacement adapters
    The newer connector is better, but the cord still frays too easily. The between the transformer and the macbook should be replaceable. Or more durable.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Bought two adapters--one defective

    I bought 2 85-watt adapters for the 17" MacBook Pro. One was defective. I called Apple, was routed to tech support and was told it could be fixed by removing the computer battery, pushing the "on" button and holding it down for five seconds, then putting the battery back in and powering up the computer with the adapter plugged in.

    It worked. However, only 24 hours have elapsed, and I've just had to repeat the procedure for the third time because the adapter stops working after a few hours. If it goes dead a fourth time, it's going back to the Apple Store.

    I'd give it two-and-a-half stars.

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    Complete Disappointment

    I am usually quite pleased with my Apple products but when it came to buying a new charger for my laptop I found myself quite frustrated. My Macbook Pro is only a few years old but the charger had worn and stopped working. I purchased a new one for full price only to find that it did not fit with the hard case I have on my computer. That didn't seem to matter though given that the charger stopped working for my computer completely just one week later. I thought the new design of the charger would help to prevent the fraying of wires that my old one had had. In the process of not working though, it just ended up blocking one of the USB ports I use. It seems there are still some design issues to resolve, Apple. And from now on, it would be helpful if you made changes that benefitted all of your Macbook types, not just the newest version on the market.

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    Apple's biggest MAC failure

    The adapter failed after one use. I purchased it after ignoring the plethora of bad reviews hoping it would solve the problem of the original power cord on my 2008 MacBook Pro falling apart in the first year of use. There are countless discussion threads on this problem on numerous websites. Apple needs to stand behind their entire product - you purchase the entire MacBook Pro with the expectation that the laptop and accessories (especially the power cord) will withstand normal wear and tear over at least a several year period.

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    What a Ripoff

    Apple needs to spend their development dollars on the ENTIRE package they are selling. Its great to get a MacBook Pro until you can't power it up anymore or you buy a new power supply that is newly designed, but doesn't fit with the protective case that Apple also sells. Apple's customers are paying top dollar for product that is not fully thought out nor designed to last. Forcing us to keep buying power supplies that keep breaking or one that will now leave your MAC without a protective cover, is just another way to line Steve Jobs pockets. This is the last MAC I'll ever buy.

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    Does NOT work with pre-unibody Macbook Pros

    Just purchased this as a replacement. It does NOT work with older non-unibody Macbook Pros.

    After casing the forums I found most people have this issue and the only way to get it to work is to pop the battery or reset your Power Management Unit.

    Also prefer the older style. With this design, it's possible to still pull the computer off a table or chair if the cord gets pulled parallel front or back to the laptop. The old MagSafes wouldn't do this...they'd always disconnect.

    Apple really messed up here.

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    Piece of Junk!

    We have four laptops and every charger has died. It's either the little prongs inside or the cord frays or the wires short out. They are so overpriced for the quality. Now the new magsafe adaptor won't fit into place because I have a case on my laptop. I have an Incase. Apple sells these cases in the Apple Stores so you would think that the genious who designed the adaptors would consider the depth of these cases. I think Apple is beginning to lose it! We have never owned anything else. In fact we have had every product they have ever invented and in multiples! The past couple of years we have seen nothing but quality issues. $80.00 bucks for the charger, but my laptop will be scratched because I'll have to remove the case. Nice tradeoff Steve Jobs.

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