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    charger/power cord

    Mac book pro...15 in. i am very disappointed with this $80. + replacement charger. It is soooooo hot. you can hardly touch it. It is bad enough that the bottom of my computer is enough to burn your lap,now the charger? Is this replaceable? I also just bought new battery,mind you I have only had the whole thing for just over 2 years. No too happy.

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    Do not bend, which is impossible

    The cord easily frays. My original one became detached at the base were the small wire goes towards the Mac. The replacement I was forced to buy frayed on the other side were the big wire goes into the power bar. I have done nothing special. What irks me is that power bars for other computers, and electronics in general, seem to have been designed for bending. The Mac power bar seems to be afraid of bending. Which makes absolutely no sense. It basically seems extremely cheap and poorly constructed.

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    It caught on fire.

    I try to keep great care of all my stuff, but this charger is just horrible.

    The magnet sticks so strongly. The cord ends up getting pulled all over to disconnect it. I have gone through 3 chargers, I'm going to be on my fourth now.

    The third charged would only work if the cord was bent. I plead to anyone to not bend the wire of the charger if it's fraying. The charger caught on fire right near the connector to the laptop and melted. It obviously doesn't work any more.

    This is apparently a common problem with the charger if the wires get bent. Solution? as soon as you get the wire, wrap electrical tape around the the connector area to reinforce the cord. Would be really nice if Apple just reinforced it themselves, as wires catching on fire seems to be a serious design flaw, and I don't remember ever being told to not bend my wire.

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    Not compatible with older Macbook Pros

    The MagSafe connector on this power adaptor does not fit older models of MacBook Pro. This newer connector is marginally smaller and does not fit snugly into the socket on the computer. I bought two of these at the Apple Store, Regent Street which didn't work, and I was eventually advised to buy the older part number MA938B for my January 2008 MBP. Check before you buy!

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    I Don't Know!!

    i have an early Macbook Pro (2006) As far as the charger goes,it works. i guess u can get a couple of stars for that. The design blows. If u have it with the wire facing outwards, its gonna start to fray and becomes a tripping hazard. If you have it with the wire facing in, then you block the usb port.. Apple, all we ask for is a little cooperation from you. Lord knows we cooperate with higher price points, constant redesigns and updated models of computers which always seem to come a month after you purchase one. APPLE CAN WE GET SOME LOVE???

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    works fine with my 2007 macbook pro

    I bought this to replace the frayed power supply that came with my laptop. Some reviews incorrectly say this won't work with those older macbooks, but it works fine. Still the design is bad; where the cord exits the body of the adapter, it points straight out. So every time I wind up the cord, I stress that connection. We'll see how long this one lasts...

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    a colossal waste of money

    Apple, you are certainly capable of creating a power charger that lasts longer than a year. Mine has only lasted this long because once the wire started to fray I was very very careful to wiggle it around and not yank it out from the magnet. The magnet does not help when the wire is already frayed. In fact, I would say it makes the problem worse, because if someone trips over it, it will pull the wires out more before the magnet comes out.
    I'm about to buy my third charger. This is ridiculous. A charger should not be this expensive and I certainly should not have to keep buying them over and over because of the poor design. You are robbing your customers Apple. This is what I get for being a loyal Apple customer?

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    cable fray not prevented by mag connector

    Apple, can you please address your power cable fray issue. If you need some help to identify root cause and a possible solution please contact me.

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    Doesn't work with my Summer 2008 Macbook Pro

    I bought this adapter because I needed a second adapter to leave at work. Since they no longer sold the old style adapter, I assumed that this one would still work with my less than 2 year old Macbook Pro. Took it out of the box and it never worked. Even though it looks like the actual connector is the same size. Luckily someone at work with a new unibody Macbook Pro had a new old-style connector so we could trade. Works perfectly with his computer. 5 stars for looking awesome and being a better design, -4 stars for not working with my computer.

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    Great product!

    Great product here! No problems on a 2010 MBP.
    Only thing I wish is that it came with a cover for the tip. I'm scared I could accidentally step on it and smash the end.

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    another $79 down the hole

    Apple prides itself on innovative and quality product design. The magnetic connection is great but it quickly frays right at the little lighted mag connector. I agree with JG, make the it easier to replace that cord instead or if that is not possible reinforce the thing. I am afraid to buy the cheaper e bay versions however this will be my 4th power adapter for a total of $316 plus tax and shipping. That $12 ebay model looks pretty good right now.

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    Doesn't Work with my 2008 MBP

    My MBP is from late summer 2008. I needed a new power adapter so bought one of these. Worked for 4 days and then stopped. Tried another of this new style and it would not work either. I went to the Apple store and they got the same result, but it charges fine with an old style adapter. The store has ordered an older style adapter for me. The store said they are seeing this issue occasionally.

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    Works just fine on 2007 Mac Book Pro

    The newer style adapter works just fine on my 2007 Mac Book Pro. The photograph is misleading. The connector is the same, it is just styled differently. My original power adapter last 3 years and only gave out to a voracious 14 month old teething baby. Otherwise I had not experienced any fraying or other problems mentioned in the reviews.

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    Works fine on my MBP 2007

    My charger went out on me after almost 3 years of working fine. I was kind of worried about this charger being compatible with my later MBP, but I've had no charging issues and it sits firmly in place. When purchased my MBP I also got the AppleCare Protection Plan so they replace my power adapter free of charge.

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    Poorly designed power supply

    The power supply has a poorly designed strain relief that allows the wire to break apart at the base of the power supply. I have had my mac laptop for a little over a year, and the power supply is already shot. What is worse is that it seems the wire wrapping mechanism is designed to cause this particular problem. This should not happen, especially because I take very good care of my electronics. I had a clunky old Dell laptop for work for over three years and this problem never occurred with the dell power supply. Unfortunately I need to buy another one of these because I need to use my laptop.

    I have been a fan of Apple products for over a decade. They offer the best computing experience money can buy. Given how well the laptops are designed, this should NEVER happen.

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    Why won't Apple fix these awful power cords?

    Well, the answer is clear. They are horribly overpriced at $80 and they break every 8 months or so. Clearly a goldmine for Apple.

    In the past 3 years, I've had one break near the magnetic end and one near the wall plug end. A third just mysteriously quit working, though it looks brand new. I am very careful with these cords, but it makes no difference.

    Also, they get dangerously hot.

    I had just talked my mom into switching from PC to Mac, but honestly now I might talk her back into a PC.

    I know these complaints are not new. Several reviews say the same thing. So when is Apple going to fix the problem? Or at least come up with a "Buy 3 Cords Get 1 Free" deal?

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    How can the power supply be such a bad product?

    I've had my MacBook Pro for about a year and I've already had 2 power supplies fail on me. One failed in that it no longer charges and the other failed in that it's wire unraveled from the base of the power supply. What's more, even when new, the wire wrapping mechanism is woefully substandard compared to the power supply that came with my prior computer, a Dell laptop. I had the Dell for 2.5+ years and never had one problem with the power supply. Plus the Dell cord wrapping mechanism made my Dell power supply a joy to use whereas I hate, hate, hate having to pack and unpack the Mac's power supply, especially when I need to carry the longer cord which simply Apple doesn't provide a wire wrapping mechanism for.

    Okay Apple, you can pour R&D into the iPad and iPhone 4.0 but you just pay no attention to the details like the power supply. Come on, pay a little attention so we can have a better day-to-day user experience with the thing. If it were a better product I wouldn't mind paying an extra $79 for a spare, especially if it didn't die after 6-9 months.

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    Yes for Unibody, No for older MBP's

    Own Early 2008 MBP and Late 2009 MBP.
    Works on the unibody, does not on my early 2008.
    The port on the new MacBooks are smaller and more shallow, this charger reflects this change and will not make contact with older ports found on non-unibody.
    Buyer beware, save yourself the hassle and find an 'I" MagSafe charger if you have a non-unibody.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Too Short a Life Span

    This charger is relatively small, attractive, and gets the job done. I like the magnetic plug - it has prevented many accidents where my laptop would have been dropped. But I can give it no more than 3 stars because its life span is about 1 year if you're lucky. The end that you plug into the computer is made of a flimsy rubbery plastic material that frays and comes apart after even gentle use. My laptop does very little traveling - it usually just sits at my desk or couch - but after just 9 months I was having to reinforce the adapter with electrical tape so that the wires weren't exposed. This is a huge problem with this power adapter, and I'm surprised that Apple hasn't come out with an improvement yet. I won't be paying 79.00 for Apple's, especially when I know it won't be lasting long anyway.

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    it's great!

    The best part of the new power adapter is that the stiff metal end can direct your power cord away from peripherals using the other ports, minimizing tangles... awesome. Not sure how it will hold up to my heavy travel demands since I've only had it a week but I'm optimistic so far!

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