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    Stopped Working

    Like a lot of reviews I have read here, my power cord for my Macbook air also has stopped working most of the time. While a big fan of the Mac and all things Apple, I find this extremely disappointing. I will now have have to take the time out of my schedule to go to the Mac store and have them resolve the issue. Seriously, just send me another one. A power cord should not fail within six months. In fact, of all the computers I've ever owned (and that is a lot including about five Macs to date), I have never seen this happen.

    With all of the similar complaints, the company should provide an easy solution.

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    Power Adapter broke

    I got Apple Air in August of 2011 and I love it. But the Power Adapter just stopped working - no indication of life at all. I will try to request a new one since the computer is still under warranty, but really - what is the deal?

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    Apple drops the ball on power cord

    Completely agree with most other reviews. This is my first mac and I love my air book but the cord is a joke. I've had this for only 3 months and I have been experiencing problems with keeping a charge for the last few weeks. I have to be careful about computer position, etc.
    Really disappointing that i pay 1200 for a nice computer that can't even keep a charge because Apple creates a poor working power cord.

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    power adapter

    I bought two new adapters as emergency backups, as the original adapter failed.

    Both adapters broke and failed and left me in trouble overseas as I had to borrow one for a colleague. Both adapters look great, while but seem to be made somewhere where quality is not a concern. Other than the money frustration, I was without an adapter because the quality of these is so bad. I don't know if to buy another computer laptop either (and I have for 15 years-every 2 years) if the Apple quality is fading so.

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    Not satisfied

    After 4 months my charger completely stopped working. Not happy at all, this is ridiculous.

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    As with many others my power adapter just stopped working after 6 months. Am going to try and get another under warranty but even if they do this should not happen.

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    bad quality

    I thought i just had a defective charger! After about 6 months my charger barely works. I think it has a short near the end that plugs into the computer. I love apple products so it disappoints me that they have not made a better replacement. I don't want to pay $80 for another bad charger. I lose.

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    Mac Air Power adapter

    I am very happy with my Mac Air, however, after only 4 months since I purchased the computer the power adapter failed. I had to buy a new one (80 dollars). I do not feel confident the new power adapter will last any longer than the original so I will have to purchase an additional one as a back-up. If apple cannot make reliable power adapters, they should at least sell replacements at reasonable prices.

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    Completely overpriced for the quality

    Mine broke after a while. I would buy a new one but $80 is waaaay too much. Apple products are typically such great quality I don't understand how they screwed this one up!

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    stopped working after a year

    I have had many Apple products, huge fan, and the chargers are always just subpar, seem like an afterthought. I have had to replace many of the chargers and this one is no exception. After a little over a year of use with the original power supply I went to plug it in and, voilà, nothing happened. It has stopped charging. Nice. Merry Christmas.

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    I've got a MacBook Air 13" (2011) that I feel is the finest travel computer for a businessman ever invented. I love this little workhorse. Also, the power adapter on mine works just fine ... no problems. Instead of unplugging every time I hit the road, I thought it would be a good idea to buy a spare for my computer bag. Wrong!

    $79.95? Is this someone's idea of a joke? Eighty bucks for a power adapter? Sure the cell phone manufacturers have run this scam for years, refusing to standardize on a plug configurations/power ratings so that the buyer is forced to buy yet another power adapter (I've got about twenty of them sitting in a drawer). But those pieces of junk are only $20 or $30. $80? For what?

    I've got AppleCare, so I'll just keep on plugging in and unplugging the one adapter I have until it dies, then you can replace it for free. Really, you folks at Apple build the coolest stuff on earth, but you do need to re-think your policy of over-charging for the small stuff.

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    If I could give it zero stars

    I've had my MacBook Air a year. I love the thing, but I hate this power chord. IT's badly designed; it doesn't last. I have a lot of apple products, and this power chord is the worst product by far! The power chord kinks precisely at the point where it becomes flexible, and now mine is cracked there, so I'm buying a new power chord and anticipate that I'll have to buy this power chord next year because I use the usb port a lot, and that means the power chord is often kinked.

    If I were apple, I'd give people new power chords when they broke for this model. Admit that it's a design flaw, fix it with good customer service, or I'd offer another power supply that didn't have this flaw.

    I'm not queen of the universe yet, however, so instead, I'm doomed to pay another 80 dollars to Apple and write a bad review. Makes me feel impotent, the opposite emotion, I suspect from what Apple would like me to feel...

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    Low quality

    I normally love mac products but the chargers of both our MacBook and MacBook Air broke after a while. The cable tore in the same place in both the chargers and the MacBook one completely gave out. I'm scared to touch my MacBook Air charger so I don't get electrocuted since you can see all the wires inside through the outside cable whole that is getting bigger and bigger by the day. Now I have to pay 80 bucks to get a new one? That's just ridiculous.

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    Macbook Air Charger

    Real simple, 5 months old, does not work at all! If you look at other reviews, you will see the same. Since Apple is not stepping up for this lousy product (not the Macbook Air, but the charger they ship with it) I recommend buying a MacBook charger, less portable but it will last. My faith in Apple quality is slipping, not just this but we are encountering more issues than ever. (we are all Appled up too!)

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    Scratches look ugly

    i don't like the glossy charger, it gets scratches easily and looks ugly. Apple did a good job on changing the plastic glossy, easily scratched MacBooks, to the new awesome silver metal MacBooks which never scratch. maybe they should make all products the same?

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    3 months and useless!

    was working great for the first couple months then it would occasionally not work. This problem got worse and worse and now my adapter does not work at all. I have done everything on apple's troubleshooting page and it still will not power my new macbook air. great computer but the adapter is horrendous.

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    I am very disappointed with this power cable. I purchased my Macbook Air late July/early August and it has quit on me after only 3 months of usage. I can barely get it to work. I did not purchase an extended warranty because I felt Apple usually puts out good products and I am very careful with my electronics. Now I have to pay 50 dollars just to have them look at it? the replacement itself is 30 bucks more then that. I feel that if the plug is faulty it should be replaced without forcing me to dish out more money for an already expensive device.

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    Great downside to Macs

    I always complained of other hardware brands for windows, and now this MacBook Air 11" with Lion, less than 3 months old just doesn't charge. If it suddenly charges, don't move the Mac at all until it's full and then use it. It's a real huge problem. You buy this wonderful machine for portability and it's exactly what's lacking. Please do some re-engineering on your factories and deliver a new power supply. I never had that problem with any other brand.

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    I've had my Macbook Air for a few months and I love it but HATE the power cord! It gets extremely HOT and charges when it wants to. I need to hold it in a certain direction for it to charge but once I let go so does the charge. It is terrible!

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    Hot and broken

    I bought this power adaptor in august of last year as my old/original one called it quits. I originally loved the new design of the 90 degree angle, but it soon started to show the same problems where it had to be in a certain position in order to charge, and now it gets hotter than any computer component ever should.

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