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    Have to buy a new one EVERY year

    I really wish Apple could make their chargers more durable. I swear I have bought a new one every year, & I do try my best to take care of it. It just breaks so easily, & the price for 1 charger is too expensive. But what else can you do right ? Not impressed with the durability of this charger

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    I'm done, my MacBook is at 9% and the charger won't work.
    Thank you so much apple. Thank you Apple.
    I hate you all now I have to spend $80.00 to get a new one.
    AND whats even worse, I use this computer for all my video editing!! Great job!!
    Good game!! I hate this computer and never ever get a Macbook Pro, NEVER; or it's stupid charger.
    My parents aren't going to spend 80 dollars on me for this. So thanks.
    I've lost my computer forever because you made a horrible charger, I'm switching back to Windows.

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    Good design, poor manufacturing? Expensive replacement.

    I'm motivated to write to add my voice to the hundreds of others here. The plastic on my cord has broken about 2.5 cm away from the T plug. The wires below were therefore exposed and I haven't felt too safe with that (are they the earth wires?) My Air is 2 years old.
    Anyway, I baulked at the AU$129 replacement cost (this is around 10% of the price of the entire computer) so contacted Apple support.
    I explained to them that I was prepared to pay something towards a replacement, but felt that the asking price was way too high considering that it may fail again after 1 or 2 years. As others have said here, it seems like an exorbitant charge and not the quality that we pay the Apple premium for. My thoughts on the reason for the damage: Heat is generated at the MagSafe power connector. This heat is transmitted for some distance along the wires beneath the plastic. The plastic is not adequately rated for the amount of heat generated.

    To my pleasant surprise, the consultant offered to replace it for free.
    So, 100% for Apple service and design, 10% for quality of this component. I think they should be recalled as it could be a safety issue.

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    I have to buy one power adapter per year . This time my battery suffered a sharp drop of energy capacity due a short that occurred in a non visible frayed cable .

    This adapter is either badly designed , badly constructed or both . Such a low quality , this is a rent.

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    Poor quality

    I don't take this charger anywhere. It simply sits on my bedside table. Still this is the second cord I have had to replace in 4 years. Seriously, there has to be a better design.

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    Charger fails after about a year.

    I had the same common problem where the charger just stops charging the macbook air. Cord is in perfect condition but just won't charge, I have tried everything. If I leave it plugged in for a few days it sometimes randomly charges which means I get to use it once or twice a week. I'm not falling into Apple's trap of buying a new one every 12 months...I'm not paying a subscription to use my computer.

    Do yourself a favor and don't buy a macbook air.

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    My first charger lasted a couple years, until I left it in Florida. The replacement has stopped working after 14 months. It still looks perfectly fine. One would think it has plenty of life left but it won't charge the computer. These chargers seem awfully expensive for how short lived they are.

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    Yearly /18 months

    This charger works great but you will be purchasing a new one on less than 18 months

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    Bitten Apples Rot

    About to purchase my 3rd charger in 4 years. The second one I taped in the places where it is prone to breakage to try and prevent it, but it still managed to break under the tape. What frustrates me is that these complaints have been posted since 2011 and nothing has been done to fix this issue. No new cord designed, no one from Apple responding, etc. I know in our day and age things are purposely manufactured to be disposable so that companies can continue to bring in revenue, however, Apple is supposed to be synonymous with quality and with all these expensive gadgets they are raking in enough money without trying to get us to buy $80 chargers every year and a half. I have an iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and MacBook Air, so needless to say I'm a fan. However, it is despicable things like this this that cause me to leave a brand. . .

    Time for a Change

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    Please Give Us a Different Design Fix

    First, I really like my Mac. I can't think of any other laptop that I would rather have. But, this power cord design is awful. The "L" design puts unusual stress on the connector and it frays. Just a terrible design. I would prefer to have a "T" design power connector.

    Is it so difficult to have a "T" connector? Can we, as the buying public, inundate Apple with a fix to this design flaw?

    I'm not buying a new Macbook Air just to have a better power cord.

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    buying my 3rd power cord in 3 years.

    I love my Mac Air, but I am really unhappy that I am having to buy a 79 dollar cord just about every year. They fray so easily and are not made well.

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    last long

    I bought my macbook air 13" (2011) in dec. 2011, every thing was working perfectly fine, for almost 4 years, until yesterday that my charger doesn't work :( I went online and searched for the charger and it was this one, it's so pricey! but it worked well for 4 years so i guess the price was all right, so right now I have to replace my charger with this one, I hope it last long too..

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    Are you kidding me?

    My 2014 Macbook Air's power adapter is unusable after 1,5 years. My year 2009 Macbook Pro's power adapter is still functioning. Come on, where's that famous Apple quality?

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    They shred and die leaving us adrift waiting for FedEx

    I love my mid 2011 MacBook Air but I'm now ordering its third connector/adapter.
    The shred/break comes on quickly with little warning for replacement time.
    My macair is out of warranty so I haven't been able to call unless I pay for support
    to see if this last cable might still be under its warranty. There may be a way I just haven't been
    able to find. I'm careful with the cord, mindful of making sure it's under as little pressure
    as possible. I 'm on my 6th Mac and love them except for this cord issue.
    It isn't like Apple at all to have such a problem

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    I am now on my 3rd Charger in less than 2 years. Each one has frayed after basically no time at all. I love Apple computers, but its things like this (finding ways to make us buy new chargers multiple times over) that make me lose respect for the company. Apple should be supporting its loyal users and not treating us so poorly as to force us to spend even more money just to be able to power our laptops.

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    Good and Bad

    There are things I love about this adapter, the design, the engineering, the flexible cord, the magnetic attachment but I don't understand why they don't have better cord protection, it seems so practical and obvious. It reminds me of the nursery rhyme….'when she was good, she was very, very good but wen she was bad she was horrid".

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    All the bad reviews lol

    SMH at all of the bad reviews. I have no idea what y'all are doing to these plugs if they wear out in a year. I have a 13" Macbook Air from 2010. I have used the same 45W MagSafe Power Adapter since. (It is September 21, 2015 btw). Yes, there is much wear towards the piece that plugs into the laptop. However, this plug has lasted me through 2 1/2 years of moving around through college, and a bit over year so far on deployment to the Middle East [that's right, through dust and sand and camel dung (jk on the dung)], plus everything in between the 2010-now times. It's an upstanding product. Could use work, of course; hence, the 4-star rating. But by no means does it have a life expectancy of a year or two "at best".

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    Worked great when new.

    Started out fantastic, eventually started burning up during use, then quit all together. Love the innovation and ease of use, but really need longer lasting product. Paid a lot anticipating long life, but three years and finished. Any cheap electronic company could have matched that.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I have got 3 in 4 year and I need another one at present.

    Cable is a worst quality I never has got, it is expensive too. I am heading to get another brand for it. I use it good but it break again.

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    Cord Frays

    Agree with numerous other reviews, The cord frays and gives up on these power adaptors far too quickly. Anyone know if the 3rd party versions last any better?

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