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    85W Magsafe 2 power adapter dies once a year !

    I treated myself to a 4GB iPod after watching Steve Jobs introduce it. I still have it and it still works (as of Feb 2016) FLAWLESSLY. Contact me if you want and I will prove it. Although I had desired Mac hardware since then, I could not afford one as a student. A university I worked for later equipped me with a MacBook Pro Retina. It was simply a gorgeous piece of hardware. However, the 85W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter that came along is a lemon. I'm an Engineer by training and my observation leads me to believe that there is a design flaw in one of it's internal components. It has failed on me about once a year or so. Luckily the first two times were under warranty on 2 different MacBook Pros. This issue is *separate* from the fraying reported by several users. I use the 85W MagSafe 2 Power adapter only on UPS except on occasional outstation trips. I request the engineers @ Cupertino to please examine the *returned* 85W MagSage 2 power adapters and check the internal ICs or Capacitors. I'm positive the failure rates of it's internal components will be greater than acceptable thresholds. C'mon Apple please don't ruin your reputation on a few, cheap internal components of the 85W MagSafe 2 Power. The sudden failure of the 85 W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter has been reported on several forums including service centre websites across the world.

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    Remember when Apple was synonymous with quality? How times have changed...

    This device isn't just a poor design it is downright dangerous! I had my ten year old daughter sitting next to me as I distractedly worked away on my Macbook, apparently sparks were emitting from the rear of the power transformer box and before I could register what was happening she had picked up the box saying, "what's happening here?"

    What was just happening there was that my gorgeous little cherub was just perilously close to death! Come on Apple, selling a product that is so blatantly defective, user-unfriendly and potentially negligible is black stain on your reputation and one that any caring Senior Exec running around the hallways of your 'multi-bulti' corporation should quickly draw a red line through before making the executive decision to 'go back to the drawing board'.

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    Terrible Cable

    You would expect when you're forking out big bucks for an Apple product that it would be of good quality, but don't expect this of this charger. I had my cable a few months and already it started to fray and split at the ends, as well as the points where I would wrap it around the tabs of the charger when storing it. Unfortunately I left it until it got very bad, and was no longer covered in the Apple Warranty. A joke, frankly.

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    Expect to buy a new adapter every 6 months

    I love my Macbook Pro more than life itself.

    But the charger cable is cheap rubbish that costs $130 AUD! I have to replace the charger every 6 months or so simply because the insulation on the cable splits open and exposes wiring. One time I even had a charger spark and short out on me as I picked it up.

    This is a cheap & dangerous shoddy product that needs a redesign badly. I wouldn't care so much if it weren't for the fact that Apple charges $130 for a replacement charger. Unbelievable.

    This needs to get sorted ASAP.

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    Power adapter lasted less than a year before it began to deteriorate. It is now in such poor condition that it is undeniably a safety risk and I am being forced to purchase a new one. Can only hope the new one won't do the same.

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    Worst 6 chargers I've ever used.

    I go through one every 6 months, every time apple replaces it for free, every time they die.
    It's too much of a hassle going into the shop, being told to come back next day at 9 o'clock because they're booked solid for a week and it takes a genius to swap over a fire hazard.
    If they haven't put an actual strain relief on the thing by the next time my charger breaks I'm walking in when they're busy, making a massive song and dance, smashing the current one to bits on an iPhone and walking out with 10 boxes of the things.
    I'm beyond mad. They don't even refurbish the things, so massive ewaste issue.
    Think I mistreat them?
    I always wrap it around the straps built into the charger itself. I otherwise have it on a desk.

    And don't get me started on the magsafe garbage, I can hang my laptop vertically from it, only laptop I've had that does this. No more breaks, yeah right.
    Only works if you use it on your lap, and you can't do that because your laptop will burn you.
    The day before your warranty expires, walk into an apple store and take as many as you can get your hands on in protest. Then throw them all in a bin.

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    Truly awful quality

    My MBPr is the last piece of apple hardware I own. This is because I have witnessed the quality fall out of the sky over the last 2yrs. My adapter just blew up causing a huge spark. I am appalled to see so many instances of this here. What are Apple playing at. Time to leave Apple for good now I think.

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    What are Apple playing at?

    My office has 5 Macbooks and we are on average having to replace 2 of these power adapters every year. Last year, one shorted out and nearly caused a fire. I never leave my Mac charging overnight any more!

    We don't have this problem with the cheapest Windows PCs so I cant understand why such a 'premium' product is shipped with such a lousy power adapter that cannot stand up to more than a few months of normal use in office conditions.

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    Worst apple product ever

    I have gone through 4 of these cords now, 2 didn't even last a month. I have no option but to now buy a 5th. FIX THIS NOW APPLE!!!

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    Original charger failed about 12 months after purchase of the Retina. Now 8 months later has failed again. Cables are all good, don't understand why it fails other than the case gets too hot and cannot dissipate the heat.
    Form and aesthetic appeal versus function doesn't win.
    Not happy.

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    Rare Junk From Apple

    You know, you shouldn't even have to think about your power supply. It should be a non-issue. It should be invisible. This mis-designed mutant wart certainly is not.

    I was introduced to my first MacBook Pro in 2009, and it had the MagSafe 1. Didn't even know it was there. I could move my laptop...set it on the arm of my chair...move it over so the cat could jump and get some love...set it on the table or retract my chair to get up and set it on the ground...didn't matter what I was doing, it stayed attached to the computer BECAUSE IT WAS OUT OF THE WAY.

    The MagSafe 2 hangs out there just begging to get knocked off, and it gets its wish 5-10 times per night. I can't have the computer on my lap with it connected without either disconnecting it, or scrunching my legs together uncomfortably to make room on the side for the wart...but by then the cable has fallen off again.

    This product is mid-90's tech and shouldn't be on a state of the art 2015 computer. Apple should be ashamed...should re-design a power supply of tech contained in the new model put together with the practicality of the old model...and exchange the re-designed supply free of charge with us that spent way too much for an Apple product to begin with. Disgusting.

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    One month

    One month.That's how long it lasted.

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    Poor Design

    I have owned my Macbook pro for about 13 months now, and the cord came with the computer, both unused. Now, the cord has frayed both at the top where it plugs into the computer, and right by the adaptor. In fact, I have accidentally burned my hand a couple of times when I touched the cord to unplug it, because hot wires are sticking out of the place where the rubber has broken. I am ordering a new cord now, but I wish Apple would listen to the many customers urging them to update this design. If you are going to require your customers to use a cord that you produce, you should make it a cord that is worth purchasing, especially if you're going to charge 80 freaking dollars for it. As it stands, this cord is poorly made, and is easily damaged with normal use. If there were an alternative to the apple cord, I would be buying it without hesitation.

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    Currently on my 4th adapter

    Admittedly, I've had my MBP for 3 and a half years but for 100 bucks I'd expect a longer lifespan. Adapter cord always wears down at the attachment to the power block.

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    Magsafe 2 is a poor design

    I've had my Macbook Pro for two days. And I'm already over the new power adapter. It will NOT stay attached. Very little magnetic force to keep it connected to the macbook. It sticks out 90 degrees perpendicular to the computer. The old power adapter was more parallel to the side. It also had a stronger magnetic force connection, so it stayed put. You really have to keep an eye on this new power adapter to make sure it stays connected. The slightest inadvertent bump and it falls off.

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    Stunned by the poor quality

    Sad to say I have exactly the same problem as everyone else -- the cable just splits open. I've had Macs since 1986 and never had a problem with power supply. And £65 to replace!! Insulting to rip off loyal customers in this way. What is going on Apple? Safari is useless. It's hit or miss whether pages load. I use Chrome now. We pay the higher costs for better quality. Now the quality is deteriorating. I love my MacBook Pro, it's a wonderful computer, but this power adaptor is a joke. Apple should fix it or replace it. It has a known defect. I sold my Apple stock. I have serious concerns about the company now.

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    The weakest link of whole laptop

    This is a really fragile & terrible adapter. I've bought Mac 15 Pro Late 13 1.5 years ago. And my charger stops charging on the first week.
    Then I've goes back to the shop and there's MAGically starts working... :) And now this happen again...
    Apple, do I need to comes back to the shop for the next portion of the magic for my magsafe?

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    Repeated issues with fraying cord and ceasing functioning

    Haven't had any issues with the LED or magnet strength as others have mentioned. However, charger came with late 2013 13" Retina Macbook Pro. Have had to replace it TWICE after the cable began fraying at the base of the adapter and subsequently ceased functioning. Issue has been going on for years, yet the design does not appear to change. All while repeatedly paying over $80 each time for a defective product. Haven't experienced such poor build quality with any other Apple product.

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    Broke after just over three years, despite being quite careful with it

    I guess lasting three years is better than many other users, but it's still frustrating having to pay 129 AUD for a replacement. Literally the day before it broke I asked a Genius at the Apple Store if the fraying was anything to worry about and he told me that it was fine. The very next day it completely frayed off and stops working. The design of the entire cable is great it's just that the spot where the powerbrick meets the MagSafe cable is very weak so it predictably frays and then breaks. If only the thicker rubber shielding was just like 5cm longer with some tapered flex near the end I think this cable would last much longer.

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    just awful

    Why did it break? I have no idea? It just stopped working. :\

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