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    Terrible Design

    Such a poor design by apple. Wire frayed in 6 months from both ends.

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    Not even a month old!

    I bought this MacBook Pro on Dec. 16th 2015, last night Jan. 5th 2016, I smelled something burning under my desk. I have a ton of cables down there to the Mac Mini and everything but with further investigation I found that it was the MagSafe Power adapter.. Literally not even a month of use and it has melted, Listen to the reviews and just avoid this. I would spend the money to get the MagSafe original and buy the MagSafe 2 adapter for $9.99..

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    Broken charger

    I have had my laptop for just 2 years and after 1 year the charger started to breake. Every person that I know who owns MacBook laptops had the same problem. The laptops are amazing but for the price we are paying the quality of the chargers should be much better or at least to buy an orginal charger should be at less than £30. I need a new charger now, which means that I will have to buy a charger from a different company, which can damage my laptop only because the chargers are too expensive!!! Very disappointed.

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    started to break in a few months

    my adapter started to break in 1st few months but hung in there until now (16 months) and finally melted due to stripped plastic at the base of the adapter. bad design!

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    Wears around the T joint

    Well, I'm about to purchase my THIRD adapter in 18 months. Terrible quality. The cord wears at the T joint where it connects to the computer. Not impressed, however as the adapter is essential Apple must be laughing all the way to the bank.

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    2 Chargers in 1 year... says it all

    Charger does not leave the home, the cable isn't warn out, but just stops working. First charger, cable melted and frayed. Very disappointed.

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    This is a piece of trash.

    I've had to buy 3 of these horrible chargers in the last year. They continually break and the wires don't work. They didn't quite think this design through...

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    Design Flaw

    The biggest flaw for me is the fact how easily the charger disengages from the laptop. Every little movement will disengage it, rendering it completely useless and absolutely frustrating. Please update the design...or go back to the old one.

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    Worst charger ever

    This is by far the worst laptop charger i own amongst the different personal computer brands. It's expensive and it spoils easily. I have had mine changed for MORE than 3 times and each one doesn't last more than 6 months. I'm so frustrated with apple. Please do something about this and not neglect the rest of us old macbook community for the stupid new macbook 2015. Ridiculous.

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    Another Power Supply!!

    This will be my 3rd replacement......the first one caught fire at work, thankfully I was in the room at the time, my second has now frayed at both connector ends. I only use Apple hardware because my works supply it, if it was my money I would certainly be buying something more cost effective. For the cost absolutely shocking

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    Literally blew up whilst in use

    My power adaptor blew up tonight during regular use. A popping sound, a flash of light and a burning smell and no more power. I would expect the power adaptor to last the life of the laptop, and two years doesn't cut it. $129 to replace! Not happy :-(

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    It exploded on me...

    Mine literally just blew up ... luckily I was in the room when it happened. Pop *flash of light* (smell of smoke).

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    Frustrating Design Flaw.

    Like many others, this cord breaks quickly and, for me, in the same spot both times (I.e. The thin chord emerging from the square). That part gets hot while charging and the wire is too thin to handle the heat and the inevitable bending at that point. I asked someone at Jump+ why this is happening and what the solution is and why it isn't covered when it is obviously a design flaw. He said because the wire is exposed for all they know an animal could have done it. Then he recommended plastic cable protectors to reinforce that part of the new cord I will have to buy. An item they don't sell. I went to best buy and the apple rep said that I should charge my laptop on a desk and hook the cord up using black clips and make sure it is never tugged. Also to use a spring from a ballpoint pen to reinforce that area. Here's what I think, if I'm spending 100 bucks on a cord that charges a laptop it should be designed so that it can withstand travelling (which I'm not even doing). Oh and maybe don't expect people to spend even more time and money on DIY fixes so this thing doesn't break so quickly. I love Apple and am disappointed that they sell such a product, blame their customers for the problem, and do nothing to fix the issue.

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    Poorly made and breaks quickly and often

    I have had so may problems with these Mac chargers. I just recently went through my fourth one (at least!), and they all break in exactly the same way. The rubber covering the inner wiring tears and crumbles extremely easily, and in order to make it last longer than two months it has to be wrapped extensively in electrical tape or some other stiff tape. If it doesn't have some sort of outside help like that, it'll bend in terrible angles and the rubber will start to tear almost immediately. This product isn't worth $80, especially because it has to be replaced so often. PC users can get a charger that lasts longer for significantly less money, and it's so difficult to afford a new Mac charger every six months.

    If there was ever any other, cheaper alternative to these chargers, I would buy that instead. It's extremely frustrating to have my laptop rendered unusable every six months because the charger breaks and I don't have the money to buy a new one right away.

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    Frayed cable

    As of everyone else has said, the cable is way to thin and frays easily. My cable frayed after a little over a year.

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    Cord frays at connection point to adapter unit

    If only I could post a picture post a picture, enough to say that as per the title, the cord frays where it connects to the unit, thus stops working - poor quality, requiring 85euro replacement!...

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    poor design, broke in a year

    Yes Apple, we know it looks pretty when it comes out of the box, but the lack of proper strain relief leads to a broken, wire exposed cable within a year. Also, the white rubber & plastic never stays clean and bright nor looking nice with normal use, and within a few months is dingy gray and all marked up.

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    For once, truly awful design and poor quality from Apple. Yes, really.

    I have three Macbook Retinas in the family. All three have these power supplies. Prior to this, I had Windows laptops for over 20 years. No power supply ever failed. *All three* of these have failed. In their extreme cleverness, Apple have created a thin low voltage wire with soft outer cover. Feels great, like all Apple products (though I don't feel my power cables very often). But it rides up the wire, and bunches together, and eventually tears open, revealing the wires. Ultimately, after about 12-18 months, they start to short out. Come on Apple! Get your act together and re-invent this so that they last longer than 10 minutes. I'm happy to pay Apple for better products, but paying more for this garbage is insulting.

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    I have had to buy two (NOW THREE) of these chargers in the past 2 years. The charger design is awful. The cord is far too thin and not nearly as durable as other apple products. It heats up to an extreme temperature. I have spent over $180 repairing something that was never my fault to begin with. Very unhappy that I now have to go and fork out another $80 for my THIRD charger.

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