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    Poor product, frayed plastic exposes power wires inside

    Love my macbook pro, but this power charger is just shocking.

    Within a year of purchase the wires are showing as they have burst through the plastic at points, leaving me feeling vulnerable to shocks or fire.

    Looks like everyone's fed back pretty much the same as me on this one so it's definitely a poor product from Apple.

    Please sort it Apple.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Had this charger for five months before it frayed and became unusable

    Title says it all

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    Terrible product spoiling an otherwise great laptop

    Recently I had a massively fraying cable and visited a store to get a replacement, luckily i was able to get a brand new one. The service was great but the issue remains with the power cable itself. This really should have stain relief or a much tougher cable to prevent the metal shielding beneath from wearing the pvc away and burst through. I was told i was stressing the cable but I think this is not the case, i've never had any cable fray and melt like this and never fail ever. A redesign is needed, even if all they do is increase the diameter of the cable.

    If you want a replacement out of warranty like me, go to a store very early just after opening on a weekday, be nice, polite, slightly clueless as well. Go to a store where you can't book a genius appointment, go in and ask the iPad guy at the front, they'll say to see a technician. Don't mention anything like warranty or anything but they put it through as apple care which i didn't have so it really is the exception to the rule to get a replacement but being amenable and nice helps oil the gears. Good luck and don't buy a replacement you really are due a free one considering the very poor design.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    The magnet in the magsafe2 is a lot weaker than the original magsafe on my last MBP. I basically can't even use it like a real laptop when I'm charging it because anything I do knocks the charger off. Terrible "improvement" over the original!

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    Needs a re-design

    The sheathing on the cable is not up to the task. Its been used solely indoors and treated with very good care, but the insulating sheath has discoloured and split near the connector after only 18 months. At £65 a go, its not a cheap fix and should be made of far more robust materials for that price. The Macbook, on the other hand, hasn't skipped a beat, come on Apple!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Stopped working after 13 months . . .

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    Awful product

    I'm now on my third one of these in the space of 18 months. First one just stopped working, second one cable burnt and eventually split (sparks everywhere, amazed no-one has got electrocuted and sued Apple). Can't wait to see what my new one does. Absolutely amazing that Apple would release such an abysmal product (so much for Apple's technical brilliance), and doubly amazing that they would completely ignore customer feedback and do nothing to improve and replace it (so much for Apple listening to their customers). I love my Macbook but I won't buy another one until Apple have sorted this out - if they ever do.

    By the way I have noticed on Amazon another company making and selling these. Unfortunately they don't get good reviews either, but there is hope that someone else will eventually produce a safe and reliable version. Astonishing that Apple are apparently incapable of doing so themselves though - it's only an effing cable!

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    Cant purchase power chord separately?!

    My power chord has frayed can I cant purchase power chord separately from the actually power adapter. Apple wants to charge me $119 for a whole new adapter when only the chord that runs from the adapter to my laptop is the part that needs replacing. Apple why don't you make this part detachable so people can save money by not having to purchase the adapter all over again when they don't need it?! A total rip-off and very disappointing! Look at how many people rated this one star as the majority of them have a frayed cable and are forced to buy the whole adapter!

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    So bad, can't have been made by apple

    Switched to everything Apple 3 years ago, on the whole one of the best decisions I have made. Generally, they make robust, user friendly and although a little expensive, still quality products. With the exception of the 'expensive' bit, this charger doesn't meet any of the above criteria. Cannot stress how much utter garbage this is, if only there were 0 stars I could give. Apple seem to have a similar problem with their iphone chargers, they last one year max. In the last three years, I have bought 3 of these MagSafe 2 chargers and the third has just failed on me. I am going to buy a non apple product which will still only last a year probably, but at least its half the price.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    So poor

    What is with apple and it's charger..
    Very poor product, the second adapter in under a year and not charging already..
    Not happy at all..!!!!

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    Simply Awful.

    The DC side of cord overheated at the base of the inverter and frayed away from it. This happened right after my warrantee ran out. Why in the world does apple not make this a standard DC plug? Then at least I could replace the cord instead of the entire assembly.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Apple fix this fragile adapter!

    Terrible design/construction. The weak cable broke and does not work anymore, after very careful use. Replacement cost is also extortionate. Shame on you Apple.

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    last for less then 2 years

    dont bend ends of the cables especially near the charger.

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    Very very poor!

    The cable has burt through on the magsafe side where it joins the block! Very very poor especially having spent 2600 pounds on a laptop, I expect a lot better than that from Apple. And then 65 pounds for a replacement, seriously?

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    Completely substandard product

    What is it exactly about Apple where they refuse to correct this known deficiency? Over the past eight years I have seen no less than five charger cords fray and stop working. It never gets better. It's almost as if they refuse to fix the problem because Apple users continue to buy the product, while also making huge profits on this flimsy power adapter as people have to replace them every year or two. The manager in charge of this department needs to be fired. Completely unsatisfactory. What a disaster this design is. Say what you want about PC, at least their power adapters last. What's use is a computer without power?

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    not build to last

    I go though 1 charger a year. It is getting old. I'm tired of paying $80 for a poorly constructed charger. Apple I expect better quality.

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    Apple Should Take Responsibility For This Horrible Product

    Now on my third MacBook Pro retina 85w power supply in a three year old laptop. Same thing happened both times. The cord turned yellow at the magsafe connector end, and then became frayed virtually overnight. This occurred over normal use both times. Simply MBPr was plugged in and it failed. The supplies run $90.00 with tax and shipping and are easily the worst product Apple has ever made. If the actual cord that failed could be replaced, obviously the cost would be significantly lower, but unfortunately Apple's design requires that the whole power supply be replaced. The company needs to own up to its user base and provide a quality 85w supply for its flagship laptops rather than making it a yearly premium for MBPr owners. This is inexcusable; Apple knows the power supply design is defective; yet it continues to ignore hundreds of user reviews here and elsewhere.

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    Bad design

    I've been through 3 of these. The wire wears out where it connects to the box. This is poorly designed and $79 every time I need one is killing me!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    After purchasing one about 5 months ago, to which i had to buy one 9 months prior to that, now i have to purchase another 80 dollar charger that blows out, so I'm on my 4th charger, including the original one I got when getting the laptop.

    I take good care of my charger since they're so darn expensive, but this is outrageous. The only thing I do with my charger is bring it here and there from class to home while having it nicely and safely coiled up in my backpack. This is horrible. Apple needs to make a charger that can last AT LEAST 2 YEARS. I haven't had a charger this horrible in my life. 5 month run, WTF.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    worst design ever

    few months of use and this charger and the thin white cord falls apart !!!

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