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    I have to drop money on a new one every few months

    It's not that they don't stay in, or that they stay in when they shouldn't. It's that they fray. They always fray. I wrap electrical tape, but it only lasts so long. Really, it may even last longer than the original sheathing. And it's awfully expensive to be so predictably lousy!

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    What a piece of junk!!!

    Why the heck did you change the design Apple? The magsafe 1 was such an innovative and perfect design. Just redesigning for the sake of it makes no sense. This new magsafe 2 keeps coming off the laptop with the slightest pull... and really. Why the f&^* do we need a new charger. Now I can't borrow my friends and vice versa. Ridiculous. Do I have to give it one star?

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    cable and design totally stinks

    Apple must have some motivation why they lead in innovation and design on all fronts except the charger of their macs. Makes zero sense. I'm on my 2nd cord due to rubber splitting and wires fracturing.
    The magnet connector is just poorly designed. Only able to charge if mac is left alone flat on a table. I'd like to see tim cook keep the charger connected while seated at an airport waiting to board a flight..heck even just sitting on the couch. I love apple but this charging fail is pure garbage. They know millions of customers have this problem everyday but they ignore it but release a larger iPad I assume 4 or 5 guys who work at Pixar care about.

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    Worst charger ever!

    I bought my MacBook in March 2014. So the charger is less than two years old. And already it doesn't charge up properly. This is a personal laptop so it's not the slightest bit overworked. I don't use my charger daily yet it doesn't allow me to charge my laptop without many attempts at fiddling with the magnetic connection and praying that it would magically start to charge. I tried cleaning the dust, resetting the SMC. WTF? Why do I even have to do all that? My PC laptops have NEVER required this!!! And they cost less too!!!!

    Now it looks like I'll have to fork out SGD108 for a new charger if this continues because I can't live with the chance that it would suddenly fail.

    This is my last Mac for sure.

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    broken cable...

    After only a year of normal use, the protective rubber of the cable broke, exposing the wires and quickly screwing up the charger... This charger, and many chargers Apple makes, slam right in the face of their quality values.

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    i'm on my third one in 3 years

    The first lasted nearly 2 years and the the cable out the brick started to go... it had a good innings but I was insulted by the price when I had to stump up for a new one.

    The second... well I made sure I was going to look after this. 5 months in it just stopped working... i pulled it out the wall socket... tested the socket.... all good... I switched to the extended wire plug bit and slide that on... BANG the fuse went straight away with a big spark from inside the brick.... So thats 2x fuses gone and no damage to the exterior of the product. Must be poor quality wiring inside.

    I'm going to return the product and insist they have it sent to be inspected. I expect more for a product of this price.

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    Bad adapter

    The first adapter that damaged before the lifetime of the computer. This is my first and probably my last APPLE product. The computer is good, but after the quality of this adapter I do not have many expectations for its lifetime. Same problem as the most of the readers, the thin cable damaged at the extremities and stop working.

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    Wish I could read all these reviews

    I agree with all these diasapointed customers: Feel like am stuck with a very expensive laptop, which I am okay with. However, even the replacement power adapter is not working any more. Does apple really expects their loyal customer to stick around if they keep handing them such a bad power adapters?

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    MagSafe 2: Two Time Loser

    I can't put into words how badly I hate this MagSafe 2 Power Adapter. the MagSafe 1 was great: it hugged the body of my MacBook Pro 13...never got in the way...was always attached to the laptop...was only a ¼ inch footprint...I forgot it was even there except for the occasional glance to check its status by the LED.

    Bought a new MacBook Pro 15 this summer, and the first time I sat in my chair...put the laptop on my lap...the adapter popped off. If I have to itch my foot? Off. Reach for my water? Off. Cat jumps up for some love? Off. Sneeze? Off. I'd LOVE to shove this thing in the designing engineer's ear, and all the bureaucrats following that put their hands on this and approved it. Not all of us use laptops on desks...we use them on LAPS! If I want this power supply to stay put I have to sit uncomfortably in my chair like I've got on a mini-skirt...and I'm not a mini-skirt kinda guy.

    So nobody thought about the possible negative ramifications from having a sleek ¼ inch device that hugs the machine to this growth that sticks out an inch at least...with the leverage of a stiff cord on top of that? Apple designers make sure you have to charge your phone 2 times a day because of tiny batteries...so you have an 'elegant' looking device...but they thought this mutant Lego thing hanging off the side of the machine was alright?

    You're slipping, Apple. The wonderful momentum Jobs left us with is rolling to a stop. I've had more software issues the last year than in the 10 years before that. I would rather stick screwdrivers in my eyes than deal with the bloated iTunes. Music? Give me a break: sudden WARP volume...waiting for music to load from the cloud...songs ending prematurely...icons reduced to sesame seed size. Playing games with accessing my ripped music...like if I can't find it I'm going to buy it again. Meticulously tagging photos just to search for them at a later date, and they're nowhere to be found. Updates that magically reset EVERY SETTING ON THE DEVICE! You aren't smart enough to make that -not- happen? All the things that led up to me leaving other non-Apple OS's are happening now. We don't want the latest and greatest you push out to satisfy your shareholders. We want something that WORKS!

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    So so bad, the charger and Apple response

    Not even a year since I had it with my Macbook Pro 15" Retina display, and got the cable broken. Now they say warranty does not cover the cable. Horrible

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    One of the worst of the worst in the world

    I would have given this charger a negative star If I could. It is basically a pain on a regular daily basis, it gets disconnected with every single move, and it gets worn out so quickly which makes you spend almost 90$ on this piece of junk. It is truly one of the worst charger in both quality and design in the world. I am sick of it.

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    Broke in less than an year

    The chord wore out at the end connecting to the base. Poor quality and design.

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    Replacing yet another power adapter.

    Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed! Frayed!

    All they have to do is extend the protective shoe about to 3-4 inches and it would stop the cord from fraying. I am on my fifth cord that has frayed. Apple!! Come On Man!!


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    A Fraying Mess

    The charger works great for about a year. But for $80? That's too expensive for a years worth of charging. After about a year and 3 months the charger ceased to be able to charge due to the fraying at the base of the brick and the start of the cord. The cord started fraying after around 3 months or so. This is a poorly made charger that is unable to stand up to the normal everyday needs of its users. Unfortunately I know of no other alternative.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Once again the cord failed.

    The Magsafe adapter is a good adapter except for one fatal flaw: Inadequate strain relief where the cable meets the body of the charger means that eventually, and inevitably the cable will break. Mine just broke and shorted out, getting very hot. Thankfully the charger has good protection and cut out.

    This is the second one that I have had suffer this problem. I'm going to add my own strain relief if and when I get a new one.

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    Wire splits near the power block

    I am extremely careful with my electronics and have had no issues with any other apple product. However, this is the second power adapter where the wire has split near the block.

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    Split cable - dreadful

    Would give 0 stars if possible. All Apple products from the last 5 years (3 laptops, 1 tablet and 2 phones) I have owned have had the cable split. Absolutely dreadful and makes me consider not buying any of their products in future, what a waste.

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    Worst product ever

    I am very careful with my computer and his accessories. I have had no problems with my laptop, but I am in the process of ordering my third charger. Guarantee never covers the damage. Very disappointed, very bad quality product and assistance.

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    Not happy at all...

    Second adapter in under a year and not charging already...

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    When purchasing my new MacBook Pro, I noticed they changed the charger back to the original T shape, rather than the L shape I had previously had. I am extremely disappointed with the T shape, as it seems to fall out of my laptop much easier than the L shape. Most times, I do not charge my battery up to 100% because the charger gets knocked out so easily. Therefore, I have to let my battery drain back down again in order to not ruin my battery life. I hope Apple decides to bring back the L shape charger.

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