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    I wan't a Job working for Apple.

    If product iterations merely require taking something good, and making it worse, I could make a killing designing "new" products for apple. I have tons of bad ideas!

    The MagSafe 2 is simply not capable of staying connected in normal situations. The reviews on this product are so unanimously terrible, I would suggest this product deserves a recall.

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    Warning! Poorly made, potentially Extremely Dangerous! Expensive to replace

    I am on my 3rd adaptor in less than 12 months.

    I think Apple may have a major safety issue with these power adaptors!

    My first one, the cable sparked and popped then died! The second one did the same thing, after only 2 months! I purchased both from an Apple store!

    The cause, the plastic wire shielding on the thin power cable splits easly and exposes the live wire of the power cable!

    My experience demonstrates just how poor quality it is. I think it is Extremely Dangerous and it could potentially seriously injure someone or worse may lead to a death by electrocution.

    My bad run with this product is as follows. My first one stopped working because the shielding on cable split and shorted it out. I just went out and purchased a second one as I thought I must have damaged it. 2 months on, the same thing has happened with the 2nd one I purchased. This time, down the bottom of the cable were it kinks to rap around the cable laches that flick out. I am sure I have not damaged it as I don't unwind the cable that far and it is always rapped up this far down. I can clearly see where the plastic shielding has just split where the cable kinks around the hooks.

    These must be so cheaply made, but Apple charge AUD$99 for a new one, which is a total rip off so such a piece of junk. I have Apple power adaptors from other much older Apple laptops and I have not had this issue with them. The sad thing is, you are left with no choice but to keep buying these if you want to keep using your laptop.

    Also, as other have said, the plug fall off at the drop of a hat, which is a total pain.

    I can't believe Apple still sell these and have not fixed them yet after getting hundreds of poor reviews for this product.

    I think these power adapters are not fit for sale and are potentially very dangerous. The exposed wires could easily electrocute some when the insulation around the wire splits and leaves live wires are exposed!

    Apple, you realy need to address this issue!

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    The previous one was much better. In this one the cable makes a longer lever, which, obviously, makes a stronger force and disconnect it very easily. Why did they "upgrade"? Also retaining the old magsafe could have been an advantage for users, like me, that use also old macbook at the same time.

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    Quality - I think not

    After spending over £2500 on a laptop I would have expected the charger to have lasted a little longer that 16 months. I am not a heavy user but the charger had now 'frayed' at the mag 2 connector showing the metal grading around the cable itself. It is a poorly designed and poorly constructed piece of equipment which lets down the whole product. I just wonder what Apple were thinking of.......

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    Useless and hazardous!

    the magsafe 2 is utter rubbish. due to the T-shaped design, increased width and reduced height, the magsafe 2 falls out when you need it to stay connected, and refuses to let go when it should! the connector will fall out with the tiniest touch on the vertical axis, but will easily pull even the 2kg macbook pro off any smooth surface if tripped on. magsafe 1 was a great innovation, but magsafe 2 is useless. apple should redesign the magsafe 2, test it thoroughly, and give all existing magsafe 2 users the updated charger free of charge.

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    Worst and dangerous adaptor around!

    One of the worst adaptors ever used. Lasted 7 months only - noticed was not charging my macbook pro and found that the part of the cable entering main adaptor body had frayed and burnt through insulation. Noticed this has happened to several other people who have written on this review string as well. This is a fire / safety hazard! Went to apple store and spoke to a sales rep who obviously had no answers why this should happened and spoke w they technician who said it was my fault this happened - due to wear and tear! What a joke! if wear and tear causes this to happen over 7 months - its a poor product of low quality! So I had to buy a new one for AUD$99 as it was 'my fault'.

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    Cord frayed from regular usage

    Similar to previous reports in this feedback review webpage - power cord frayed and burnt out through the insulation near power adaptor unit after only 6 months usage.
    Terrible quality and unacceptable hazard / potential fire risk as well.

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    Bought a new 15.4 Macbook Pro on Friday, by Tuesday I cant use the thing as the Mag safe power supply not working, I am disgusted with the obviously poor quality and after reading the other reviews I am wondering if I should have stayed with an Acer PC, never had any problems before.

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    Very very poor.

    The cable is a year old and has already disintegrated in 2 places, typical apple poor build quality in their accessories, the best designers in the world and you think they build them poorly accidentally?

    Not a chance, cut it out apple, hopefully applecare will cover this.

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    made to be unplugged???

    it is too easy to fell apart from socket.. I never had any issue with magsafe1..
    mbp is our one of SOE and the most of colleagues complain about this.

    Can you do something about it or just ignore, apple?

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    Engineering Team's Transcript:

    Engineer 1: “Let make it skinnier so it falls out easier!"

    Engineer 2: “Well, MagSafe 1 was L shaped so up/down motions would torque the connector rather than acting like a lever arm. Thus it wouldn't fall out.”

    Engineer 3: “Stupid. Let’s also make it stick 1/2 inch directly out the side of the computer so that all the torque is now on the even skinnier, even less secure magnetic plate.”

    Engineer 1: “Genius”

    Engineer 2: “REVOLUTIONARY!”

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    Poor Quliaty

    My MacBook Pro Retina is only 8 months old.. the charger is already broken, the cable is very weak and there is an obvious stress point that was not taken care in the design. Now I have to buy a new one :(

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    My MagSafe 2 power connecter broke

    I bought my Macbook pro Retina 15 on the day when it came out in New Zealand. About 1 year later, the power light stopped working completely. So there is no green or orange light on the connecter but still charges my Mac. however the price I paid for this Mac, any failure is unacceptable. I used to use Macbook pro mid 2010 model with MagSafe 1 and that was much more reliable than MagSafe 2. Many people complain about the strength of magnet but I found it no problem.

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    One bit the Apple QA process missed

    While the MBP has been fine, the power adapter is shockingly bad.

    The main unit runs constantly hot while the rubber cover of the cable has been fraying and disintegrating for months now, my first one ended up with more insulating tape on it than the original rubber cover.

    Not pleasant to look at and certainly not safe, I hope Apple address this quickly and produce a more robust product in future.

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    Brakes To Easy

    The adapter falls out way to easy, the amount of times i have pluged it in at night, gone to sleep, woken up the next day for school and realized that it has fallen out is unbelievable, at least once a week. And now the thing has broken. I wish i could use a different one but i can't

    Maybe worth $40 not $100

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    Bring back the L-shape

    Going back to the T-shape was a terrible idea by Apple.
    I loved how the L-shaped one aimed the cord towards the back of my desk.

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    Dangerous, poor design & rubbish quality!

    I have had three Macs, the Retina being my fourth. Not a single MagSafe Charger has lasted longer than a couple of months and have had to constantly travel back and forth to an Apple Store to get replacements (Thirty minute drive each time, Apple Resellers take 3-5 working days to replace the item)

    The Apple MacBook is a fantastic product but let down by the chargers! The cables always fray leaving the wires exposed which is extremely dangerous. My previous MagSafe2 charger would get extremely hot and fray which resulted in sparks and actually melting the product. My new one has frayed in a few months despite taking extra care of the product.

    Furthermore, the size of the mains plugs has been reduced which is very hard to remove from mains sockets.

    No-one expects paying so much for a product that has such a short lifespan.

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    The cable burnt through

    At first the power adapter seemed to work as to be expected with no complaint. However, after 5 months of owning my MacBook Pro, the power adapter began to get extremely hot with every use. With the length of cable that leads immediately to the magnet, it seems too thin to deal with everyday wear and tear. It is this cable that burnt through after 8 months of usage. Another general complaint of mine - for all the MacBook power adapters in general - the plug grip depth is insufficient. Apple have reduced the size from regular shaped mains plugs, and in doing so have made a product which can be hard to remove from mains sockets. I witnessed a family member try to remove their own MacBook power adapter from a mains socket and in doing so get a electric shock. Because of the short depth of the plug grip, they ended up hooking their fingers around the edge to make contact with the metal pins whilst the plug was only half way out of the mains socket. After that incident, a reduced plug grip size for the sake of refined aesthetic design seems utterly ridiculous. I have had no issue with the magnet strength.

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    Simply Put: If it ain't broke....

    The L-Shaped MagSafe from the previous generation was fine for me. If you had to change something about it then maybe make the cord and circuits more durable and stronger. Other than that, the new MagSafe 2 design stinks.

    It frequently keeps falling out of the MagSafe port from the brush of my leg or from the blanket of my bed brushing against it as well. Makes it difficult to be on your lap.

    Is it a dealbreaker to stop you from buying the current line of MacBooks? No.
    Is it annoying? Yes, but I tolerate it because I love my new MacBook Air, (it's so fast and it just works!)

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    In a marked contrast to the macbook pro, this product seems to have a design fault. I bought my MacBookPro a year ago and six months later, the thin cable started to spark where it joins the connector. This was replaced by John Lewis but now the replacement is similarly kinked within the thin wire despite very careful use. I will have to replace it again.

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