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    Think twice before buying

    Got one of these with a £2K macbook pro, laptop is brilliant charger is fragile at best. Charger never had any abuse only wall charging generally when not in use and only used around the home i.e. not ravelled up into a bag/case and unravelled where you could expect some stress to the cable and connection point. Had the product around a year and the outer jacket split and the inner cable started to fray, strands break to a point where it started to short circuit and failed. Took it back to the store who were not interested at best claiming it had been pulled. I bought another new one at the extortionate price charged so not a satisfied customer. Bought lots of apple product over the years because it is generally good quality ahead of the game reliable technology but this charger is terrible. If you are unfortunate enough to own one of these, protect the cable entry to the plug socket because if you touch it you will be disappointed.

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    Magsafe 2 not working

    i charged my macbook pro retina but it suddenly stop at 52%, i did all the troubleshooting but it didnt work. i hope Apple will have free service on checking whats the matter with our charger and laptop since we bought it in very expensive amount.

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    wrong shape

    the actual piece of metal that attaches to the computer simply comes off too much. Because, due to the shape of the charger, the wire comes straight out of the side of the computer when the charger is attached, it is very easily unhooked or unhinged. I never experienced this problem with the second version of the magsafe 1 adapter, the one that was cylindrical. On the old charger the wire went out behind the computer and was never really knocked out. This design is flawed though. The charger does also get very very hot.

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    On my third

    What an awful shoddy piece of equipment. How could a charger to a computer be made so poorly!? The MacBook Pro Retina is by far the best laptop this company has ever made but seriously this is just poorly made charger (I don't know how strongly I can stress this sentiment, they should honestly replace the first for free). Apple should be ashamed at the overall rating of this product, or at least they would of been under the Steve Jobs regime. Maybe I'm being a bit too cynical here, but as a long standing customer and advocate I guess I just expect better from this company.

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    Falls out all the time!

    This is a really big retrogression from the original Magsafe connector. The main problem is with the magnetic piece which attaches to the side of the Macbook Pro. It's too tall and square, and the magnet is too weak. This means it falls out constantly. It would be fine in a situation where the laptop is used like a desktop computer, never being moved from a flat desk surface, but it's a laptop, so it gets moved around and used in various situations. This results in it being pulled out by a slight movement of the cable, or pushed out by a slight push on the connector.

    Also, the plastic the cable is made of is a horrible stiff plastic, which doesn't twist and bend very easily. Not like nice soft silicone "wet noodle" type cable at all. It feels cheap, and like it won't last well.

    And finally, the waste heat produced by the transformer itself is intense. It can't be a very efficient design considering how much waste heat pumps out of this thing! This magsafe power adapter lets the whole Macbook Pro Retina device down.

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    Would give it 0 stars if I could...

    This charger is absolutely horrible. Had a 2007 MacBook Pro and the charger didn't have any problems for over 5 years. With this new cable for my 2011 MacBook Pro, I've already gone through two MagSafe chargers at $80 a pop. Apple, please get your house in order. The build quality of your accessories did a complete 180 and is utter garbage now...

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    Lousy quality

    Within a few months after purchase, on an adapter that isn't ever moved (I use my MBP mostly stationary), the rubber coating on the cable has turned into a soft putty that smears off at the softest touch. It has now disintegrated along much of the cable, showing internal wires. Had to buy a second adapter, which doesn't show a sign of the problem. Lousy material control at work here.

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    Frays so easily that I'm going Windows

    Apple has created yet another flimsy charger that frays so easily that it becomes a fire hazard in 3-6 months. This is true even if you're like me and you take every precaution. I don't wrap my cord, I always check that it doesn't have any stress placed on it, etc. Less than a year in and it's already frayed in two places (and admittedly has been a fire hazard for at least 4 months now). I have a two year AppleCare plan and I'm still supposed to drop $90+ on a new charger because of Apple's own negligence? No thank you. I'm out.

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    Very Bad Quality charger broke just outside warrantee

    I buy a top of the line Mac book pro, and the charge breaks... Just like everyone else here who is buying another one... Absolutely rubbish

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    What is even happening?

    Literally the worst design Apple could've thought of. You have to sit upright in a singular position so the charger doesn't come out. The L shape charger was a million times better.

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    Poor quality product

    My second MagSafe 2 has just died. The first one was replaced under warranty however I will need to pay $99AUD to replace the second faulty unit.

    We have owned numerous Dell, HP etc laptops and have never had any issues with power adapters, some are still working 5+ years later.

    Apart from the poor QC this unit gets very hot. Not what I would expect from a premium product

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    Pops out all the time

    I loved my last MagSafe adapter for my old MacBook Air. Now, with the MagSafe 2, the design seems to have gone backwards. The weakness of the magnet and the way the plug now protrudes means that my plug is always popping out... which is super-frustrating. Please Apple can you fix this on your next itineration of this adapter?

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    It's the worst one yet

    It overheated after 2 months and stopped working, got a free replacement. Another issue is that it's very prone to disconnect whenever you even just slightly move the MacBook.

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    Apple should be embarrassed for this failure of a product

    One year now, I think I have had to re-apply this adaptor about 3 or 4 times per day because it falls off so easily. Do I want to plug my computer in 1,000 times per year? No. It's annoying as anything.

    And this one frays too. Just like the one before. And the one before. And the one before. 20 years of using laptops and never have I had a single manufacturer make a bad cable. Toshiba, Dell, etc. But Apple? Every cable frays after about 1 year. If you're not in the USA ... TOO BAD FOR YOU BUY A NEW ONE.

    This product only gets worse every year, I don't know how they can't fix this fraying issue and also make a plug that doesn't fall out if you tap the laptop. Really, for shame, for what you charge for these things you need to come up with some basic engineering solutions. The page on Apple support is a major joke... basically "how to use your power cord". Show me any other manufacturer that has to have a dedicated web page for how to use their power cord. It reminds me of the iPhone problems with shorting out the antenna and Apple's response was "hold your phone correctly."

    No Apple, how about you design us a product that does not have major flaws in the design? Give us something that works. You shouldn't need to put up 20 photos showing "poor use" of the power cable. Power cables have been around for 100 years and you can't make one that lasts more than 6 months without utterly failing, let alone one that will stay plugged into the computer? What a joke.

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    Third adapter in 3 months(!)

    Melted cable close to the adapter and two damaged cables because of a snap somewhere in the middle. Very poor respons of Apple dealer: you have to be more careful... I have been using Apple laptops since 2001. Never had to replace any of the adapters. Even de Magsafe-1 was ok. The Magsafe-2 is a total failure in my opinion. Wonder how Steve would have reacted...

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    Replaced Twice

    I am a college student and I carry my charger around in my backpack with me to and from classes. My second charger just broke and tomorrow I will need to purchase another one for $80. On two different occasions, the wire closest to the battery pack has become frayed to the point where my computer will no longer charge. Laptops are supposed to withstand being transported and their chargers should too.

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    Fixed the problem of NOT CHARGING

    I discovered if the charging LED doesn't come on, I (followed the instructions and) unplugged the power adapter for 60 seconds before reconnecting, I was able to use it again. 2006 T type 85W adapter on a 2014 MBP.

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    Does Apple even see these reviews?

    Seriously, don't expect this to work after a year. Like every other apple power cord it frays and stops working. If I spend over $2000 on a laptop I expect to not have to spend an extra $80 a year on a power cord. You're better than this Apple. It's so disappointing. FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! You can't make an awful product AND make the replacement this expensive.

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    One star too much

    My charger has not lasted well. the AC connection side from the charger to the laptop has failed.
    It deteriorated very quickly in a matter of days, as well as being very very hot. the plastic white casing was infact tarnished form the heat.
    The cord deteriorated further the next day revealing the wire casing, then finally the inner plastic core. When I tried to press it together with my fingers to wrap it with electrical tape it burnt my fingers it was so hot, and upon fiddling more started to spark.
    My nearest apple store is over an hour away with no appointments for 5 days, or I can have a new one sent out against a credit card; which would then be charged depending on whether it was classed as "accidental" or "strain relief". Pathetic.

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    Go back to the "L"

    I'll be your first customer.

    The new one doesn't work in a lap, on a blanket, any surface that isn't flat. I like to surf in the AM with my legs crossed on my couch, and I have to hold the laptop at a 45 degree angle so my leg doesn't push the protruding charger up (and off). With my mid 2010 Macbook Air, the charger hugged the laptop body and exited the back. Never even thought about it being there. THATS a good charger.

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