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    Shockingly Poor ...

    This product is so poor, it's laughable. All the painfully slow, monotoned Sir Jony Ive interviews I've endured over the last decade telling me how design is the most important thing since the pending second coming and yet the Apple design team are clearly incapable of securing a cable to a plastic box at one end and an aluminium plug on the other. Nearly burnt my house down today. Truly terrible.

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    Terrible connection, very frustrating product.

    Unlike the Magsafe 1 this new version has the connector fall out at the slightest touch. Unbelievable how Apple could release such a product. I wish I could go back to the Magsafe 1 that worked flawless.

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    Worked well for a few months, then stopped working

    I have a separate charger at work and at home for my MacBook Pro retina, so I don't often need to wind the leads. Nevertheless, both show wear at the joints, and after a few months, one just stopped working. It's not a piece of metal stuck to the magnet, and it's not the laptop, because the charger at work still works. It is just bad design, and bad engineering.

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    Poor design and grossly overpriced.

    I spent about three grand on my rMBP (which I am very happy with), and less than 12 months after purchasing it the charger is virtually unusable. Just near the end that plugs into the computer the casing has broken (probably due to overheating) and the wires are all exposed. I have had to repair it with duct tape since it was either that or pay a hundred bucks for a new charger. The charger's power brick becomes insanely hot within minutes of plugging it in, and the magnetic connector is constantly falling out. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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    Bad design

    As people wrote before me, after a year, cable got fried. But I went to apple store and after 10 minutes they replaced it for a new one without stupid questions.
    One star, because the product is really rubbish. But there's not other option ...

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    I have to agree with all the other reviewers.
    My Macbook pro is Mid 2010 and I am happy with it but now AGAIN, third time the charger is gone.
    genuine Apple charger and they do NOT last more than a year, 18 months. I am forced to buy the third one now.
    I am totally disappointed, the quality is bad, gets very hot and simply does NOT last!!

    Bad Apple, Bad!!!

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    Fire the engineer who designed magsafe 2

    This is the worst power connector ever. It falls out if you breath on it. I love my mac book but this connector is single handily the biggest cause of lost productivity. Sometimes it falls out and I don't notice. Then I need to leave to take the train and find my charge at 20% instead of the 100% I need for my round trip journey. So now I lug this charger with me, which adds considerable unnecessary weight and inconvenience to my commute.

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    RUBBISH!!! Poor cable and gets very hot

    How Apple can supply such cr*p equipment??? Cable on Mac side fall apart after 12moths and charger can be used for brewing a tea.

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    Mag Safe 2 charger - A fire hazard with a poor design to boot

    This is now my second Mag Safe 2 charger and today after only 9 months use it has failed.

    From day one the charger operated hot and I wrongly assumed this was normal.

    I expect apple will be looking to "revolutionise the design" of the charger by moving to an "L" shape design like the previous charger in a bid to make even more money. Lastly £65 for a replacement what a joke!

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    Finally, my turn to experience connectivity problem

    Just like what the title said, my charger is not working well for my 15-inch retina (bought in December 2012) now.

    I have already undergone SMC resetting and it appears that the charger does not work properly.

    Based on what I have read in the review column, I am not sure if I am relatively lucky to have my charger (finally) fails after 14 months of use, yet it is really annoying when the charger works 5 -10 minutes and then the display shows you have plugged the charger in but not charging.

    I will eventually be forced to buy a new charger, but I am far from happy as my expectation on Apple is always high, just like any Macbook Pro user in Planet Earth.

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    Much worse than MagSafe 1

    I loved the previous MagSafe connector, and unlike everybody else it seems, never had any problems with the cable. MagSafe 2 however is a step backards.

    Main issues:
    - magnet is too weak, cable comes off easily
    - I can't charge sitting on my bed with the MBP on my lap, because the plug protrudes and gets in the way. So this laptop doesn't work well on your lap.

    Seriously Apple, what were you thinking? Give me back the old L-shaped connector!

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    Power cable "melted": Dangerous.

    My MagSafe 2 cable after 1 year started turning yellow close to the connection with the computer but it was not very dark so I thought it was only me seeing this and since sometimes it was hot (I contacted support and they said it was normal) it could also be caused by that.
    Now, one year and a half after buying my computer it started to rip apart and the cable inside just became exposed.
    This is actually quite dangerous and I consider this a hazard in a MacBook Pro Retina with 1 year and a half.
    Product quality in this Power Adapter is definitely not what one would expect from this model from Apple.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    I wan't a Job working for Apple.

    If product iterations merely require taking something good, and making it worse, I could make a killing designing "new" products for apple. I have tons of bad ideas!

    The MagSafe 2 is simply not capable of staying connected in normal situations. The reviews on this product are so unanimously terrible, I would suggest this product deserves a recall.

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    Warning! Poorly made, potentially Extremely Dangerous! Expensive to replace

    I am on my 3rd adaptor in less than 12 months.

    I think Apple may have a major safety issue with these power adaptors!

    My first one, the cable sparked and popped then died! The second one did the same thing, after only 2 months! I purchased both from an Apple store!

    The cause, the plastic wire shielding on the thin power cable splits easly and exposes the live wire of the power cable!

    My experience demonstrates just how poor quality it is. I think it is Extremely Dangerous and it could potentially seriously injure someone or worse may lead to a death by electrocution.

    My bad run with this product is as follows. My first one stopped working because the shielding on cable split and shorted it out. I just went out and purchased a second one as I thought I must have damaged it. 2 months on, the same thing has happened with the 2nd one I purchased. This time, down the bottom of the cable were it kinks to rap around the cable laches that flick out. I am sure I have not damaged it as I don't unwind the cable that far and it is always rapped up this far down. I can clearly see where the plastic shielding has just split where the cable kinks around the hooks.

    These must be so cheaply made, but Apple charge AUD$99 for a new one, which is a total rip off so such a piece of junk. I have Apple power adaptors from other much older Apple laptops and I have not had this issue with them. The sad thing is, you are left with no choice but to keep buying these if you want to keep using your laptop.

    Also, as other have said, the plug fall off at the drop of a hat, which is a total pain.

    I can't believe Apple still sell these and have not fixed them yet after getting hundreds of poor reviews for this product.

    I think these power adapters are not fit for sale and are potentially very dangerous. The exposed wires could easily electrocute some when the insulation around the wire splits and leaves live wires are exposed!

    Apple, you realy need to address this issue!

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    The previous one was much better. In this one the cable makes a longer lever, which, obviously, makes a stronger force and disconnect it very easily. Why did they "upgrade"? Also retaining the old magsafe could have been an advantage for users, like me, that use also old macbook at the same time.

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    Quality - I think not

    After spending over £2500 on a laptop I would have expected the charger to have lasted a little longer that 16 months. I am not a heavy user but the charger had now 'frayed' at the mag 2 connector showing the metal grading around the cable itself. It is a poorly designed and poorly constructed piece of equipment which lets down the whole product. I just wonder what Apple were thinking of.......

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    Useless and hazardous!

    the magsafe 2 is utter rubbish. due to the T-shaped design, increased width and reduced height, the magsafe 2 falls out when you need it to stay connected, and refuses to let go when it should! the connector will fall out with the tiniest touch on the vertical axis, but will easily pull even the 2kg macbook pro off any smooth surface if tripped on. magsafe 1 was a great innovation, but magsafe 2 is useless. apple should redesign the magsafe 2, test it thoroughly, and give all existing magsafe 2 users the updated charger free of charge.

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    Worst and dangerous adaptor around!

    One of the worst adaptors ever used. Lasted 7 months only - noticed was not charging my macbook pro and found that the part of the cable entering main adaptor body had frayed and burnt through insulation. Noticed this has happened to several other people who have written on this review string as well. This is a fire / safety hazard! Went to apple store and spoke to a sales rep who obviously had no answers why this should happened and spoke w they technician who said it was my fault this happened - due to wear and tear! What a joke! if wear and tear causes this to happen over 7 months - its a poor product of low quality! So I had to buy a new one for AUD$99 as it was 'my fault'.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Cord frayed from regular usage

    Similar to previous reports in this feedback review webpage - power cord frayed and burnt out through the insulation near power adaptor unit after only 6 months usage.
    Terrible quality and unacceptable hazard / potential fire risk as well.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Bought a new 15.4 Macbook Pro on Friday, by Tuesday I cant use the thing as the Mag safe power supply not working, I am disgusted with the obviously poor quality and after reading the other reviews I am wondering if I should have stayed with an Acer PC, never had any problems before.

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