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    The Only Charger You'll Ever Need

    Most of the reviews on this charger are negative, but I promise, if you treat this charger well, don't chew on it, and don't throw it places, it will last you a long time. I've had the charger that came with my MacBook Air for almost 2 years now and there is not a scratch. It's actually still really white. Treat your stuff well and it will last you for a very long time.

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    The worst product in Apple history

    Yes... worse than the hockey puck mouse. Worse than iPod socks or Beats headphones.
    After all these years Apple has never seen fit to improve this part of the user experience.
    Even when being very careful, the lifespan of the cable/connector is woefully insufficient. If you like to hang on to a MacBook Pro for 6-7 years, be prepared to factor in the cost of 2 or 3 Power Adapter replacements. The cable will fail on you well before the unit that it powers will need to be replaced.


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    Disappointing ��

    I got may MacBook pro retina 13'' 2 years ago and the charger has been damaged and even sparking can be seen from some places. they need to re-design the charger all over again. totally disappointed :(

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    Poor Design and Weak Build

    There appears to be a common thread in reviews here and mine will be no different. After about 2 years usage the cable at the end of the adapter has frayed and fully torn. In two separate places no less!

    The charger does its job, but it is clearly not built to last. There are now numerous threads of live wire exposed in the places where the cable has torn open.

    I would also like to clarify that this has come from regular usage. I don't travel with it that frequently and it usually stays in one room in an area without much movement.

    Though, based on stories I've heard and read I also wouldn't recommend buying a replacement charger from anywhere else other than Apple. As with most things Apple, you will have to put up with buying their incredibly expensive, proprietary - and in this case, poorly designed - items.

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    These cheap chargers break. When will Apple make more resilient cords?

    After just a year of regular use, this charger is practically worthless. Why does apple continue to make these cords so cheap?! So frustrated.

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    They keep fraying

    I have owned 3 Mac laptops and 6 adapters so far. I sincerely should know better than to re-purchase their product as I am constantly disappointed by their lack of durability. The last adapter I bought lasted me a big two years, and I consider myself to have been extremely careful with it. This is a problem that I have been waiting for years for the company to address. I don't care to have access to Siri from my computer, just make the adapters longer lasting please.

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    I don't understand why apple makes a disposable charger. My computer was two years old when the charger began to be faulty and it is not fair to customers, as the charger is $80.00.
    Terrible deal.

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    Weak sauce

    It's interesting to have an issue (cord fraying after just a year or so of use), do a quick search and find out that you're not even close to the only one with the issue. Bad execution on the MagSafe 2 Power adaptor Apple - something is definitely not up to par and it with the replacement at a premium price I believe this is an issue that deserves looking into and some sort of customer support provided since this is quite obviously not an isolated issue. And to provide additional background, I've had 2 prior MacBook Pros that haven't had anything like this and it's quite disappointing to experience shoddy execution by a company that I've come to expect much better from.

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    Works very well

    All the negativity here is absurd. My charger that came with my 2015 MB Pro 13" is excellent. No mechanical issues whatsoever. I handle all my gear with care, especially when packing for travel. So, I don't sympathize with any of the negative comments here about poor build, etc. It's very well built and a good design. I dock off one star because it is over-priced -- $50 CAD should be the price for an extra unit. Not a hundred bucks. That's robbery.

    Footnote: Still using the adaptors that came with my 2010 MB Pro 13" and 15", and my Macbook Air 2011 adaptor as well. No issues whatsoever.

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    Excellent product indeed

    You take care of it and it will last for many years , I Hadd 3 make so far and I never had any issues with the MagSafe cord ..

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    If zero was an option

    Terrible quality. The plastic rips open causing the charger to stop working. I've gone through three chargers and I've had the computer for four years....Apple has terrible quality products that are way too expensive.

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    cable stopped working

    stopped working after 2 years use. Poor build quality.

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    Same problem as everyone. I've had this macbook charger for almost 1,5 years and the rubber on the cord started ripping open.

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    Low Quality

    Apple's MagSafe power adapters consistently rip, break, and wear out no matter how gently you treat them. Their life is consistently shorter than their PC counterparts. This is the weakest and most frustrating link in their product line. Disappointed.

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    Doesn't wear very well

    This is the third one my daughter has broken in as many years. Not cheap to buy. It would be better if the 3 parts of the unit were split so that just the broken part could be replaced instead of having to keep buying the whole unit each time.

    Same as the iPhone cables. My son has gone through at least 20 apple chargers for his gadgets over about 5 years. The genuine Apple ones don't last much longer than 6 months if that.

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    Very poor quality.

    Yes I agree with all the feedbacks here.Apple need to improve this issue.

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    Too bad "0" is not an option!

    Bad design, terrible quality, and expensive...I think that sums up everything that is wrong with this product. Pros? Yes there are pros but not for the consumers only for Apple!

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    Worst charger ever

    After one year of usage it started falling apart. Magnet is barely holding, the cord is total rubbish, to replace it shops charge you $80. The worst part of my MacBook.

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    1. My charger split and both ends leaving exposed wire, I am very careful with it i have had just over a year.
    2. it sparks every single time i plug it in and has burn marks on it.
    3. the end of the charger gets so hot to the point it actually melted my S key on my macbook.
    4. another one costs 79 whole British sterling, it has a gone up in price every single year by around £5.
    5. I am appalled at how little apple care about their consumer as year after year people complain and the wire is still poorly made.

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    Power Adapter Is Not Representative of Apple Quality

    Everything Apple produces is great except the simple power adapter. I bought PC laptops every 2-3 years for a long time due to various reasons. I was tired of doing this and was very reluctant to spend so much money on an Apple laptop, even though I have been very pleased with my iPhones over the years. When my latest PC laptop failed after only 2 years, I went all in and bought an Apple Mac Pro with Retina display. The laptop is now 3 years old, performs flawlessly every day and looks like I just took it out of the box. However, Apple should be ashamed of their power adapters for their laptops, specifically the sheath that contains the wiring. It is poor quality and tears up within the first year. Since there have been so many complaints, it does look as though Apple is patting themselves on the back in having designed such a poor quality adapter that peopl keep buying year after year because their laptops are such high quality. Shame on you Apple.

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