• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Beautiful design but very poorly built

    As with virtually everyone else here, my cable has just frayed at the point where it joins the charger block. And here I am - a year after buying my laptop - after a new charger.

    I do marketing for a headphone company and its actually a big deal to talk about how robust and reinforced the cables are, as when these break the whole product is useless. Apple should take note - if a product is built to travel and to be used day in day out it needs to be built durably, particularly if its an electrical device.

    I actually love the charger design - its so compact, so light and actually attractive looking, but astonishly weak. It will make me think twice before paying a premium for a retina MBP rather than a top level Windows option in future, which I never thought I'd say. I'm actually quite disappointed as this has worn far worse than my old Macbook Air charger - and both were treated the same.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    Like most people my charger is starting to fail in less than a year. Basically charges my laptop whenever it wants. Very frustrating. Please change the current charger to something that won't give out in a short amount of time!!!!!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor Quality

    Both myself and my colleague using the 13" Macbook have had to replace our chargers on two occasions and we would not be ones to misuse equipment.

    The cable has separated from the power box on all occasions. Unacceptable quality for a high value product.

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    Terrible Quality

    The cables on these chargers are shockingly bad, they all break after a few months.

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    Terrible quality charger.

    The MagSafe connector is brilliant and the cable is of a good length however it is unacceptable that it breaks so easily. Very disappointed in Apple and this is only compounded by the £79+ price tag for a replacement. Quite frankly this has put me off upgrading to the latest model.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    Disappointed with the quality of this power adaptor. It frankly is a safety hazard. The casing has broken down and the wires are exposed at the base of the adaptor (wish I could attach a picture). Further, the adaptor becomes very warm. I feel it is a fire hazard. Out of fear for myself and my neighbors, I am forced to replace this shoddy product. There are much cheaper options available online without the AC cord (this portion of the cord is fine) however I am leery to mix and match products. I have only owned this product for 28 months and with a purchase price of over $1400 I had expected much more. A very inferior charger for a superior computer. Apple, I am disappointed.

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    Good Quality Devices, but ridiculous maintenance cost

    I have the MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) which I have own for 2 years now. Not much to say about the MacBook itself other than its good quality, but the cost of maintenance cost is just ridiculous.

    In the last 2 years I have brought 4 MagSafe Chargers (£260 in total as they used to be £65 now +£14.99) because it does not seem to be able to last anything more than a few months before the wire starts to split at both end and the metal inside starts to expose and causing electric shots sometimes.

    Now am just preparing to get a battery replacement but seen the stunning cost of £199, as 2 years is outside the warrantee however I've only used 1043 cycles but the battery is only able to store 62% of its original amount so my laptop cannot survive long without having to carry a charger in my bag. But the bad quality charger means unless you leave the charger on your desk unmoved, you will have to spend the money every few months.

    So to have a mac for 2 years would cost £1600+£260+£199(if I get the battery replacement) = £2059, with £2059 I would be able to get maybe 4 windows laptop with descent quality in 2 years. I am fairly sure any windows will be able to run for 6months without any problems.

    Just an advice for you all don't get a mac unless you are willing to spend £80 every few month!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Horrible quality chargers, DO NOT Waste your money

    I've had my laptop for about 14 months so I am no longer under a warranty and I just noticed my charger starting to fray a couple weeks ago. Now it is to the point where I can see the wires because the white coating is split. This is a serious hazard and apple needs to make better quality chargers. This is ridiculous and I am extremely disappointed. I was thinking about switching from my android to an iphone, but not now.

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    So very bad

    The charger wears out quickly (lasts slightly over a year).
    Expensive to replace.
    The old "L design" was superior as it does not fallout accidentally so easily.
    Great laptop, terrible charger.

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    It brokes so easy!

    I would give 0 star, If I could. it started to rip off when it was 4 months old. My dell laptop is 9 years old, its cord is still look like new.

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    Terrible design

    Having to buy a new charger for an expensive laptop makes no sense. Broken within a few months and it was hardly transporter. Overheats constantly. But here I am buying another one. No other choice. Apple, please fix this!

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    The fact that macbooks and iphones work so well, and these chargers are literally the worst quality possible for $80, shows that Apple is being SHADY and doing this on purpose. This charger is an embarrassment to Apple. It falls out with minimal movement. My charger is completely FRAYING with dangerous EXPOSED WIRES after less than a year of use (the wires started to be exposed after about 10 months). Note that I NEVER unplug and travel with my charger... It just stays perfectly straight and not bent on my desk. I treat it perfectly. This is completely unacceptable. Must be nice for Apple to have its consumers shell out $80 a year for a new charger to avoid fire hazards.

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    Charger cable not designed to last and replacement cost exorbitant

    I have followed carefully the guidelines given to avoid damage to the cable between the magsafe connector and the charger for my Macbook Pro. However, as other Apple users have clearly found, the poor quality of the material means it degrades quickly even through normal use and the need to replace the whole unit rather than just the cable is both unreasonably expensive and environmentally unsound. Apple need to take note of obvious consumer concerns and modify.

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    Absolutely disgusted

    that I need to buy a new cable after only a year of use. Totally unacceptable.

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    rubber on the cord rips open

    I've had this macbook charger for almost 2.5 years and the rubber on the cord started ripping open in just one year. It's truly disappointing as my old magsafe charger from 2010 is still functional and hasn't ripped open. The quality of the charger declined so far where your older models are outliving the newer ones by almost 5 years is completely outrageous.

    I've taped up the opening with electrical tape since it's expensive to replace. Obviously these things are made to fall apart so people will have to keep buying it over and over.

    It's these little petty things that keeps me from wanting to support apple products other than the macbook pro.

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    Why change a perfectly good design?

    The former design was quite good and impressive compared to a PC. Why change a perfectly good design? It irritates me that I now have 2 types of power adapters; one for my old mac and one for the new, and I am at the mercy of Apple. Never seen so many 1-star reviews.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    On 3rd Charger

    I am a die-hard Apple junkie, but this charger is terrible. I'm on my third year of ownership of my MacBook Pro with Retina and also on my third charger. Expecting more out of Apple.

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    Doesn't last

    Not even a year of use and it's already broken. Makes no sense that I need to pay an extra 80 dollars for a replacement. I expected better from an Apple product.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Wish I could rate it 0 stars..

    My MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display (Late 2013) came with this Magsafe 2 power adaptor. Not long after use, it started yellowing, which was no big deal. Then it started fraying at the end that connects to my MacBook, as well as throughout the cable. It is extremely unreliable, and I have to keep checking to see if it is still charging! If a replacement power adaptor cost around $30-$50, it would not be as big of a deal. But, $80! What the heck, Apple! I spend $2000 on a laptop, and then $80 for each power adaptor??

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    By the looks of the other comments, I'm lucky I got 3 years out of my charger. I took good care of it. Never put strain on it and then one day the plastic around the cord where it connects to the adapter start peeling away exposing the wires. Within the next few weeks, the wires have completely separated and I now have two separate pieces of charger. Best Buy doesn't even sell the MagSafe 2 60W so I had to settle for the 85 W. I hope it's just a fault of the 60W. My sister's had the 85W for 8 years and hers is still in good condition. But really? $80? That's a complete rip off.

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