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    This is my second MacBook Air and the second anxiety-based breakdown that is dealing with Apple's power charger. I'll skip the nightmare of the last laptop. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I thought starting over would make everything better. What did Einstein say? The definition of madness is doing the same thing under the same circumstances and expecting a different outcome? Yeah, that's me. This time, the charger: 1) falls out at the slightest (and I mean slightest) movement of the computer; 2) began to fray within days of usage; 3) by 10-12 months in, had to be manipulated manually in order to persuade it to light up at all; (whispering gently to it seemed to help, as it does with my pit bull, Ruby); and, 4) once lit, would stay lit for some random, unpredictable period of time of its own liking, then it would turn itself off, well before the machine was--or even close to--fully charged. Forgive my venting. I've had to buy, I think, some five chargers over 2 laptops. Now it's personal. I feel like Will Munny facing off with Little Bill in Unforgiven. I will never buy another Apple product again..As God is my witness.

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    Hate this adapter

    I'm going on my third adapter in as much time and the cost to replace it is too high ($80 for a power chord? Gimme a break!) The rubber sheath has broken and the wire on the inside that gives the cord some stiffness is beginning to break and come undone. It's only a matter of time before the chord shorts. I think it's purposefully designed this way.

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    I have pay eighty dollars for a charger if I want a new one? i already payed a thousand for a computer might as well just buy a different computer all together.

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    I have never even taken this cord out of the house, it is frayed in multiple places! For the amount of money I spent on my Mac, this is ridiculous! I have to buy a new cord for $79?! Come on Apple, I love the products, but all my cords for my products are frayed! Hey Apple, maybe it’s time for a new manufacture of cords, see the other reviews!

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    Improve the quality of the adapter

    It is terrible! The adapter is of poor quality. It is quite delicate. Make it more durable.

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    I've had 2 of these and now the wire jacket near the charging port is splitting again. This always seems to happen after 1 year of use and when I fly to another country with a different climate. Seriously mac, why can't you improve the design?? It wouldn't hurt to have a thicker wire jacket THAT DOESN'T SPLIT OPEN just because the wire heats up when charging. It's so expensive to replace that adaptor and now I've got no choice but to get a third one. Can you just produce better quality products instead of making us spend money unnecessarily?

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    Charger wires frays at week points!

    Me too. I'm with the bunch of people that now have to buy another charger because the cords has frayed at the point where it attaches to the computer and at the base of the charger adapter.

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    Another $80 dollars for an adapter that is a cheap piece of rubbish...

    I'd give it a zero if I could. I'm on my third adapter for this computer. I do not abuse them, and this is the first computer that I have ever owned that required replacement of an adapter at all. This one is overheating and turning brown so it's a fire hazard. The last one shocked me. At least Dell had the decency to recall their batteries when they were overheating. It's not like this defect is a secret. A quick Google of MagSafe adapter turning brown returned several results identifying the issue.

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    Terrible design and a terrible product - class-action-lawsuit-worthy bad

    These last on average 2 years if you take great care of them. Makes the total cost to own a Mac much higher than alternative products. With Apple's design and production prowess, it really leads you to believe they do this on purpose.

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    Doesn't last

    The original charger that came with my MacBook Air lasted five years, until it stopped working last July. I figured this was expected after five years of regular use and bought a replacement. Today--less than 7 months later--my charger isn't working. Reading the reviews here, it appears I'm not alone and that there is a fundamental issue with these chargers. I really hope that Apple will do something about this. At $90 a pop, I can't afford to replace these every few months.

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    Died in Less Than Two Years

    The problems with this product seem to fall into two categories. Either the cord fails or the charger just stops charging. While it's possible that Apple is ignoring the first issue because they feel people aren't taking proper care it's hard to understand why they haven't addressed the second issue. Despite being in perfect condition our charger simply quit yesterday. The thing had never even left the house since we purchased a second charger for traveling. It just up and died.

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    Not eternal, but functional

    I have to replace the 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter for MacBook Air, today, because the wire that connect to the charger is frayed. I got years of great service, and yes, things eventually break. The magnet always worked exactly the way it's supposed to -- trip over the cord and it releases instead of bringing the laptop crashing to the ground. I wish the cord part was modular, so I could just replace the frayed wire section, but it's not. And that's the price of constantly improving technology; for me it is worth $79 for the R&D and fantastic product design (and function!) that makes Apple products so wonderful. Oh, and I can either have it sent to me, for free, and get it in about 4 days, or mosey on down to my local Apple Store. Which is beautiful, and has hands-on displays of other stuff I want, and get information from the intelligent, knowledgeable, friendly staff. Or maybe are a FREE appointment at the Genius Bar, where they will explain what's wrong and fix it...

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    Dishonest and unreliable

    I try and take as much care as possible of my Macbook Air, as this is a luxury product. However, seeing as it is a portable device, I found it outrageous they force people to buy new adapters (for over a 100$...) because their cable is unreasonably fragile. It is a well documented issue, has been going on for years, and yet they keep on screwing customers. Get it fixed Apple!

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    Frail cable

    Same problem as everyone else. The cable frays at both ends leaving the wires exposed, leading to it not charging properly as well as being a electrical hazard. Yes apple is known for having expensive prices, but £79 for a charger is obscene especially when it breaks so easily and fast.

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    Broke :/

    I have it a year now its broken and apple expects $80 for a new one that ridiculous

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    Died in merely 2.5 years, Too expensive replacement

    Apple seems to have become the least reliable company these days. I've got some laptops from other brands that are still going strong, along with their original adapters, even after 7-8 years of heavy uses but this is the first time I've been failed miserably by a laptop's adapter (MagSafe 2). I'm in a far remote, rural area right now, needing to urgently finish and submit a project and thanks to Apple, my project and week is ruined completely. NEVER PURCHASING ANOTHER APPLE DEVICE.

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    No idea what you are all talking about regarding the reviews you are all giving, had my original MACBook Air charger for just over 3 years and its still all working fine, in fact I am about to purchase another for the office so its permanently their so do not have to mess about... although you could says its being lazy.

    Seriously I have seen the way some MAC's are treated and have to say if you treat your MAC like garbage then do not expect it to last!

    Thanks ... satisfied customer.

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    Poor design

    The cord that goes from the computer to the power block is very fragile. I took care of the charger but after a year and a half the connection between the block and the computer has begun to split open exposing wires. I have taped it up but I am afraid that soon the connection may break. The wire ought to be thicker and stronger near the block to prevent this.

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    Of all Apple accessories, this is equalled for poor quality only by the phone charger. I am very careful with my equipment, but this began failing before it was 18 months old: insulation turned yellow and began disintegrating. A class-action suit would be a good way to solve this problem. Apple is headed into the toilet.

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    Simply stopped working after a year

    I'm very careful with my stuff, and this one just stopped working this morning, without notification or previous issues just like that... After reading the reviews here I found out that i'm not the only one. apple need to fix this product because it's extremly costy and doesn't much the brand quality.

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