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    Cable break

    I am quite disappointed with Apple. I've had to replace my charger twice now. Both times it broke where the cable comes out from the transformer. After the first time it broke I made sure to be extremely careful. Unfortunately, it did not hold up much longer than the first one. I recommend that apple makes a more durable cable.

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    3 chargers in 3 1/2 years

    I have had my mac book pro since December of 2012 so it's been about 3 /12 years. In that time I have had to replace this 3 times. A magnet to hold the cable in is a bad idea. It should plug into a port just like the other ports allow, the rubber casing comes undone, the wires are bent, and the charger stops working. Nearby locations do not have the cable so when the power is running out a new charger is needed right away. The chargers are really expensive too. A real bummer.

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    I've had to replace my adaptor 4 times due to the cord fraying. First couple of times I assumed I wasn't being careful enough. Third time I thought prehaps someone else damaged it but this time I've been beyond careful with it not coiling and keep my charger up high away from any potential damaging items. Can't believe I need to buy another one!!! They cost enough that they should last as long as the laptops ��

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    Stopped working after less than a year

    After less than a year, this stopped working and won't charge my laptop anymore. I have wrapped the cable around the hooks attached on the adapter quite often, which is probably why it has stopped working, but if that is going to cause the charger to stop working that easily Apple should not have these hooks on the adapter. Very disappointed with this product.

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    Stationary Use Yet Replacing in Less Than 6 months

    Long time PC user, convert to Mac. Love my MacBook Air & iPad used for store POS. However, this is the second time now that I'm having to have the power adapter replaced due to it splitting/falling apart. Mind you, I use this laptop exclusively at my desk at home, which is about as conservatively as it could be used. The first time, I woke one morning to find the cord shredded like it had exploded. Today, I just happened to run my hand across the cord and found the small split. Thankfully, Apple is replacing it again, but it's still a hassle and I just think that expecting a better quality adapter for such an expensive piece of equipment doesn't seem unreasonable at all.

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    The charger hardly works now, it has always fallen off easily, and now it's fried two of the tongs on the charger and I'm worried it's going to fry my computer too.

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    Very Poor Quality

    It´s a contradiction that for such an expensive computer Apple has made such a poor quality power adapter. It´s very weak and the cable breaks easily.

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    Cable split near the MagSafe 2 connector

    On the whole I have been pleased with the MagSafe 2 power adapter for my mid-2013 MacBook Air. It is a good size, weight and form factor.

    The major redesign element from the MagSafe 1 was the angle of the connection, under some circumstances it makes perfect sense. However, my usual workstation has the power outlets to the right of the desk, meaning that the cable often had a fairly tight radius curve around the back of the Air to the DC input on the left hand side. No surprises as to where the cable has split.

    I also needed a replacement MagSafe 1 power adapter for my previous mid-2011 MacBook Air as the cable on that split too. Hopefully the next redesign by Apple will incorporate a detachable cable on the DC side of the power adapter.

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    No good - Cable breaks

    The cable breaks where the magnetic plug attaches to the wire. Very bad durability, however there is no alternative available.

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    Worst cable ever I used.

    The rubber/plastic around the cable comes of after very little use. It now looks like a dog chewed on it even if that never happened. And now it won't charge my computer anymore. I am Very disappointed in the quality, or rather lack of, in this product.

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    What's everyone's problem??

    I don't understand why everyone has a problem. If it's the adapter then maybe you guys are doing something wrong. As far as the CHARGER itself, which is what is SUPPOSED to be getting reviewed, there should be no problem there, either. Unless the user is doing something wrong. I have mine plugged in under my couch and it got caught in the reclining mechanism, therefore splintering the cord. That's MY fault. Just going to go down and get a new one. NO big deal.

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    The adapter has gone just at 3 years. This shouldn't happen! An adapter should not stop working for no reason, especially as this laptop is meant to be a premium product. These adapters are obviously substandard quality. I have never had non Apple adapter quit not even ones older than ten years. Extremely disappointing as this is not what I expected from Apple products.

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    Disconnects too easily

    Disconnects too easily. Very annoying.

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    HORRIBLE Charger! Don't waste your money

    I am so disappointed that Apple could even approve a product so poorly designed and actually put their name on it. The wire is so fragile that it breaks easily even when I have been careful to not bend the wire when coiling it. Still, I had to replace it now twice -- this is completely overpriced for what you're getting as it will never last that long.

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    Flimsy wire between adapter and computer cable - burned out after 12 months so no long working.

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    This is my 4th MacBook and 10th adapter...

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    Terrible product

    Had my Macbook Air since december 2012 and I am buying a third charger! The cable breaks so easily and I am tired of spending 80 euros on new one almost every year! On my Lenovo laptop this never ever happened, charger lasted for years and years. Shame on you Apple.

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    Terrible quality. The coating just cracks and peels off exposing the wires. And then it costs so much to replace. Not cool. I don't know who could give this five stars after having it a year

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    Not durable. Falls apart from normal use.

    The rubber coating is cracked and peeling, exposing the raw wire. Very dangerous.

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    Poorly constructed cable,not worth the price

    45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter has a very delicate/fragile connection between the slim cable and the adaptor box/plug. Wrapping this slim/DC cable around the hooks, as apple suggests, on the square plug still stresses this connection. The connection began to fray drastically within months of purchase so I covered it with electrical tape. First I covered just the cable, which did not seem to help for long as the tape slid along the wire. Then I covered the connecter on the box and the cable and this held for a some months till the cable stopped charging. When I took off the tape the wires were completely separated around a non-conducting thread like score.

    Granted my use is extensive and I throw the cable in my backpack a lot. Laptop cables do not fray this easily. This plug is heavy and the wire far too delicate. The fabric cover for wires that is now available on many cords fares much better. Apple, you need to either change the design or construction of your charging cords or make them practically free so that your customers, and people who rely on you brand are served well.

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