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    The cord on these always seems to fray, exposing the wires. Going through my 3rd in 2 years. The worst made Apple product by a mile. Looking at the 1-star reviews for this product, and the design of the new Macbook, it is clear that Apple is content with being a cord and adapter company that also sells phones and laptops.

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    Cable broken after a year

    If you buy one I would be extremely careful with the cable connected to the adapter... It's poorly made and breaks very easily

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    I am thinking of buying another brand

    I literally have a drawer FULL of power adapters.

    I bough my first Mac in the early 90s, but if Apple doesn't do something about the charger problem, I am gone next time I upgrade laptops.

    If I could, I wouldn't even give a star because this item doesn't deserve it.

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    4th Macbook using this charger cable

    I''m on my 4th MacBook since 2004 that uses this type of charger/cable. I'be had to replace each charger cable that came with each Laptop at least once and often twice. Apple wonders why we buy other replacement cables for IOS devices from Amazon? 1. Most are made much better.
    2. They are Apple Certified and 3. They're cody less and you can choose longer lengths.

    Here I am replacing this charger and cable for my MacBook Air which I always order from Apple in case it fries my Laptop.

    Apple has made some big mistakes and flops (such as the watch) but also premature updates and cables, cables, cables!!! You would think they could improve on cables as they lose replacement business.

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    do NOT buy!!!

    I have been an apple user all my life but this charger is of such bad quality it makes me want to switch to using a PC! I have bought two of these in 14 months. both broke at exactly the same spot (where the cable goes into the actual charger) although I have been super careful. No point in buying in MacBook Air if you end up spending 240$ on chargers in just over one year. They should give you complementary duct tape with it, maybe it would last a little longer...

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    2 years after purchase, needs to be replaced

    I've had my macbook for just over 2 years now since I went to college, and I already have to replace the power cord. There is no damage to it, but it started occasionally overheating last year and now it's practically given up. This is rather ridiculous considering the amount spent on this computer in the first place, I hope I don't end up needing to spend $80 every 2 years to keep my macbook alive.

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    I've never written a review before but this charger deserves one

    After less than five months after I unboxed my Macbook Air it stopped working. So I went out and purchased another one and now 18 months in, I have to buy another 45W charger and this is utterly ridiculous. I'm at the point where people on the engineering team need to be fired for the poor quality that comes with the MagSafe 2 charger. I'm two seconds away from finding out who is response for the chargers and starting a petition to have them resign.

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    5th Charger in Four Years

    I am very careful with my technology products and I have had to buy multiple chargers for my MacBook Air because the chord keeps breaking. The external material bunches up toward the end of the charger, the internal wires detach, and the charger becomes inoperative. I am very frustrated with the quality of this product, given its high price.

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    Terrible, but what are you going to do?

    These cables never seem to last more than a couple of years, and for the last stretch are always held together by electrical tape. They heat up near the connector when in use (notably when doing anything processor-intensive), and over time the jacket starts breaking apart exposing the wires. I'm about to buy my third cable for a three and a half year old MacBook Air.

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    Poor quality

    Considering Apple charges so much for this product, one would think it would be somewhat durable. Since getting the laptop in 2012, I've gone through FOUR chargers. Each time, the cord has broken right next to where it plugs into the computer. At this point I'm feeling exasperated. My family has purchased nearly every Apple product available throughout the years. This is making me seriously reconsider where I'll be getting my next laptop.

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    Poor quality and not likely covered by warranty

    I'm on my third charger after having my MacBook Air for a little over a year. The cord is very delicate and cheap so it is very easy to damage simply by wrapping it around the charger. The magnetic cling feature is not helpful because the charger is not secure to the computer and will easily fall off. I would not have purchased a MacBook Air if I would have known that I would have to spend so much money replacing the charger. They are cheaply made, yet so expensive. Additionally, if there is damage to the cord (which happens easily) it is not covered under warranty.

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    Wears out after 3 years of usage

    That's unacceptable for a quality product company, like Apple.

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    So tired of this

    It's getting one star because it does, at least, power my laptop.

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    Poor design and expensive to replace!

    Apple needs to go back to the drawing board and reinforce the critical area's better. Also should have made the cable a little thicker. Poor design!

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    Macbook air charger

    i got this charger along with my macbook for christmas, which was less than a year ago. recently, i smelled something burning and it was my macbook charger, and it had melted off the plastic. It was literally just charging my mac on a table and the plastic around it was melting right off of the wires. These chargers are $80 each and these are the only chargers that are compatible with my mac. I am not looking forward to buying a new one. Do not recommend.

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    Very Poor Build Quality

    I've had a MB Air for approximately 5 years. It's a great laptop and been very reliable. Unfortunately, the power adaptor is a poor design and the cable joining the white block keeps fraying; I've had to buy 3 news ones at £65 a time. Given that Apple is supposed to be a premium brand, I would expect much better reliability, particularly given the price. Very unimpressed.

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    Fried Cord and Wire Showing

    Had This Charger For 2 1/2 half Years. Just Broke On Me Last Night with cords exposed and everything so i'm about go through my 2nd charger if I can Find Some Money


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    I feel like Apple have bent me over the table and...

    What a joke... 4th one in two years (two for my macbook pro.... two for my air). The magsafe cable connector is a flimsy piece of junk. As others have said - it splits and frays really easily. Honestly, this charger is sooo poor, I'm contemplating going back to Windows. I'm sick and tired of spending £65 on these useless pieces of #### There, I said it... this charger is ####!

    At least make it so the flimsy end can be detached and easily replaced. What a waste... I have four broken charger units in a box.... and about to order another. £325 on chargers.... Apple, you (draw into the mouth by contracting the muscles of the lips and mouth to make a partial vacuum) - your censorbot won't let me say that you [kcus]

    I'm not swallowing this any more... thats it... yes - you've just lost a customer because of your useless piece of #### charger... oh, I also LOVE ANDROID!!!!!! does that hurt you? well, I bet it doesn't hurt as much as the pain you've caused my wallet!!!!

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    Overpriced and short-lived

    I bought my Macbook Air in fall of 2013. Here it is, summer 2016 and I'm on my second Magsafe adapter (cable casing ripped on the first one), which separated where the cable meets the MagSafe bit that attaches to the computer. So I'm about to buy charger cable no. 3. That's ridiculous. It's an insult to the consumer to sell something that fragile, and an offense to the environment to produce products that short-lived. I like so much about Apple products, but their drive to instant disposability is truly sad.

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    Poorly Made but Does the Job!!

    I've had my MacBook Air since December 2012 and am just now replacing the power adapter! Just like any other Apple charger, it's made very poorly as far as the casing goes and tear easily if not properly taken care of (mine tore almost in half while moving this past week). However, after almost 4 years, I have had NO problems with the way the adapter charges my computer, which is it's main job!! Annoying that they tear and are so expensive, but still work very well!

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