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    The Worst Cable !!!

    Apple has to change this cable with a steel Lightning cable. It's the worst one, doesn't work properly.

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    Its one of the worst product from Apple

    I like everything but this sheer waste lightning cable. This is my 3rd cable, all my previous cables are broken and I am pretty sure the new one will break too. Apple please produce a good cable...

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    When users invest on an Apple product, it almost always automatically follows that they are quality conscious. Their chargers are always a disappointment, for iPhones, MacBooks and even IPads.

    They fail very fast, and are ridiculously expensive to replace. Bunching it up to fit in a bag or winding it are very common habits and a part of daily use that the company should factor in while manufacturing. It's been many years since these chargers have been in the market and have received pathetic reviews. I'm surprised that the company hasn't taken efforts to change the insulating material around the wires.

    In your future products, we seek durability more than anything else.

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    Poorly made and expensive

    Probably the worst product Apple puts their name on. They should be ashamed. Every one of these cables I have had frayed at the end after a few months. I can't believe they continue to sell these.

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    NOT CHARGING is what yet ANOTHER of your crummy cords says--STRAIGHT OUTTA THE BOX!!!

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    Terrible, bad choice of material, and barely fit for purpose, zero stars

    I've had three cables. On one of them the outer plastic covering just corroded away and started flaking off so I could see the metal sheathing underneath. On another two after normal use (yes, cables are meant to flex and bend in normal use without breaking) the plastic and metal sheathing just broke apart near the lightning connector, and I've had to resort to wrapping them in sellotape around the end to cover up the break and give them some strength. Considering the lip service given to industrial design, these cables are terrible.

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    No Problem with Cable Breakage Here

    I don't understand why so many complaints about the iPhone USB cable easily breaks. I've had my original cable for over a year and it still looks brand new with no sign of breakage or poor charging performance. I treat my cables like I treat my phone itself, with respect. I never wrap my cables where either end becomes bent, whether charging or storing, (even while in my pocket).

    A family member had a cable for another brand phone and it began tearing at the phone entry end. All I did was put some electrical tape around it and it works fine. I suggested that she not allow the ends to bend. One thing you can do with your cable is wrap it at each end before it breaks. This will prolong its usefulness. You may say, "At 20 bucks, I should not have to do that." I agree, but as I said, I take very good care of my cables. I have not wrapped mine with tape and don't intend to due to how i take care of it.

    I'm about to purchase another Apple brand cable to leave in my car. It too will be properly cared for, with respect.

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    This charger is great but you just have to take care of it.....that means don't bend it or press it down with your phone on a table or bed/couch also don't just let it fall to the ground when your done with it. People are saying it's bad quality but honestly you just have to treat gently.

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    Mine Works Great

    Im not sure what people are saying about there cords breaking mine work fine

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    Break easily

    It's no news that Apple charging cable breaks easily.

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    I had the same charger that came with my phone ever since i bought it last year in June of 2016, it lasted me until about the month of March of this year. The bottom portion of the charger where it was connected to the charging port started giving me issues, meaning I had to start placing my phone in different positions in order to get my phone to charge. Up until June of this year I had gotten another charger from 5 below which was 10in that only lasted me until about a month. Then I ordered another charger from eBay which came on Saturday July 1st, which now broke yesterday. Now I have to go to the Apple Store to buy a brand new charger for $20 that will most likely not last for a long time. Apple if your chargers had lasted longer than expected than I wouldn't have to go out and buy a new charger today now would I? Please Change your design and make your chargers last longer and more dependable.

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    You get what you pay for?

    Not sure why this item gets such flak – I've bought a non-Apple version from another supplier and it was rubbish, but I haven't had a genuine Apple one fail yet. You know that all cables need fairly sensitive handling, especially lightweight ones like these, right?

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    Lightning Cables All

    Absolutely disgraceful. Such poor quality, break continuously, should seriously be looked at by Apple Quality Control - surely for the price they could make them more sturdy... or is it deliberate to ensure constant purchases?? Becoming very disappointed with Apple and may change to other brand when time to replace.

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    The game is up Apple!

    There is something very wrong with the world we live in when the biggest company in the world can't make cables that last longer than a year.or so. Indeed this is one of the reasons why they are the biggest company in the world - they keep you coming back...that's fine for upgrades etc..but for basic nuts and bolts? Crazy business practise. If they keep treating their loyal customers like idiots though you would expect their days at the top are numbered. Or else address this obvious problem Apple, it's really not that difficult to provide a good product at a high price.

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    Charger on fire

    After using this charger for a few months in my car it actually caught on fire while I was driving. Never have I had a phone charger catch on fire. It burned my hand too. You think for the money you pay for the thing they could make it better. Step it up Apple. So caution when using it, I myself was never expecting it to catch on fire.

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    Look after your cable!!!

    Just ordering a new cable for one of our staff, they are the one that doesn't look after there cable, always twisted and pulled, consequently they need a new cable, I my self still using one from 4 years ago no problems and other staff have cables in good condition!

    If you look after the cable you would have your product a lot longer, its ashame that the reviews are from negligent people not looking after there products.

    Reviewers are quick to find fault and not take any responsibility for the care of it!

    Its a good cable and worth the money!

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    I don't have a problem with breaking?

    My iPad is almost 5 years old still have the original cable little dirty but not broken. My iPhone 6s+ over a year old no broken charger here. USER ERROR don't blame apple for your chargers breaking. Getting an extra cable tto keep with the MacBook (also not broken)

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    Breaks easy

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    Poor Quality Connector

    Used this cord for about 1-1/2 years and had to replace it. The Lightning end appeared to loose some of the coating and would not consistently make a good connection. Thought by buying an Apple cord it would be high quality but was wrong.

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    Awful. Come On, Apple.

    These cable either fray at the end or short out. Too bad.

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