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    I've gone through 7 of these within a year, that's nearly £150 just to charge a phone! with the amount your selling these for you would expect them to be durable but no, you're just spitting in the face of everyone who buys your products.

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    Garbage Product

    I cannot keep track of how many replacement cords I've had to buy in the 2+ years I've had my iPhone since Apple switched to the lightning connection. Until this is completely resolved, I will likely soon leave the Apple ecosystem and start buying phones with micro-USB connections.

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    Two broke in two weeks

    I have an iPhone 7s. One charger that sits on a table would only work with one side up, after 4 months. Finally it wouldn't work at all. My other charger, that also sits on a table, started charging and uncharging every second when the phone was charged. I had to throw them both out. I'm using a blue look alike charger that's been working well in my car, with a lot more wear and tear on it. I had an iPhone 4 and the chargers worked well for it and my old iPod and got lost before they ended up malfunctioning. These chargers are very poorly made. I thought it was just me, until I came here to get two more, and saw the 1 star average on 1770 reviews. We should all get a couple of free lightening chargers Apple!!

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    Bad cable design, come on Apple you can do better!

    Like all the others, have been through so many lightning cables in just a year or two. Some smugly say you only have to be more careful when pulling them out and grip only the tiny plastic end, etc. I say, design the cable to handle real life!! Make the part you have to grab large enough to grab without a pair of tweezers, if that's the only way the cable will survive. It's ridiculous having to treat these cables as delicate instruments to get them to last a reasonable lifetime. The products being charged, I've found to be tough as nails and am very happy, but these over-sensitive cables are the Achilles Heel of the whole Apple product line.

    It's inexcusable that the cables are not durable enough to survive outside a clean-room laboratory white-gloves environment. If any company would make a ruggedized version to stand up to real use/real life, they would have one heck of a blockbuster product -- I'll take a half-dozen and you can name your price, after all the money already burned on these "disposable" Apple cables!

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    Just Fed Up !!!

    After buying so so many Apple products, I'm thinking of giving up and trying another company. These cables are expensive and last no longer than a couple of months or less in some cases. This company has turned into more flash than substance !!!

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    You NEED to start making stronger cables mine ripped in half yesterday after 5 months however the cables are great when in one piece.
    Try making a cable wrapped in fabric or a cable with a metal exterior.

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    These are awful. They break at the connection after a few months. They've been like this for years and Apple has never improved the design. Other people with ipads have told us they have the same problem.

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    Look after your stuff, and your stuff looks after you!

    Well I've had my iPhone 5s for nearly 3 years now and I'm still on my original cable that came in the box! I've had my iPad 2 for 4 years and again, still on the original charger and lead! Both leads might show some slight signs of wear but charges as it should! Pull the white plastic piece to unplug from the devices and they will last! Bit pricey from apple but I bet I've spent £20 on cheap ones over the 2 years for my misses' phone as she doesn't understand how to unplug the cable properly!!

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    HER CHARGER WAS ON FIRE. although no serious damage was done it could have been a lot worse if she hadn't been awake. She woke at 3 am. I cannot say if we would even have had a house right now if she hadn't woke up. it derves no stars but that was not an option.

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    Constantly breaking. Seriously Apple?.....Seriously? Do you even read these reviews? Oh! Now they have gone up in price..... money grabbers. Shame as i love Apple.

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    The reason to change to android

    This is the only charger from all phone brands that can not last more than few months. Why why why and why? We pay a lot for a stupid phone, which will eventually change to a new version after a year and then face this ****? I was always a fan of Apple, but excuse me, I bought maybe 6 pf these charges already and I need a new one again! Cmon! Apple, please, if you changed those EarPods to wireless, do the same with your charger!!!!

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    This charger is equivalent to water-trash

    This cord is no longer usable after 2 short months, it shorts out and goes back & forth from charging to not charging. When I purchased this cord it was used exclusively in my car to connect my phone and charge/play music. It was not under tremendous stress and was not used a lot. This is not the first charger that has done this me. I have owned an iPhone 6S Plus for 10 months and I am on my 4th charger.

    About 4 weeks in it stopped working properly, it would go in and out of charging and I would have to maneuver the cord to just the right position for it to stay connected. After the 2 month mark it stopped working completely.

    This type of product responsibility is making it harder for me to continue using Apple products, most importantly the iPhone. This continuous problem with their own products shows they are not concerned about the consumer and their overall experience with their products. Couple this with the fact they are changing the design of the phone to not include a headphone jack and it puts it over the edge. Apple seems much more interested in squeezing every penny out of the consumer possible instead of creating a satisfied customer.

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    Had 3 of these, all began to malfunction/ suddenly stop working within 1 month.

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    If I could give zeros stars.

    DISGUSTINGLY Cheap I am beyond repulsed by such a USB cable. Why does it have to to so fragile. Apple can do better hands down the worst ever USB cable.

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    Lightning cable

    These cables are rubbish! I've bought 5 of these cables and Rhee are so expensive. I would not recommend buying these they are a waste of money. APPLE you need to sort this out!

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    Usb cable

    To any one who is looking to buy this i reccomend you do not as it is the worst cable you could ever own the end of the wire will eventually cripple and it will not work you will be paying £19 for absoulute rubbish

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    worst apple product ever

    I have a lot of apple products, from iPads to iPhones, heck I'm writing this review from my Macbook pro, but this product is literally the worst product that Apple has ever produced. The worst thing of all is that you need this cable to charge your Apple products. So this review is more a plea to Apple to fix this product.

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    I don't know what their going on about

    I don't get what the big fuss is. Everyone in our family has an apple device they work perfectly fine the only problem is that we keep on losing ours because we can't look after things, the wires have been chewed to death by our 2 cats, still works. Honestly I don't know why people are saying bad things about this product

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    Lightning Cables - Quality Issues

    Lightning cables are of poor quality in my opinion. The connection into the phone deteriorates really quickly to the point of failure. You will see what looks like oxidation on the connection points, the charger will work intermittently, and then it will stop working altogether, all within a few months. This has happened on every single one I have owned, probably over a dozen individual cables. No water contact, no mistreatment.

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    Shame on apple for producing such product

    By far this unit has been the worst product I have ever purchased in my life. In 3 min he I went through 3 differen cables. None of them last it more than a month.

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