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    Why so many bad reviews?

    I really like the charger cable. It works, it does it's job. Many people with bad reviews probably pull the jack out using the cable (pulling the cable instead of the head) and they are raging about that. Guys, be careful with the cable. It's not invincible.

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    This works, then doesn't cable complemented by working cables stop working when you upgrade to iOS 10 is the reason I've bought my last ever Apple product. Been through 20 lightning cables (with non Apple ones lasting longer) while my original micro USB cable is still going strong.

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    Absolutely Terrible

    Despite looking nice and some saying 'longer lasting', these cords do not last. No matter what. They always end of fraying even with the greatest of care. I always get in trouble for going through chargers too fast when in reality it's the badly-made cords. The old cords (iPhone 4 and under) were great. I only ever had one in the two years I had my iPod 4. Never frayed. All of the other cords that I've ever used for any product have never frayed. Then there's the lightning cable.

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    These charger cables last longer when you wrap a small amount of mounting putty (can be purchased from places like CVS, Staples, school supply stores, etc.,) at the weakest spot. Mounting putty is a product used to place posters on walls without damaging the surface.
    Suggestion: as soon as you get your new phone charger cord, wrap some mounting putty around the areas that tend to fray. This offers a good degree of protection so the cord does not get damaged. Problem solved!

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    What junk

    These nightmares fail much more often than the old connectors, even though they quickly got frayed and looked awful. These connectors don't show any physical damage but they stop working after 5-6 months. You can tell it's all over when you plug your iPhone in and you you hear repeated dings as the connection indicator goes on and off repeatedly, even though now one is touching it.

    It's enough to make me consider a Galaxy. I can't keep dropping $20 every few months to buy new connectors.

    Yes, I carefully hold it by the body and not by the wire.

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    Lightning cable

    Thought I loved my iPad Air until the beginning of endless purchase of lightning cables due to their constant failure. This occurs with them working for some time then failing, despite being certified. I have sunk endless$$$$ on replacing them. If not for exploding Galaxy tablets, would even consider alternative to iPad. Apple, relying on the substandard subject to constant failure cables, has seriously damaged your so called sterling rep with me.

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    lightining charger cable

    I doubt anyone one from apple ever takes these revues seriously, and frankly I would never even bother to write one, but this issue is just too infuriating.
    Like many apple users I own a lot of apple gear, 3 imacs, 3 iphones, 1 ipad, and consequently spend a fair bit with apple, generally happy with the products.

    I suppose this has lead to an arrogant complacency at apple, because the lightning charger is a product which should NEVER been launched. I still have an Iphone 4 which from new the old 30 pin cable still works fine even if battery life has decreased. in the period since I owned my iphone 6s I have replaced the cable no less than 8 times, and now even a brand new one has to be levered in some way to make it work.


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    These cables stop working within months.

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    life expentacy only depends upon your care

    i've had my usb cable for a couple of years now and it's still in good condition. i can't lie about its fragility though. i just saved myself lots of dollars for taking good care of it.

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    Vastly better than other competitors

    I saw so many bad reviews that I felt compelled to write my own review. I have had an iPhone since the first iPhone. I skipped 1 or 2 of the S versions of the phone but for the most part I try to stay with the newest model. The cable has always worked great for me. I currently have 3 lighting cables from previous phones. They all work great. My oldest one is starting to come apart but it's around 3 years old. I have never had a problem with charging slow or plugging in the cable to my phone.

    Just so you get a feel for how I use my cables. I like to have multiple cables for charging throughout my house and in my car. I'm constantly on the phone for hours at a time so I need to essentially be connected to a charger throughout the day. I've used many other brands of cables and they are not even close to the quality of Apple's cable. No other cable has lasted more than 1 year without falling apart. I'm at the point where I exclusively by Apple cables. They are not perfect but much better than any of the competitors.

    As far as the length is concerned, I think it's perfect. Any longer and it would be a mess. However, Apple does offer longer cables.

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    Super fast delivery

    Ordered a new charger/cable yesterday afternoon and it arrived before 12pm today! I left my old charger in hospital recently- that one was over 2 years old and I've never had an issue with it. My partners iPad charger is now 4 years old and again no issues...

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    Sick of buying leads, bye, bye Apple, wake up and manufacture better quality leads, went over to Sony after iPhone 5, phone used for business , so no phone charged equal's no business, still have iPad but not for long , once again lead broken, use my Sony lead to charge phone, e CIG and kindle after 18 months same lead still works

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    Poorly Made

    These cables are terrible. They come apart in just a few months after regular use. I don't know how many I've been through. I've exchanged 2 at the Apple Store and I've bought so many more. Please fix this issue! The cables aren't worth the money spent on them, nor the aggravation of using them.

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    Everyone of my Lighting Cords break (the covering wears out) - at the same spot. Clearly a flaw in material. And they are so expensive to replace.

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    Lightning cable fails

    I have 4 Iphones - from Iphone 4 to 6s . But , I have used many lighting cables . They mostly fail at the end point near the power or usb ends . I tried third party also . Need a more durable cables as it is frustrating to buy expensive cables . Users may suggest using plastic end , more delicate usage but I believe some better design is needed for all users .

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    Worst cord ever

    Cord broke within having for a month.

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    Awful, switching

    I will start by saying how much I adore Apple. I am on the verge of throwing this cord and phone against the wall because it does not work. The cord where the plug begins breaks, gets twisted, etc, etc. On my iphone 6s I also noticae that the cord does not fit snug into the phone and these are all apple cords. As for a review, I would recommend doing what I am on the verge of, switching to samsung. :(

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    Every 3 months the cord BREAKS!

    I have never owned a cord for more than 3 months, they are very cheap and always rip at the connecter part! Apple needs to recall these cheaply made cords. The rubber material FEELS smooth and of high quality, but it never actually is. It's very fragile and cannot withstand light bending at all.

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    This is the worst thing that apple i producing

    Could you please come up with a better product, or see what others are producing in the market

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    Awful for the price

    These cables are just flat out terrible. They do not last long at all before they start to yellow and fray apart. Look elsewhere if you want something that will last longer then a month even under light use..

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