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    A new record of 4 charges!

    I have had my $1200 Apple iPad for less than a month and have charged it 4 times before crud stopped charging. Between the cable and limited functionality of the iPad, I really wish I had gotten a surface

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    Truly a rubbish

    So expensive, yet so easy to break, especially the outer rubber/plastic covering

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    great quality

    the first charger i got when i bought my phone lasted me a little over a year and thats probably because i didnt use my phone while it was charging. had to buy a new one because my pup got ahold of it.. had to buy a new one and its lasted me almost 9 months so far you can put your phone down for the 30 minutes it needs to charge. it will increase the life expectancy of your cord if you just leave your phone alone. it will last longer than three months i guarantee it

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    I will be fair with this review!

    When I purchased my ipad, the cable did not last 3 months until I figured out that you can't treat it as your regular usb 2.0 android cable. I had to purchase a new one and treat it more carefully, that is, grab it by the head instead of pulling it from the cord, and so far, I have not had any more problems with the replacement I bought! And it has been over 2 1/2 years.
    If you treat it carefully, then it should be ok but I agree with most people: Apple being a company that manufactures the best cell phones, tablets and computers; should do a better job with the peripherals.

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    Disappointed Product and Service

    This is the second lightning cable I bought for my iphone, and this cable only sustained for 7 months. Today I try to claim the cable, but being rejected, reason is the cable cover has a very small torn. I did not demand for a new cable, but can you please at least check and try to help me fix it?! I am really disappointed!

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    Lightning Cable for I pad

    This is my third purchase of this cord it keeps breaking at the same place on every chord. It does not charge my I pad anymore. $20.00 is too much to pay for a defective charge chord. I will not purchase another from this site.

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    I've had my iPhone 5s for around 2 years now. The original cable that came with it was working fine without any issues. My phone started having issues and Apple gave me a new cable and it turned out the problem was with the phone. The new cable that Apple gave me for over 18 months now and it worked perfectly fine without any issues. The end that connects to the phone started to break. Although the cable can be a little bit short, its quality I can say is great as Apple is known for making high quality products. When you buy a cable, I would not suggest buying third party cables because they could cause issues with the phone's battery. It is always better to buy original accessories when it comes to dealing with the electricity of a device.

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    Hate the Lightning Cable/Connector

    I absolutely hate the lightning cable and connector. I wasn't going to buy the iPhone 6 after my bad experiences with the iPhone 5, cables breaking, wearing out, bad connections, constant cleaning, stuff getting stuck in the port, etc but I did and have regretted it ever since. Now I hear that you're going to have to use the lightning port to listen to music because they are getting rid of the headphone jack. No way, I'll never have another iPhone. I hate it using it to charge, I can't imagine using to listen to music or how quickly with as much music as I listen to that I'll wear out the connectors. And no, I'm not interested in bluetooth headsets, I have enough stuff to charge all the time without my headphones being another item. They seriously need to ditch the lightning connector and either use the original 30 pin connector (thicker phone could be good, more battery life which everyone wants) or use something like the mag chargers from the MacBook's, that would be awesome. But the lightning connector = terrible. Even after several years.

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    Bad bad charger

    Charger can be so stressful. I charged iPad Pro 24hours only charge to 26%..

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    I see so many bad reviews on here saying the cables don't last long, but I've had mine for about 2 years now and it still works perfectly fine, even though I've abused it a lot.

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    If you don't look after you're stuff it will break it's simple, for anyone that dosnt know what that means it means pulling the cable out of your apple device with the plastic casing not the wire. I think it's perfect ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    The charger breaks in a couple of months

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    I Hate It!!!

    #1. The cable is too short #2. Covering at each end of the charger breaks.
    I consider myself a lite user. Every other charger I've had for other phones (Motorola, Samsung) have outlasted the phone and still looks good. This is my second charger and my phone will be 2 years old in Feb 2017. I hope Apple is paying attention to the ratings on their charger. Poor customer service if they're not.

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    How is this not on the news?

    So many bad reviews, so many unhappy customers? I have bought both the aftermarket and the official Apple cables and inevitably they all fail. Whether it just stops charging or the lightning end where it plugs in the phone gets all twisted up and the wire becomes exposed, causing who knows what kind of hazards. This is not even on cords that are being transported. I plug in when I need a charge and unplug when it's done. It literally sits at my desk all day under no stress. What is going on Apple, is anyone there? Probably why I've only purchased an iPod and will never purchase another Apple product again if this is the kind of quality that I am to expect.

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    I am sooooo mad and upset of this USB Cable. Fed up!!!

    We pay money to get something that will make us mad? Horrible. Thank you, Apple.

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    Doesn't last long

    Anyone who's had an apple charging cable knows it won't last very long. You pay 600 pounds for a phone that comes with a poorly made charger that won't last a year, (sometimes not even 6 months), no matter how careful you are. A decent charger is really the very least you could do, Apple. Shame on you.

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    Wear out too soon

    These wear so quickly that they are useless. Yet, although other brands say "Apple Certified", every time there is an iOS update I get warnings about non Apple accessories and they soon fail. If Apple doesn't want other cables used why do they allow the Apple name to be used at Amazon, etc.? If Apple is going to force it's customers to use their cables, why won't they make them durable?

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    cable lasted 5 months

    it frayed after over heating at the Lightning end it smoked but no fire. Nice to know my Iphone cable does start fires.

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    These charging cables are garbage

    Seriously Apple, you should be ashamed! Have had our 6s phones for only 9 months, and we are already replacing two out of four cables. And $19 each for new ones!! Total BS. Like I said, Apple, you should be ashamed. I doubt will, but you should be.

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    awful. € 25 for 1/2m !!!!

    Seriously apple, if your customers are to spend between € 300 and €1.2500 on a new Phone, tablet or phablet, the least you can do is supply them with a decent cable.

    The things need to be charged twice a day...so a little flexibility would go a long way! they all fail after 6 months.

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