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    Worst electronic accessory of all time

    This has to be the worst electronic accessory of all time. I'm absolutely fed up of replacing them. I must have easily spent £100+ in cables over the last few years. They are not built to last, are unreliable and are the sole reason I'm now thinking of leaving my iPhone for an Android phone. How can the makers of such a great phone make such an awful charging cable? I wouldn't mind betting I'm not the first person to consider ditching the phone due to these cables.

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    Have never experienced something this bad

    Cable is extremely fragile. I am only able to give the cable 1-5 stars, which the cable does not deserve. It shouldnt have any stars at all. This thing holds together for a maxium of 6 months, then the strange rubber plastic disolves. if this material is used for enviromental purposes i cant really see how buying a new cable every 6 months is good for the enviroment but I cant come up with any other reason Apple would use this material for cables.

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    Go 3rd Party

    Apple charges $20 for a cable that's built like the knockoffs you can get for a tenth of the price. Do NOT, under any circumstance, buy this cable. It will fall apart and fray. Instead, buy a cable for the same price made by a third party manufacturer, someone who actually cares about quality.

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    Cable is extremely fragile. Too bad I can't give no star at all for this product.

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    Unfit for purpose, designed to fail

    These official Apple cables are utterly unfit for purpose. It's as if Apple deliberately designed them to fail. Useless.

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    Class action lawsuit, anyone?

    Each month, it seems like I spend more money on these cables, in every and any possible flavor, than I do on my cell phone bill.
    These, the ones that ship with the apple products are the only ones that work, Unfortunately, they are about as durable as a chocolate teapot.
    I'm truly at a loss as to what I have to do to keep my iphone charged.

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    3 cables in 4 years seems like a record

    I've survived with 3 of these over my 3 phones that use it. The first one failed and the phone stopped charging so in the bin it went. The second one which was chewed on by my dog actually outlived the third one when I returned to it after the third failed and decided to tape it back together. It really is sad that one that was nearly destroyed by an animal outlives two perfectly good ones; horrid quality... Make them better or just move to Micro-USB like everyone else... Despite your cool "features" that come with the cords they have shoddy workmanship and fail to provide.

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    I will not buy another iPhone that uses the lightning cable to charge. The contacts eventually either corrode or burn out, even if they are not exposed to moisture. Over the last 4 years and two iPhones, I have had to replace the lightning cable about every 2 to 4 months. Seriously. Sometimes this was under warranty, sometimes not. I have tried some third party lightning cables that fared no better, but were cheaper.

    So Apple overcharges us for a cable that is inherently defective to begin with. I cannot express just how unhappy I am with this situation. Having an exposed edge connector is a bad design, but it seems like the connectors can go bad just from charging. I stuck a third party lightning cable into my phone and the contacts burned out within a day. Yet the Apple brand lightning cables burn out eventually as well.

    Looking at the Apple forums it appears that a great many other people have had the same problem.

    The iPhone 7 coming out this fall will use lightning port to connect the headphones. What a disaster this will be.

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    Terrible product

    These keep wearing out. The longest I've had on last is 6 months. This is ridiculous. Sometimes they just stop working altogether. Sometimes it repeatedly tries to connect. At first this happens only when you touch the iPhone then later all the time even without touching. I thought better of Apple. This iPhone is the third I've had other cables (before this one for iPhone 6 were good.

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    Multiple Lightening Cable Failures

    Apple, it is about time you rectify this MAJOR FAULT with your lightening charger cables!
    I am absolutely disgusted that I have to replace this genuine Apple product quarterly.
    This is beyond a joke and you should be held accountable!

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    I've had 4 lightning cables now, all Apple cables and not knockoff ones. All 4 are now broken, due to unknown reasons. It has been a little less than a year as well. They have to be stable at a certain angle for it to charge, and it charges extremely slowly now. Funny thing is, when I had an android for close to 3 years, I never had to replace the default cable they gave me when I purchased the phone. I've had so many issues with Apple products now that I will never use another one again, sticking to other brands. I hope all of you do the same as well

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    Terrible product

    Would give 0 stars if possible. These are just awful. I must have spent in excess of £100 on cables just over the past two months no word of a lie. I accept that products aren't always perfect first time but this is quite evidently an ongoing widespread issue so I'm wondering if it's ever going to be addressed and resolved? At this point I'm honestly considering switching to a Samsung when my contract runs out which is a shame as I much prefer the iPhone but the cable issue is just too infuriating and not something customers should still be having to deal with.

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    Faulty lightening cable

    after 4 faulty cables I am fed up. The same problem 4 times. The plastic coating over the wiring has split exposing wires.
    Not only is it dangerous. It's expensive to replace and poor quality for the brand. What is even worse is when contacting customer care they tried to tell me it's not a fault but more so my fault by unintentionally pulling cable. If you have a poor quality product Apple you should own it.
    As a huge brand ambassador I am so disappointed. I was told that it's not a known problem. However when you google it it's clearly a design fault.

    As a customer that has probably spent over 10k on Apple product in last 5 years it's just not acceptable.
    Yes they are sending me a new cable free of charge but frankly I no longer actually care about this.

    Customers vote with their feet and wallets.

    brand hero to brand zero over something so small.
    Own it and don't blame the consumer.

    I guess it's time to take my business elsewhere and so should you.

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    Do not buy


    • Wears out easily near connectors.
    • The lightning connector makes bad contact after a while, have to force it to make contact.
    • Connectors are too slippery, can't have a good grip to pull them out.
    • Cable turns yellow after a while, looks like overheating but not sure. Impossible to clean back to white.
    • Hard to keep it wrapped. Changes shape after wrapping.
    • Too short.

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    Really bad quality

    Used mine for about two weeks before it broke. Since then I've been using a 3rd party charger that is cheaper, longer, has a better build quality and has lasted me almost a year now. Shame on you Apple

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    Poor quality apple product

    This basic accessory is fundamentally linked to the performance of all the devices it is compatible with. If one has a problem with the cable, they have a problem with the device.

    It is important for Apple to improve this basic product, as the constant failures erode the perceived quality of their devices massively.

    As it stands, these are expensive, unreliable and at times, infuriating.

    One star is high praise for this. Please try harder, Apple.

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    I'm tired of replacing my charger every 3 months Apple needs to do better or keep replacing it for free I'm spending to much money on chargers ��������������

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    Rubbish I haven't even had my iPhone five a week and the charger has broken already. I took extra care with this one as with my iPhone 4s I bought four charges and all broke within weeks of use. I treat them well, unplug them properly Why are they so bad ???????

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    How can this stop working in less than a month?

    I bought the new iphone 6 as well as a reserve iphone cable for my car. The one I use daily (in my house) already stopped working in under a month! So, between 2 iphone chargers, the first ones already failed. Come on apple.

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    Why Bother?

    I have 6 of these sitting in my apple graveyard box, 2 of them less than 4 weeks old.

    These chargers fall well short of the quality and longevity you would expect from Apple and they should really look to redesign/improve the charging process. Compared to my wife who is still using the same charger for her galaxy S3 which she bought 4 years ago on her Galaxy 5, you have to ask yourself the question, ' is the poor quality and need to constantly replace a scam by Apple to increase sales?'

    Come on guys. SORT IT OUT..........

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