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    I got this 2 days before christmas so it has only been 13 days since I got it. I tried to charge my ipod and it didn't work. It didn't charge and I haven't even bent it either. Horrible job apple, horrible job. I want a refund.

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    What's wrong with you!?

    So you gave 1 star because you don't know how to handle the cable proper?! You are not using a construction or military grade cable. C'mom!

    I don't treat my cables carefully and I still have cables from my iPhone 3GS working! My first Lightning cable works like new! It's very well made!

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    On my 3rd cable.

    These cables are so low quality. I never went through this many cables on the old type of charger. I've read so many reviews with this same complaint so why hasn't apple done anything??

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    Works great!!

    The lightning cable works great for a while until it breaks price should be lowered

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    Not a 'quality product' at all

    Like others, I have a number of iPhone, iPads and iPods in the house and the only reliable cables are the original large plug types used on the original iPods and iPads - the lightning connectors are very poor quality. Appl have us over a barrel - whatever they do to stop cheaper clones working to charge and synch reliably seems to work. But charging us through the nose again after spending a fortune on the devices (compared to other phones/tablets) is just taking the mickey. I have to buy a couple more now, but will bind the part where the cable meets the plug at both ends to try to make it less susceptible to breaking. I wouldn't mind if I treated them badly, but I am careful. £15 for a cable that lasts just a few months is awful.

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    Extremely annoying, low quality product

    You'd think a company with multibillion dollar profits that claims to be perfectionist would be capable of producing a decent charging cable. It is beyond my understanding why this is not possible for Apple. Why would you keep annoying millions upon millions of your customers year after year? And with each new iPhone release one hopes to see this fixed and they just keep selling us a $1000 phone with this cheap, low quality cable. And it feels like they simply don't care. Do they even use these cables with their iPhones? What do they think when they have to replace them every few months?

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    What engineer designed this cable and why hasn't it been improved yet?!?

    $700 phone with a terribly designed expensive charging cable. I hope Apple wakes up and finally makes a cable worth having!!!

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    I have owned apple products for many years, I don't normally write reviews but in this case I will. I was going through my drawer the other day and found that actually I have 18 dead lighting leads, all with the same issues frayed at the connectors, terrible quality Apple really need to address this. I am also finding the same issue with my Mac book pro charger, I'm on the forth one in two years, same issue frayed where the cable joins the charger.Please apple sort it out.

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    Awesome Possium

    I bought my Iphone in April of 2015 and i have yet to have a thing go wrong with it. my charger cable works fine (when i can find it ). I dont pull or tug it out of the socket when i am finished with it. My cable is a tough little thing as it has had juice split on it, fallen out of a window and left out in the rain and it still works.

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    What a let down

    Good phones/tablets but the charger wires are terrible. They're probably this size and quality to squeeze into the shipping boxes, can't you copy Samsung with wireless charge.

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    No more apple products for me

    I swore I would never leave apple. I'm done though. I've tried both Apple & rip off brand charging cables, but both fail constantly. Not only is it the money, but also the convenience of having to not be able to depend on my charger. It's 0730, I have 12% battery & a charger that does not work. Should I beg to borrow someone's charger AGAIN or leave work to buy another? Apple used to be the best, but the other companies are catching up. Guess I'm switching back. See ya Apple!! Good riddance!

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    iphone lightning cable

    i fail to understand how apple or its vendor manufacture such cheap quality cables despite apple is world famous for its quality products.
    how apple even let these cables come to market when every one is complaining that these cables dont last even for few months??

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    What happened to the "Apple quality"?

    The cable do what it's made to do, but the problem it's the resistance, the cable it's so fragile and I spent so much money for a new one.
    I know that it's a way that Apple are using to get more money but this it's completely wrong, we already spend to much trying to get the new iPhone every year, so please don't make us spend more and more.

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    This cable isn't even a year old and has discolored, ripped at the phone end, and is very flimsy. Worst product ever. Paying all this money is such a waste for a piece of garbage that isn't worth it. Very disappointed and Apple should do something about it!

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    Inconsistently breaking down

    I've already pursued 3 lighting cables and none of them has reached 6 months alive although I treated them really carefully. It's a shame apple sells this cheap-made cable that break down for no reason. 3 TIMES ALREADY.

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    Design CHANGE

    Breaks in the matter of 3 months. Design change, lower price or atleast allow use of a third party charger. This is ridiculous.

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    the worst

    these cables are so expensive yet they break from even the most minimal of use. i rarely ever charge my ipad and always leave it in the same place. now it doesn't even work anymore. I've gone through too many of these things.

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    6-8 Months of Use

    This is my second cable in the past 12 months. Now I am looking at needing a 3rd cable. Cable that came with my iPhone lasted about 7 months. Purchased second cable on my own dime 8 months ago. This latest cable started failing about 2-3 weeks ago whereas you have to move the connector around into the phone until your hear the "charging" tone and then lay the phone on top of the cable so the connector does not move.

    After all is said I'll have spent nearly $50.00 for charging cables over the past year. Not cool. The cables are mass produced for pennies on the dollar and the mark-up even when shipped from overseas is much too high. If Apple is going to charge this kind of money the product should stand the test of time like it used to do say 5 years ago.

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    Absolute ****

    I've been through 10 of these in 4 years!
    Fair enough my use is frequent and not always careful, however, at this price they should last a little longer than they have!
    Also, ones that have never left my room break just as often. It's as if Apple made them so they break automatically after a period of time.
    Other than the cable I think that the phone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch products are of great quality. It's a shame that they couldn't carry this trend through all of their products, being a loyal fan of the products makes me even more frustrated to see another stupid error from such a 'clever' company.

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