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    Broken and Frustrating

    I've had my iPhone and charger for just over 12 months (just out of warranty!!!) and the lighting USB lead is broken. It started with intermittent faults and has now given up altogether. In response to those reviews inferring that this is down to lack of product care I disagree. This charger is kept in the same place, rarely moved and I always unplug the device using the plastic end, not pulling the wire.

    I think given the expense (and the fact that cheaper alternatives are not compatible) Apple should ensure value for money and make a quality product that lasts; it can't be that difficult.

    It is the second Apple product that I have had this problem with (iPad charger also broke) and it has put me off buying Apple products in the future.

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    This cable is utter rubbish

    You would think that with all the high tech and hype that goes in to every launch of an Apple product they could at least invent a decent power cable. This cable has to be by far the worst on the market!!! C'mon Apple you are selling yourself way short and in fact when my contract is up with my new iphone 6, I shall be considering a Samsung. I have a cheap £15 Nokia from work and the power cable I have for it is the original, I got it 5 years ago. It's either plain lazy or a cynical money spinning ploy by Apple either way it's utter rubbish!

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    Bad quality compared to other non original brands

    The original lightning cable stops working after a year. Everytime it breaks down at the Lightning adapter and starts to beep and say that there is no supported Apple accessories. The only thing that is working for me is to take the spring out of a pen and attach the spring to the wire over at the Lightning adapter. That way I can use the phone during charging without the cable moving at the Lightning adapter. My current chargingcable had his first 1 1/2 year anniversary last week :)

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    0 Stars Cheap like the others

    Years and years with the same problem. I saw a video showing that I can use a string of a pen to help it last longer, I'll try that but I don't think I'm the one who needs to figure how the cable can last longer.

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    Worst cables ever !

    Apple create so good quality products but cables... always disappointing, As a developer, I connect cables Lightning to USB multiple times by day, with Samsung, Sony etc... Android or Nokia Windows Phones cables, no problems at all, even cheap looking ones. But with Apple original cables, after one year, it always goes bad, working but bad! Hopefully, every Apple product have a cable! But if you buy it alone, for office or car, it is very expensive for a very bad quality product! Hey Apple, make them better please we need they can be used over years!

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    Bad quality

    I have five original broken Lightning Cables. Quality is very bad. Apple please fix.

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    Worst cable ever

    This cable IS the worst cable ever created. I have bought 10 cables because they stop working in just two months. If you are considering an iPhone I suggest you buying other product other than an expensive iPhone because you will spend hundreds of dollars in this horrible cable. DON'T buy

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    Break really easily

    Really poor quality, a cheap android charger would be better!

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    This product is absolute junk. The entire lighting connector system is junk. My phone and the cables are unreliable. Every single lightning cable I've owned has been reliable for barely a month. Cables fray, phones stop recognizing it, has to be positioned at just the right angle, etc. Apple doesn't seem to care. They keep putting this junk out there for ridiculous mark ups.

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    Looks good BUT...

    This cable looks sturdy and reliable but all 3 of mine cables did not last even a year.

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    very poor quality

    Very poor quality and SUPER expensive for just cable!
    Old 20 pin cable was better quality

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    Poorest quality ever seen in a cable

    I have been an apple customer for years and have always loved their products that they design. I have no idea however what they have been thinking when they have designed both the lighting cable and other cables including headphones an MagSafe. The quality and durability is absolutely appalling, like terrible appalling, the worst consumer product I have ever seen. I am not sure what they make the cables out of, but it almost resembles a thin piece of chewing gum, and to charge such a high price for it is terrible. Apple needs to learn that if they are going to make robust, durable and reliable products, it must include the accessories also, they are part of the product. I have probably bought more cables from Apple than anything else. Terrible, terrible product. Shocking for Apple. Should be ashamed.

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    Poor Strain Relief

    It is absolutely amazing that the largest, most technologically sophisticated company in the world cannot figure out strain relief -- a concept which is over a hundred years old.

    I also suspect the cable's poor longevity is in part due to Apple's elimination of lead and other pliancy-providing chemicals.

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    Poor quality!!

    I love my apple products, but the cables are the worst. I´ve purchased 2 cables for an iPhone and 1 additional cable for an iPad in a year. The rubber material always wear to quick and it´s almost in the same spot, near the connectors.

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    Stranded because my Iphone 5 won't charge.

    I've gone through multiple Iphones, and by far the worst has been iPhone 5 models that use the lightning cable.
    I've never had a buggier device and it's a gamble if my phone will even recognize the cord. Right now my iPhone 5 won't turn on at all after three buggy months.
    And to add insult to injury, it's a $200 replacement (thanks insurance) for the previous iPhone 5 I had with the exact same issues.
    I'm now stranded with no means of calling anyone and most likely will miss my appointments today.
    Thanks Apple.

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    Zero stars

    This will now be the third cable I used. They are made so cheaply made that they break in the same spot each time.

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    Monopoly, typical Apple

    Change the rating to have 0 star. I think it is unreasonable for Apple to force people to buy their accessories such as the Lightning charge cable. Compounded buy the fact that the Apple cable is too short and flimsy. I have an iPhone 6S and have used 3rd party cables that work fine and are 3m only to have Apple issue a update and cause the cable to stop working. I own this phone not Apple. I should be able to use any accessory I chose to. This seems like a class action lawsuit potential.

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    Lightning cable for iPhone iPod

    I've had so many cables stop working lost count post on opportune times as well they need to do something about this cable is continual problem

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    Ripoff pricing

    ridiculous price for such a bad product. very fragile and wont last long!
    Apple has had ages to fix this!

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    Don't bother

    The only good thing that I can say about the lightning cable is that you can plug it in without worrying about which way is the right way. That is the only reason for the one star. However, for the price these cost compared to the terrible quality of the product....well it really isn't worth it. The cords are complete rubbish, and constantly have to be reinforced by the customer on their own if they want to try and make this product last them a reasonable amount of time, but even then your attempts are in vain because the cords will bugger up and break no matter what you do. If Apple is so proud of their products and claim there greatness then maybe you should make products that can actually back that up.

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